Remember the Cast of Characters?

Brunswick, Maryland
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Do you all remember, a few months ago, I was going to share with you a cast of characters I’d gleaned from my observations of people with whom I shared my walk from the train station to the office where I worked?


I could provide the link, I guess.  So there you have it.

I forgot all about it in my latest plight of worklessness and dwindling time to find gainful employment, but I haven’t completely abandoned the idea.  It occurred to me the other night that I could return to that and regale you with the antics of commuters getting to work every morning.

That strikes me as pretty doggone boring.

Is anyone still interested?  I don’t remember all of them anymore, and I may have somewhat flawed memories of them, but I could still put a few of them in place, I bet.  Or we can just let it die from lack of interest.

Let me know, will you?



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6 thoughts on “Remember the Cast of Characters?

  1. Was never a commuter….never took a train…taxi or bus to work…so they would seem foreign to me but I am always interested in stories about the human condition…Zman

    It’s all about people, this part, not so much the commute. So you might like them. Just observations of people I saw while I commuted.

  2. Ummm I LOVE LOVE LOVE commuting stories. You might be able to teach me how to deal with my anger…maybe…

    I doubt it. I have issues with anger too, but if you have the option of letting someone else do the driving, that helps a lot. These are just character sketches of the people I shared a train ride with everyday.

  3. I would enjoy seeing these as well. I can’t be the only person going through a slightly more surreal version of our world.

    Can I?

    Yeah, you can. You are. All of us are not crazy. Therefore it’s you, Al. Just you.

  4. Bring on the cast, say I!


    Hi, Claire! Thanks for stopping by! I will bring on the cast. It sounds like some folks might be interested. Thank you again for tossing your hat in the ring and sounding off!

  5. I was wondering if you had forgotten about it. It was a fantastic idea; the original post was one of your best. More please!

    Well, thanks, Leafless! I appreciate it, but I’m certain the missing emotion in the list of characters will lack the impact of the original. 😉 Thank you for stopping by, God bless, and Happy Easter to you!

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