Mission Accomplished!

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Image by SOCIALisBETTER via Flickr

Well!  I did it!

I set out to get my resume reformatted, to a more practical style, and hoped to add some “buzz words” to it which would make it more desirable for recruiters and hiring managers.  I also wanted to shorten it if I could — it was a whopping three pages before.

And, as I let you all know in my last post, I thought this would take me a couple of days.  As it turns out, it didn’t.  I got some amazing feedback from some special friends — namely, Damyanti and KreeStee.  Without their invaluable input, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.  As it is, I finished it last night and I’ll be hitting the job boards with it tonight before bedtime.

I’m sort of stoked about it, really.  I have a lot of hope this will change the amount of hits I’m getting now, and if I can increase activity, maybe something will come through.  Everyone I talk to says I have great experience and qualifications, but no one’s biting on the bait right now.

So, everyone cross your fingers and say a prayer.  Maybe this is what I need to break something loose.

Thanks for all the unflagging support, and words of encouragement.  I appreciate it.  I’ll let you know if things get better.



8 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. Better yet, can that chick in the photo give me a job?

    (Oh, you knew I was gonna write that. Don’t act shocked and surprised.)

    Oh, I’m sure she’ll give you a job, dude. A job you’ll never forget. (Yeah, I knew. That’s why I chose the picture; just for you.)

  2. Nice work! I’ll send my best vibes!


    Claire, thank you so much for coming by and for the supportive message! Please come back anytime and God bless!

  3. Good on you….this is your time…great new job heading your way..of course thats means no hanging out with the blogosphere during the day you will be a workin stiff again….choices choices..we are pullin for you got get em…Zman sends *FINGERS CROSSED*

    Thanks, Zman! I really appreciate the support. 🙂

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