I Have a Project Due Tomorrow …

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Over on my deviantART page, I have a faithful watcher who thought it would be fun to work on a collaborative project with yours truly.

I’m a big hit with the high school crowd over there.

So I agreed, and we started hammering out details and whatnot.  She agreed to meet most of my terms.  She wants to write a ghost story, perhaps based on one of the many she’s heard on her haunted area of Nova Scotia.  She has a lot of them she can draw from, she tells me, and I thought it would be fun to take the project on.

See, that’s because I’m a moron.

I can’t write my way out of a wet paper bag with a map and an SUV right now.  What the hell am I thinking trying to take on another project?  I’m going to, if I haven’t already, shatter this poor child’s image of the “great horror writer” she thinks I am.

I really hate losing my mystique.  It’s like farting when you’re making out.  Not good.



5 thoughts on “I Have a Project Due Tomorrow …

  1. There has got to be a farting while making out fetish somewhere on the Internet. I mean CAKE FARTING has a following for gosh sakes. (Don’t Google Cake Farts at work Just don’t!)

    Yeah … not something I need to worry about. Have no job, remember? And even if I did, I have no interest, whatsoever, in cake farting. I promise.

    But anyway if you feel stuck just dive in and write something, don’t be afraid to write something crappy. Just get those gears turning somehow!

    Here watch this…

    Abner Deggent awoke in a strange bed covered with tarantulas. He shifted uneasily in and said to himself, “Maybe defiling that temple wasn’t such a good idea after all… and why am I dressed as a Girl Scout?”

    See? I hated that but now I can get to work on something I actually want to do. If for no other reason than to cleanse my brain.

    Get that nose to the grindstone!

    I know you’re half-joking, but this is the second time I’ve run across the advice to just write and let it be crap. The last guy was recommending it as a warm-up exercise. Maybe there’s something to it. Thanks, Al!

  2. Any story that begins So there I was….is always a good one. Hey you have a job not a paying one but one that gets your mind going thats a good thing…forget the following things twitter,deviant art,my space, facebook all that what you need is to get BACK TO BASICS. One last thing how does one write about hauntings and ghosts unless they have intimate experience with…the best stories are biographies people love to read about others journeys…i.e. addiction, love and love lost, triumph and tragedy that type of thing…get too it ..Zman sends

    Sounds like a plan, thanks Zman. And you’re right … my “job” has always been husband and father. It’s the best one on Earth, and I wouldn’t trade it.

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