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Sorry, gang, I have nothing to say today.  Not that I know of, anyway.  So, for some general life updates.

I haven’t had the success with my new resume I hoped for.  Big surprise there.  I’m still hopeful and optimistic and all that crap, but not only is this discouraging it’s getting frightening.  Time is of the essence and I can’t seem to generate a nibble.  Keep a good thought or if you’re the praying kind, please remember us in prayer.  It’s all we’ve got right now.

I’ve been outlining a continuation of the novella (novelette? short story?) The Strange Case of Benny Rogers.  I have no idea why.  It was a really fun project to write, and I’ve provided a rough outline for about five more parts to it.  If I can keep all the parts the same general word count (the first story was 16,500, roughly), then I have about five, maybe six more parts.  That translates to about 82K before editing.  Figure I can get that down to inside 80K pretty easily, not much work there.  Cut out the draggy parts, maybe clean up the language (though I’m wont to do that; I like the grittiness and street-level feel of the story and character), and I’ll have no problem getting the thing down to slim manuscript size.  Problem is, I don’t want to dive into yet another project; I’d rather just … finish what I’ve started.  But I’m not doing that so … eh, dilemma.  Such is life, right?

Let’s see … I’m not making anywhere near satisfactory progress on my reading expedition.  I have a ton of books and haven’t even finished the first one.  It’s a collection of stories by someone being passed off as H. P. Lovecraft, but it’s not him.  It’s a man named August Derleth, a literary student and friend of Lovecraft, who wrote the stories from scraps and notes left by H. P. when he kicked the bucket.  The book itself is great; it’s like Lovecraft with better storytelling technique.  The style is so similar I didn’t pick up it wasn’t Lovecraft until I realized he was doing some show-not-tell, a sure sign you’re not reading Lovecraft, and the dialog was decent – a dead giveaway you’re not reading Lovecraft.  So overall, I like the book.  It’s the shortest book I got from the library and it’s taken more than a week for me to get near the end.  I dunno.  I used to read so much faster.  *Sigh*

My beloved told you we replaced our cable/DVR unit, right?  She did.  Having the remote actually do something – and being able to actually watch a show on it – is just heaven.  Ahh … sigh of relief!

Nothing else to say, really.

Maybe no post tomorrow, and I’ll fire up the Cast o’ Characters next week.

God bless.

6 thoughts on “General Updates

  1. Don’t see why you’d have to clean up the language in “Benny.”

    You don’t think that’ll put publishers off? I got swear words in the first sentence, I think.

    Unrelated, I have a complaint about the auto-linking you’ve got going on here. At first I was distracted by the multitude of links, but I’ve gotten to where I just ignore them. Problem is that I can’t tell which are links that you added, which I may actually be interested in. Does the auto linking bring in more hits?

    I don’t know. Zemanta does it automatically. I just add all of ’em except the stupid ones. I didn’t know they were a distraction. You only need to check on the ones you want; it’s like a buffet of links. 😉

    Just said a little prayer for your job sitch.

    Thanks, cupcake. We need it. 🙂

  2. Knyt

    The Zman clan is praying for your job situation as well, why not just take something/anything until your real gig comes along… have an interesting story you should write about your life and your family in this economic situation…..good luck…Zman sends

    Thank you so much, Zman, I appreciate the prayers. I’d take something/anything, if I could GET something/anything. That’s the scary part. Even the low-ball jobs aren’t there right now. But I’ll take what comes when it comes, and the real gig? Well, I’m hoping that’s sitting keyboard jockey all my life. But then, which writer ISN’T hoping for that? 😉 Thanks again!

  3. Thinking good thoughts for your job situation. Totally know what you are going through here. Ther has to be a light at the end of the tunnel at some point! 🙂

    One would think so, yeah. Thank you, hon; I appreciate that, and right back atcha for your hubby.

  4. If you think The Strange Case of Benny Rogers is fun to write then I guess you must finish it and submit it or something!

    Glad to know you can finally watch some shows lol.

    Yeah, that’s been nice to have. 🙂

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