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So, I might’ve mentioned I sometimes watch Paranormal State, a “docu-drama” about paranormal investigations conducted by Ryan Buell‘s Paranormal Research Society based out of Penn State University.

I watched an episode on March 23, 2009, wherein Ryan and his intrepid band of fellow club members take on a case in Kentucky where a family is reporting paranormal activity.  Through the course of the show, PRS is led (back) to Quincy, IL, where a young girl previously had a “demonic possession“.  PRS called in a priest, who performed an exorcism, and everything was hunky-dory for a while.  Six months, I believe they said.

So Mr. Buell and his brave band of followers and ghost hunters went back to do battle with the demonic force haunting and harming the little girl.

I’m willing to give a pretty wide berth for shows like this.  I just love things paranormal and while I watch them for entertainment and fun, this particular episode left me … well, disappointed would be a big understatement.

For the life of the show, people have leveled accusations of staged events, and the suave, smooth presentation Ryan Buell gives is clearly rehearsed.  But the show’s been pretty fun and has had some moments I thought were pretty interesting.  (For instance, watching the temperature on a thermal camera drop 30 degrees.)  But overall, these shows are pretty hokey and you have to take them with a large dose of sodium chloride and whatever flavor of liquor will help you swallow bovine fecal matter.  I mean, none of this stuff is hard to make up and generate as special effects.

So anyway, on 23-Mar-2009, I watched what was presented as an “exorcism”.  I have to tell you, a more poorly acted drama I’ve not seen in a long, long time.  I saw werewolf movies with Lon Chaney which had better and creepier elements of the supernatural, and in the end, I saw a young girl who probably needed acting classes more than she needed a priest.  I saw a priest who had more questionable theology than almost any (almost) I’ve ever met in person.  I saw an old man who, every time he comes on the show, seems desperate to bag as much camera time as he can and likes to make the editors censor out his foul language, and who presents himself as someone who chats with the dead or demonic — but only he can hear them.  That’s right, the voices speak only to him.  Take that how you will.

I saw a show that probably shouldn’t’ve been aired, frankly.  It was overwrought with manufactured drama and “tension”.  I only pray my fiction’s not as bad.  Please, Lord.  It was awful.

It sort of bummed me out, because I was really starting to enjoy the show.  Oh well.  I still have Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International to entertain my ghost addiction.

And I can’t figure out why I can’t get a job.  Ha!



8 thoughts on “Paranoia State

  1. We watch those ghost shows sometimes, but most of the time DH watches the ufo hunting shows. My kids beg to watch Psychic Kids, but the little bubba got so scared he couldn’t be in a well-lit room by himself, so that one’s out.

    I like the UFO shows, too, but my heart’s with ghosts. I guess I should’ve been born in the Victorian era.

  2. I think the show is hokey, but considering how tough it is to actually catch an apparition and ghost stuff on camera. Ryan Buells story is what carries the show…the program you talked about was hokey but again no way to disprove what happened…ghost shows are tough…hope the job search gets better for you…Zman sends

    True enough, Zman, I think Ryan’s a great kid. He over-acted a little bit this last time, but overall he’s definitely all the show has going for it. Sometimes they have something interesting. This last one’s not really a great example, but they’ve had others that aren’t bad at all. While I disagree about disproving such things, I do agree Mr. Buell carries the day. And thank you for the well-wishes on the job search! We appreciate it!

  3. Knyt

    Hey what about the new twitter widget on wordpress you must be happy bout that..i dont twitter nor will i ever but hey a new widget for the knyt…Zman sends

    You know, Zman, I didn’t even know about it! … I don’t think. I’ll check it out! Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. I haven’t watched any of these shows because just from the commercials they looked whonky and fake-ish. My question is: Do ghosts sleep during the day? All these shows usually happen at night and I would think that the time of day wouldn’t matter to a ghost but I guess being in the dark ghost hunting is more dramatic.

    Yeah, I’m thinking that too. Ghosts have been sighted in broad daylight on Civil War battlefields, and if the imprint or residual “haunting” is time-related, shouldn’t they be looking at that? One of my major issues with “ghost hunters”.

    I look at these shows as I would wrestling or roller derby, entertainment only. Not that I think paranormal research is bunk, I don’t, just some of the shows.

    Exactly my view as well. Purely for entertainment purposes. But I’m not sure how much stock I put into paranormal research either.

    Thanks for coming by and sounding off, delaney55! Glad to have you!

  5. Ghost Hunters? Pah!

    I’d rather be a Bounty Hunter. That’s not hard at all. I mean it’s right there in the paper goods aisle of the supermarket. Not much of a challenge at all.

    Yes, but with their special plastic shielding, your mace will be useless!

  6. I noticed you change the header again. This one is more simple but I like it! I like the previous one too, though!

    I like to change ’em up now and then. 🙂 They’re fun to make. I thought this one was subtle and cool.

    Anyway, I like the paranormal stuff too but I get scared easily. But Paranormal stuff are so interesting! I remember watching The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and it was really good acting.

    Yeah, it was a decent movie. Very interesting.

  7. I reckon you dream a lot in your sleep. Having a ghost addiction will do that to you. 🙂

    I do dream a lot. If I could remember them, I’d have a great career as a writer underway by now! 😀

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