Disappointment and Shout-Outs

Rejection sampling

Well.  Things didn’t go as I hoped with my interview, I found out yesterday.

Instead of lingering on that, I’m going to talk about other things.  Namely, your blogs.  I’m going to try and see if I can refer you to one another in the interest of spreading joyful connections around the Internet.

So, without further ado, here are some people you might like to check out.

First, there’s WIGSF.  He’s a wit and a half, and if you don’t get a smile out of reading his blog at least some of the time, you’re just not doin’ it right.  WIGSF is a riot, and unpredictable.  Everything from insomniac blogging about Time-Life music collections, to scholarly articles on theory and practice in contemporary music, to movie marathons, to carrot cakes and sisters-in-law.  It’s like going to a fun house at a carnival – you just don’t know what you’re going to get.  Or maybe it’s more like eating at a public high school cafeteria.  Whichever, it’s all good stuff, and worth your time and trouble.

Next, I’ll mention Sherri.  Sherri’s not a full-on, blow the bits out sort of blogger, but when she does blog, it’s a slice of life.  Her life.  Yeah, it’s boring.  (Just kidding; Sher’s an amazing writer and her blog posts will show you that in short order.)  She’s got broad and diverse interests, and you might have your heart touched with her fatherless daughter blog posts, or you might find out about how bad a migraine can be raised from fragrance sensitivity.  She might talk to you from her treadmill, or she might tell you about her “creepy mobile” tree draped with spiders swinging in the breeze.  Whatever it is, it’s going to be eloquent and fun to read, so check that out too.  Good stuff abounding when she puts fingers to keyboard.

Next, I present Annie.  More precisely, AnnieGirl1138.  I can’t even remember how I met Annie, but I can tell you she’s another aspiring writer with a lot of talent and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, whatever the topic.  She’s addressed everything from her widowhood and how she’s dealing with it, to her pursuit of a career which handshakes both writing and teaching.  Annie is a vibrant, bold writer who features memes on a regular basis, and if you’re into that sort of thing, she’s a great source for them.  (I, myself, try not to meme, but reading yours has never been a problem for me.)

New bud, blogger and writer Al Bruno III keeps a sharp edge of humor in his writing.  He can creep you out with tributes to Lovecraft or break a stitch in your side with posts about his days as an RPGer.  Give Al feedback on his blog layout and theme too – he’s color blind, y’see, and doesn’t always make the best choices on design.  So, he can use the input.  Like all writer wannabes, Al loves feedback, and needs all the proofreading help you can give him.  So hop over, laugh at his Price Breaks and Heart Aches serial or be chilled with his tension-ratcheting In the Shadow of His Nemesis.  Check out his short stories.  And if you have amusing stories involving bacon, give him an earful; he likes that.

My buddies Ben and Kristy both have their own blogs too, and Ben’s got some other interests branching off from them.  Check him out; he might be jerking your tears with a loving letter to his daughter, or he might be whipping up a premise for a new short story involving zombies, apocalypse, or zombie apocalypses.  Kristy, meantime, is journaling about her journey into motherhood, cataloging her growing impatience, grown from fear, grown from excitement.  And she’s left me waiting for more updates to let the world know what’s next, and how soon to expect it.  And I’m a guy.  Oh, and she likes football (American, far as I know) as much or more than anyone you’ll ever meet.  Stop by and tell her the Steelers stink and why.  Have fun with that.

Leafless (aka Simon) is a brilliant pontificator of our world.  If you like reading stimulating stories, educational articles, insightful poetry and seeing great artwork, check out The Human Drama.  It’s awesome in its simple complexity, and I’ve never failed to learn something from a visit there.  Well worth your time.  Who says there’s nothing good on the Internet?

Damyanti is a charming lady, full of good thoughts, ideas and inspiration for writers.  A professional freelance writer, she’s chronicled her journey through writing in a delicate, meaningful and wonderfully inspirational way, and I do not miss any of her posts.  Period.

Good, Bad and Ugly2 is a funny, tongue-in-cheek young blogger sharing her life and adventures in a household with a husband, two cats, a dog and a “NOT IT” rule.  It’s funnier than I can tell you, so check her out for yourself.  And, she’s just launched her own domain website, thereby dissing us “free service” bloggers.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Bryce.  The man’s an amazing pulp fiction writer, and his blog is just a fat lotta fun.  Please, do yourself a favor and catch on to his online serials.  They’re great.

Finally, I’m going to mention Casey.  She’s a young and upcoming photographer with a great eye and a lot of wedding business, which means she’s going to be getting very busy very soon, I’m sure.  Check her out.  She’s walking with the Lord just like I am, except she’s doing it well.  She’s a sweetheart, and sometimes she makes me laugh.  Other times, she’s making me think about things I don’t want to think about.  But she’s always nice about it.  You’ll need to see your dentist afterward.  Yeah, she’s sweet.

EDIT: Yikes, how could I forget The Zeus Gazette, home to my personal coach Zman (Steve)??  Steve’s a cancer survivor who shares insights on life and work with an uncoated honesty which is rare, and refreshing.  See, even though he’s a survivor, that’s not the focus of his blog, or his thoughts.  In that way, Steve’s challenged me to get out of my own focus and look at things in a new way from time to time, and he’s offered me encouragement and support too.  He’s a great guy, and his spin on life is something not to be missed.  Please see him soon.

The love of my life, or LOML, needs no mention here.  I couldn’t say anything which would adequately describe how wonderful a woman she is anyway.  I long ago gave up trying.  But I married her as fast as I could for a reason.  Get to know her and you’ll see why.

That’s it for this time.  If I missed your blog and that makes me a jackass, I’m sorry; let me know in comments and I’ll add your link.

A weekend, then another back-to-the-grindstone week.  Have a safe one, everyone.

God bless.


8 thoughts on “Disappointment and Shout-Outs

  1. It’s okay, I know my blog is boring. Especially lately, since I’m putting fewer fingers to the keyboard. Hey, but my finger feels lots better this morning. I’m starting to believe I may really be able to make a full recovery.

    I knew you could! And I was just kidding. I like your blog.

    I’ll go visit your buds. I’ve visited several, but not all. I guessed the wrong gender on four of them.

    Hey, there’s a game for ya — guess the blogger’s gender! Woo! Viral!

  2. Actually, being Canadian, I use the Metric system. Wit is a Standard measure. In Metric, I’m 2.67 farceur.

    Bravo, well played! I couldn’t make the conversion in my head, personally.

  3. I forgot to say thanks for the shout-out and I’m sorry things didn’t go your way on the job. xxxooo

    No problem, and if God is willing, there will be others. 🙂 xxxooo back atcha.

  4. Darc: I am so sorry to hear about the job stuff. But, I know it will all work out in due time. Trust me on this…I do know EXACTLY what you are going through.
    Also thank you for the shout out! Trust me, I don’t feel amazing for going to a domain, it is just Hubby is convinced I can make money off of ads…and since he isn’t working…I guess I need a second job!

    Thanks! Hang in there!

    Thanks, hon, you hang in there too. I hope something turns up for hubby soon. I thought he’d gotten a job when he started traveling again; sorry to hear that’s not the case. God bless you guys.

  5. Knyt

    Sorry to hear about the news on the job front…its their loss. Thanks for the mention you are too kind…have been a bit tired to post these days……Zman sends

    We’re still praying for you, Steve. Hang in there, bud, and it’s my pleasure to mention you here. Anyone not reading your blog is missing out.

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