Note the Change!

All right, WordPress now allows comment nesting.  That means, instead of answering your comments inside your comments, as I’d been doing (thanks to WIGSF), I can now hit the “Reply” link on your comment and reply directly to you.  I’m not going to do that, though; I’ll keep doing it the way I’ve been doing it because it’s cleaner (see below).

This does a couple of things.  It means I get a list, indented and in order, of your comments and my replies.  This is a mess on my dashboard, but it might be worth it in the long run.  I just don’t like seeing my own replies.  Ugh.

It also gives you the chance to respond to each other if you’d like.  I think that’s the biggest benefit.  And it sets up more of a forum-conversation type thing.

So, I’ll leave it this way for a while, but I don’t think I’m going to change how I reply to you all.  I think I’ll keep adding my responses to your comments, and let you respond to each other if you want to with the “Reply” link.

Let me know what you think.

God bless,


6 thoughts on “Note the Change!

  1. I saw they added that but wasn’t sure if I would follow up on it. I agree a lot with what you are saying about it possibly becoming a mess!

    It does become a mess. Right now when I go to the dashboard, it shows my replies. I can’t see the comments left or to whom I’ve replied. And the “My Comments” link now shows my own comments on MY blog and edges out my comments on other blogs. Not. Helpful.

  2. I must again protest the comment-within-a-comment trend.

    Why’s that? It is, after all, cleaner and easier for the blog owner to track who’s said what and to whom he’s answered. 🙂

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