Tantalizingly Close

Adobe InDesign

Check out that adverb in the title, eh?  Huh??  I asks ya, huh?

Okay, seriously.  I got a call from a recruiter yesterday (as you read this), the message from which made my heart stop for a moment.  She stated clearly she saw my documentation experience and wondered if I’d be interested in a copy editing/proofreading job.

My heart spiked.  I called her back immediately.

She wasn’t available.  I held.  I had to talk to her.

When she finally picked up her extension I tried not to sound overtly breathless.  I tried to calm myself.  We had a few moments of discussion wherein she explained the position pay started at the top of my range and went a little beyond.  The distance was a tiny concern and I made sure not to mention it.  She described the position and asked if I was interested.  I forced myself to wait a beat, then answered “yes.”

Alas, not to be, it seems.  The client company wanted experience with Macs (nope) and Adobe InDesign (nope), since the company is a publisher. By the time I hung up with her I’d made her vow before Almighty God she’d ask if the client would work around those hurdles and consider me for an interview, and she asked for a copy of my resume.  I sighed and then wept after hanging up.

So close.  So. Frickin’. Close.

Well, tomorrow (today as you read this) is a new day, and I can always go after another dream job.  Right?

Have a happy Easter, everyone, or a blessed Passover, or if nothing else, a fantastic weekend.  See ya Monday with the first of the Cast of Characters.

God bless,