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I’ve talked to you before about a great li’l thing called, a web site which presents your blog to other bloggers and visitors to the site.  It’s a fantastic and FREE way to get your blog(s) exposure.  Who knows?  You may even pick up a new follower or two, and you might connect with others you’re interested in following.

Well, I have a new one for you.  It’s the same general idea — a round-robin display of various blogs from around the blogosphere — and it works in a similar way.  Not speaking from a technical standpoint, because I have no shade of a clue how those programmers did the juju they did, but from a practical standpoint, it’s easy to use.

The site is, and it’s very simple to use.  Go to their home page, enter your blog or web site’s URL, click add and voila! — blog exposure to dozens of new readers.

The home page has a link at the top that says Add Your Blog.  Click it.  Enter the URL, and your email if you’d like (it’s optional), and then click the SUBMIT button.  That’s it!  You’re in the rotation and you will get more hits, guaranteed.

In addition, you can write a nice review of their site (like this one) and their page will auto-insert the URL into their rotation.  More hits again.

It’s a great tool and very useful as a method of getting your blog out there to people, especially when you don’t have control over the meta tags of your site (like us users).

Check it out!



6 thoughts on “Another Blog Traffic Tool

  1. Thanks for the tip!

    You are a god among men. Preferably one of those bitchen cool Cthulhu Mythos gods that can suck tbe brains of the unwary from their skulls on the dark dark night of the solstice.

    Glad to help!

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


    Thanks, Sarah, and welcome. I’ve spent some time going to your site too, and found it interesting and … well, it made me hungry. 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

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