Wish List for ScribeFire

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Okay, I’ve sort of fallen in love with ScribeFire.  I mean, my first and most precious lady of blogging clients is, and will probably always be, Windows Live Writer, but ScribeFire’s making things just a little too easy, too convenient, for me to be completely faithful to WLW.  It’s like having a booty call for bloggers.

First, clicking a tiny icon on my Fire Fox (or is it FireFox? Firefox? whatever) status bar and have the blogging client load, right then, is frickin’ addicting.  Live Writer takes a couple of RAM-devouring minutes (probably more like 15-30 seconds, in all honesty) to load.  And Live Writer’s a resource whore.  She’ll take everything and anything available.  ScribeFire occupies the already resource-leaky browser window and does gobble about five seconds of CPU cycles during which I can do nothing, but when loaded, it’s unnoticable.  Then I’m ready to blog.

What this translates to is, being able to be flighty.  If some web page strikes a chord and I feel like blogging about it, it’s not a long, complicated, RAM-hogging experience to do so.  And the Zemanta plug-in for ScribeFire isn’t something I had to add; it’s integrated, and it works MUCH faster and better than the one for Live Writer.  (Zemanta kills Live Writer — bogs it down so bad I had to uninstall it to be able to use WLW properly again.)

But, ScribeFire still misses on a couple of areas, and they’re ones that keep me going back to Live Writer like a crack whore to a pimping drug dealer.

For one thing, I’d really like to have the ability to save certain links and associated text which triggers them.  Windows Live Writer introduced this amazing feature and calls it “Auto-Linking”.  If I type in a particular word or phrase, which I set, it can be associated with a link.  For instance, I type “my beloved”, and I tell Live Writer I want that phrase to link to my wife’s blog.  Then, whenever I type “my beloved” in a post, it auto-links to her blog.  So I set a bunch of common references to names and such, and now I don’t have to manually insert the links.

If ScribeFire has that feature, I haven’t found it.  Of course, not having done an exhaustive read through of SF’s help files, it might be available.  If so, this would take me one step closer to using it most of the time.

For another thing, Live Writer allows you to set a particular piece of text as something called a “text template”.  This means, when you type a particular thing over and over again (for example, the little copyright notice I put at the bottom of all my fiction works and such), I only have to type it once.  Then I can insert the text template and don’t have to type and format the entry time and again.  ScribeFire, in my opinion, would benefit greatly from this feature, and again, would be another draw away from Live Writer.

Finally, being able to blog offline is a looming reality for me, and I’d love to be able to have that available for ScribeFire.  I think having it dependent on the browser is terrific and yadda yadda, but having it be able to blog while there’s no Internet connection would be FANTASTIC.  If it could find no open Internet connection and offer the option of going offline, I don’t when I’d use Live Writer except to do my fiction posts.  I’ll always use Live Writer for that.

So anyway, just a small wish list.  If the developers of ScribeFire are watching (don’t laugh, it could happen), this would make ScribeFire rock even more (it rocks now, just so you know).

See ya.



8 thoughts on “Wish List for ScribeFire

  1. Oh, thanks for reminding me that these programs exist! Totally forgot about them. Would probably not use one anyway, I’m pretty happy with the way I write my posts lol!

    You might be surprised how much easier they can make blogging. You should at least think about it if you’re a serious blogger. 🙂

  2. You know, if you really want them to hear your wish list, you could tweet about it with #scribefire, because several times I’ve mentioned products in my list and gotten a @reply from a representive of the company. The most recent was AVG, just this morning.

    Very interesting. I’m using AVG too, for a variety of reasons. How did you go about finding those groups on Twitter?

  3. You don’t write enough about crack whores and pimping drug dealers. Maybe this will inspire you to write about them some more. How about some undead crack whores and drug dealers?

    I’ll leave that for DarcZombie, self-proclaimed King of the Zombies. But I’ll see what I can do for crack whores and pimping drug dealers.

    And I don’t much care for this new theme. It looks too much a professional blog. And I don’t like that.

    Gosh, that’s too bad. I could find a picture of a mangy cat and see if that suits you better, if you’d like.

    • Do you have a problem with that mangy cat photo on my blog?

      It scared me. I had a nightmare.

      I wasn’t even looking for a shot like that (I was looking for ‘worlds ugliest people’), I just happened upon it one day and that darn thing startled me. I had to swipe it.

      Yeah, that’s an awesome pic. There’s something sort of cool about mangy-ass cats looking pissed off at the world, ain’t there?

  4. this is very informative. I would never even know half this stuff 😉

    Well, I’m glad I could help! Also, if you look at the page listing at the top of my blog, you’ll find one called “Software reviews”. There might be a few products in there you’ll like. Feel free. 🙂

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