Not a Bad Movie Weekend

The Ruins (film)
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Well, for once, I can say that most of the movies I watched on Friday night were pretty good.  That doesn’t happen very often.

I’d been wanting to see The Ruins for a long time.  I’ve also heard it’s based on a very good book.  The movie?  Well, I’m sure some horror fans didn’t care for it, but I thought it was pretty good.  I didn’t like the characters – it’s really hard for me to relate to twentysomethings in peril – but it was a fun ride just the same.  The movie starts off a bit slow, has some things I didn’t see as essential to the plot (they pared the movie down to 90 minutes; c’mon, get to the good crap and leave out the fluff), but eventually escalates into a pretty harrowing experience, as far as movies go.  I can sum the movie up in a single word: horror.

True horror is hard to find.  Horror is defined in movies anymore as a gut-jolting start and as much grue as you can pack into the time allotment.  This is part of the reason my beloved doesn’t watch horror movies with me.  But true horror is an emotion generated, and while those elements may cause some to experience horror, to me it’s just gratuitous bloodshed and shock value.  And shock isn’t horror.  Not that this movie didn’t have gruesome, shock-value moments, but overall, it didn’t strike me as grue-centric.  What there was added to the psychological aspects the characters faced, fueling their fears and making their situation the more desperate.

In addition, there’s usually a coupling of sex and terror in teen-targeted horror, but this one doesn’t have that element.  A single, albeit unnecessary, nude shot, and that’s it.  The effect is psychological in nature, and doesn’t focus on the “monster” much at all.  The focus is the human mind, facing fearsome circumstances, experiencing fear and struggling to rationalize through it.  It was, in my opinion, presented pretty well here, and it made me want to read the book.

The second movie I sat through was an animated feature from a few years back called Titan AE, and it was simply magnificent.  The animation was a combination of Disney and Pixar, a mix of traditional and computer animation, as far as I could tell.  The space sequences were terrific, some of the special effects were fantastic, and the story wasn’t bad at all.   There was even a twist in it which sort of surprised me.  I expected a twist, but when it came I was a little off-guard because of … oh, let’s just say because of the reality of the presentation.  But again, a fun movie which kept me riveted for the entire time.  I never got bored, and it never really slowed down.

The movie I watch which stunk was called Haunted Forest or something similar.  It was bad.  Stay away from it.

So, two out of three’s not shabby, and I can say I had a decent movie night on Friday.  I don’t have any deep thoughts on themes or meanings or any of that crap, because … well, it’s a movie, you see.  Just enjoy it as it is, if you can.

What did you do this weekend?



11 thoughts on “Not a Bad Movie Weekend

  1. hmmm good to know, I lOVE movies, but sadly was entertaining the parentals this weekend, which equaled lack of movies…sad day.

    Aw, the parents can’t be THAT bad. Besides, there’ll be lots of other movie weekends. Just enjoy your company while it’s there to enjoy.

  2. I loved Titan A.E. Thought it was very well done, and you’re right about the special effects.

    It was pretty cool. I’ve seen a lot of animated movies, and this one was nice stuff.

    I never saw the other two, but the way you describe The Ruins makes me think of Pitch Black, where you see the monsters, but mostly the focus is on the people and how their inner workings affects their survival. One of my favorite movies, so maybe I could give The Ruins a chance, despite my middle-age rejection of most monster movies.

    It’s really more about a desperate situation than about monsters. The “monster” is part — and only PART — of the desperation, but not the central focus, IMO. Check it out!

  3. I got 13 hours of sleep total since Thursday night(this is getting ridiculous!), did the whole baby shower thing, and watched Super Troopers while we sorted through all the fun baby stuff. I see myself doing loads and loads and loads of baby laundry *sigh*

    Finding that I’m getting all sorts of stuff done in my insomnia-fueled state like going to the grocery store at 5AM, sending work emails at 4AM, and picking up clutter around the house before the sun is up. Not one to sit and watch a full movie, but I *did* get 5 episodes of Criminal Minds watched in the last 4 days. That’s not too shabby.

    Ahhh… my body is getting me ready for baby – at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m convinced that the only way my mind/body would revolt against me in this manner is based upon the baby in residence.

    Getting ready for baby is the most important thing for you right now, hon. Other stuff will always be there. 🙂

    P.S. Love the new banner. Didn’t care much for the last one, but this one is spiffy.

    I wasn’t wild about the other one either. I never quite got the effect I wanted, though the gold lettering was sort of cool. Maybe it was the sissy-blue?

  4. It was my wife’s birthday saturday, so we went out for pizza and saw the tale of despereaux, er, despero, er, despe… the one with the mouse with the big ears in the the dollar theater. It was amusing.

    I’m still waiting — shouldn’t be long now, I guess — for that one to come to cable. 🙂

    And speaking of Titan AE, I usually enjoy Don Bluth’s movies. I hope he can get things rolling on the dragon’s lair movie sometime in the near future…

    Bluth is a masterful animator; the blend of CGI and traditional animation was pretty well done. I’m not familiar with the one of which you speak, however.

  5. I slept most of the weekend away- but I managed to get a little more prep work done on my serial novel and avoid folding laundry. I used to watch a lot more movies MST3k and Doctor Who on the weekends but lately it has been write write write read read read…

    Bummer. But … whattayagonna do? 🙂

    I have been listening to a Doctor Who audiobook during the drive in to work read by the 10th Doctor himself David Tennant.

    Not a follow of the Doc Who thing, so this is beyond me, but hey — a good book’s a good book, especially if someone reads it to you. 🙂

  6. Haven’t watched any of those movies but if you like animated stuff, I say go and watch Madagascar 2, Wall-E or the Oscar Nominated Foreign Film, also animated, Waltz Of Bashir. Very Good indeed. Those films are one of the best ones I’ve seen. Guaranteed! As far as horror movies go, I know I told you before that I don’t watch ’em! I have wild imaginations LOL.

    Well, no harm in fueling the imagination, right? 😉

    This weekend will extend up to the middle of April. It’s my Summer vacation, actually. I just read books, watched loads of movies, surfed the net and all that boring stuff for someone not in my shoes LOL.

    If you’re on summer vacation you probably have LOTS to blog about. Oh, that stuff you’re doing? That’s pretty much what I’m doing too. *Sigh*

  7. Dragon’s lair was a fully animated arcade video game (using laserdiscs) back in the 80’s. His group was the one that produced it. There have been rumblings forever that they would turn it into a feature length film. Maybe after Disney releases The Princess and the Frog this year there’ll be renewed commercial interest in traditional animation…

    I remember it now! Dirk the Daring! Yeah, I remember that game … as I recall it was like 50 cents to play, when all the other games were a quarter. Ha! Great recall, dude. And Disney’s been promising to re-commit to their traditional animation department for years. NOTHING so far. 😦

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