I’m Huge in India, Yo

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I have a big contingent of hits on my blog from India.

Know why?

Yeah, you know why.  (If you seriously don’t know, check here.)

But I have hits from all over the place.  I have my buddy HalfCrazy in the Philippines, and Annie up in Canada.  I even got a hit from the southern tip of Africa, though my ridiculous hit-counter map didn’t tell WHERE in Africa (looks like somewhere in South Africa, but my geography’s REALLY rusty, so who knows?).  I’ve got views from the UK, and from Europe, but I can’t top the US and India for my hits.

No one in China likes me, apparently.  Japan either.  I’ve had visitors from Australia and New Zealand, too, but nothing recently.  I just don’t have worldwide appeal.  Big surprise there, huh?

South America?  Nope,  No appeal.

I did get a hit from Central AmericaNicaragua, to be precise.  And I know once in a while my buddy Damyanti will come by from Malaysia and say hello.  So I have at least one interested party in that neck of the woods.

The Russians don’t care what I have to say, either.  I don’t seem to appeal to the middle eastern bloc either.  Go figure on THAT one too.  Heh.

What about you?  What exotic visitors have you had to your blog?  What’s your worldwide appeal like?  Most of you have some sort of visit tracking widget on your blog, be it the MapLoco utility like mine, SiteMeter’s tools, or whatever.  Where does the bulk of your traffic come from, and what’s the farthest-flung reach you’ve managed?

Sound off, y’all.

God bless,


10 thoughts on “I’m Huge in India, Yo

  1. Personally I enjoy trying to figure out which country sent me the spam comment.

    You answered one on your blog. It was hysterical. 🙂

    However I prefer New Zealand as my favorite but I have some followers I think in the UK and Germany.

    We’re goin’ global. Hehehe!

    Not sure why but they do pop-up about once a week.

    They like you.

  2. I get a lot of hits from this wacky country to the south. Big friggin’ country. They got like 300 million people and many of them can read and write a language that they pass off as English, there so it only makes sense that some of them hit my blog at some point. I think you know what country I’m talking about.

    I think those southern bozos are Spambots. Just delete their comments.

    Also, I get hits from Russia. All of which have to do with my post titled “Doin’ it Doggy Style.” So I guess Russians have a preference for that sort of blog material.

    That’s funny. I get NO hits from Russia. Maybe I’ll have to do a post or two about doggy style activities — naps, cleaning one’s rectum, eating without chewing — and see if they come my way.

  3. Well, let’s see. Looks like the bulk of my hits come from English-speaking countries, with scattered singles across the rest of the globe, except for Russia or China. My log goes back 500 entries, and I do remember having them from there before, but maybe they don’t visit us much because of poverty and oppressive governments…?

    Probably the latter. China censors their Internet; I’m sure other places do something similar. I guess everyone who’s visited me is English-speaking too. Except Damyanti, who speaks at least two languages including English (so technically she IS English-speaking) and is working on Italian. I envy hEr.

    • Yes, Darc, China does censor the internet, which I found firsthand when my WordPress blog simply refused to open when I was in Shanghai this week. So you will never ever get visitors from China unless you have a blogger account:)

      And I’ve got one … I just don’t post to it anymore. 🙂

      Thanks for all the kind words. I speak four languages, actually lols

      YIKES! Sorry, my dear — I had no disrespect for your incredible abilities intended! Now, I envy you MORE! 😀

      I dunno about my wordpress blog, but the biggest audience for my Blogger blog is the US, followed by Malaysia, UK and Canada. I do get hits from France, and Africa, even Bosnia sometimes, but they are usually one-offs.

      Interesting! Thank you so much, Ms. Uber-cool conqueror of languages! 🙂

  4. ha ha. Mostly, I get a lot of weird google searches. But, I do have some people from Austraila.

    I used to do a regular feature here on the weird search terms in my dashboard. I’ve had to stop because now, all I get are searches for “bio-data” and “marriage bio-data” information. *Sigh*

  5. I believe my blog is banned in China, due to my posts on one-child policy and Olympic boycott. My Chinese readers visit my blog through a special gateway (that allows them to bypass Chinese censorship.) My blog also has a lot of visitors from Vietnam–another communist country. Very interesting.

    Very interesting indeed! Banned in China, eh? I bet that’s not as hard to do as it sounds. Maybe I’ll try it … AFTER I see if I can generate some hits from there first. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the shoutout! I hope many of my countrymen somehow ends up in your page too. What’s great about these counters is that you get to know other places around the world. And they have great tastes to as they somehow end up in your site! And mine of course LOL. Kidding but true, right? Right?!

    But of course! And you’re welcome. I’m happy to have you here. 🙂

    The most exotic person (really, just one) who visited me came from “Bosnia And Herzegovina”. I honestly don’t know a country with that name exists! So I searched for it and it is one of the European countries, east of Italy.

    Hm. See, I don’t get many from Eastern Bloc or Middle Eastern countries.

    Most of my visitors come from the US as most bloggers I meet are Americans. Then from the Philippines (only a handful of people know about my blog) and then third is the UK (as my blog link is posted on a UK forum.) Trailing are India, Canada and a whole lot more.

    We love our blogs in the US, no two ways about it.

    The north pole and the south pole doesn’t know I exist LOL. Wait, I’m not sure if they have internet connections there!

    I bet they do in the Antarctic. I mean, they do research and have to get it back to their home bases somehow, right? 😉

    Much Love,

    You too. 🙂

  7. LOL you’re right, I just checked out your counter again, and you’re right, no one knows you from the North (Eastern Bloc) to down South. Ah well, I guess it’s normal, not a lot of people comment on my page from that area too.

    Yeah, not a lot of action in Southern Hemisphere nations/continents in general, but like I said, I’ve had a few from Australia and New Zealand from time to time. And never from China.

    And wow, thanks to damyantig. I didn’t know China censors the internet. But then again, because of the form of their government, they’re not really free to do things. So much for being one of the biggest countries in the world.

    China censors ALL its media, so the Internet doesn’t surprise me. HOW they do it, and at what financial strain, is anyone’s guess. I suppose they have to work pretty hard to keep ALL Internet traffic under control. OH, and being “big” has nothing to do with much of anything; it’s being FREE. And right now, China’s not.

  8. DarcKnyt going global yo…it should I love this blog to see how my favorite superhero is doing….Zman sends

    Thanks, Zman … the feeling’s mutual, bud. 🙂

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