So … Big Score from the ‘Brary

Grave of H. P.

We had a great time, my beloved and I, at the library the other day.

Going with a list of things to look for really helps.

The search feature, by topic, on their website wasn’t the worst or best I’d ever seen, but it got me pointed in the right direction.  I compiled a list of books to reserve and held them.  Then I followed up with the library to discover it might be DAYS before they got around to actually pulling the books off the shelves so I could get them.  Well.  Since I was first in the queue, and the library’s pretty doggone small, I didn’t find that acceptable.

Searching for the books myself turned out to be harder to do than to say.  I actually found volumes of ghost stories listed with, and shelved in, the non-fiction books.  I find that amusing.  But several other books I looked for weren’t there.  I finally found one of the several volumes of Lovecraft’s works the library claims to have … on the “New Fiction” shelf.  H. P. Lovecraft on the new fiction shelf.  People.

But I came back with so many books there’s no way I’m going to read them all without renewing them.  No way.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

I got one Lovecraft collection (so far it’s the best I’ve seen of his works – really good ideas, all using familiar settings like Innsmouth and R’lyeh and Arkham and Miskatonic University, etc.), the second installment of King’s The Dark Tower series, his Rose Madder (which has heretofore eluded my grasp), a huge tome of ghost stories, a Neil Gaiman short story collection, and a bunch of others I can’t remember.  I’m sure some of them will suck, but that’s why I went nuts collecting them.  I know I’ll find a couple worth reading and letting you know about.

I’ll keep you posted, but overall, I’m a big fan of going to the library with a list of books to look for.  Oh, and the information desk.  They’re nice and they know where stuff is.  Heh.


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2 thoughts on “So … Big Score from the ‘Brary

  1. What no Stephen King – The Stand or better yet the one most people think is the best IT…happy reading…find a comfy chair get yourself a cup of java…zman sends

    Already read both, Zman, and yeah, I picked up Rose Madder and The Dark Tower Book 2. Can’t leave without King. 🙂

  2. Either the librarian was sleeping when she was putting those books or her assistants don’t have a clue of where things should be lol. I mean, I would be confused too. Of course Writers know their way around things, especially books!

    Writers are pretty good in the library, but the people that work there are there for a reason. 🙂

    Oh and I love the hard way. Not asking the information desk because I like pouring over books and buying some recommendations!

    To each their own. 🙂

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