Harper’s Island


My beloved has been following CBS’s Harper’s Island from its inception.  She’s seen every episode and decided recently she likes it, and wants to see it through to its “finale” in July.

I’ve sat through most of the episodes too.  I try to be present to her when she gets into something because she’s so incredibly tolerant of me and my crap.  So when we started seeing the ads, we envisioned a decent premise and a good, fun show.  I thought, initially, it might actually be like a televised mystery dinner show, where the guests are part of it.  Maybe the viewers would be shown clues and things, and try to guess the solution(s) every week while being led to a final solving of the mystery.


Okay, so it’s just another pick-‘em-off-one-by-one murder spree show.  (This is not a serial killer; this is a spree killer, knocking off as many people as he can before he gets caught, generally without an MO though he may consistently use the same weapon, like a gun.  Problem is, they’ve mixed it with some serial tendencies – highly organized, careful, doesn’t leave many clues, etc.)  Basically, it’s a teen slasher movie on TV.  There’s a boogeyman stalking and killing people in a confined area (an island resort) from which they cannot easily escape.  The killer kills no two victims the same way, and did I mention no one knows the murders are taking place?

There are additional problems, though.  First of all, the method of murder for each victim.  The way they’ve been set up, this almost can’t be a single individual.  It also can’t be about revenge.  No less than four of the murders have involved man-traps, which take time and effort (a lot of effort) to establish.  They are designed as anti-personnel devices, indiscriminate in their targets.  It doesn’t matter who it is, but they aren’t supposed to survive.  So, problem two is the indiscriminate victims.  You can’t know ahead of time who will fall into your trap; and it doesn’t matter.  Therefore, the victims aren’t the point.  Third, despite the breadcrumbs the writers have left, they have indicated the killer is nearby, because he’s set someone on fire.  Now, we’ve got a mess, and this has gone from a suspense/mystery show to Rambo goes nuts and turns Jason Vorhees.  And that’s the premise of the show right now.

Oh, and as an added “bonus”, now they’ve injected a paranormal element to the show.  Ghosts and spirit mediums.  Because it wasn’t crappy enough, right?

It’s a little more than disappointing for me.  But, all the same things that turn me off to the show help my love enjoy it.  She loves to find the flaws and the faults and point out the errors.

And yet, the writers are making six-figure salaries.  Meanwhile, I can’t get a job.  *Sigh*


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4 thoughts on “Harper’s Island

  1. I’ve never seen the show. I like serial shows, but that doesn’t sound like one I’d like. I love complexity. The Pretender, Alias, Lost and Heroes are the types of shows I like. Multi-layered. Those are the kinds of books I write too. Suspense, mystery, romance, weirdness and hidden conspiracies all make it into my books.

    Okay, I laughed aloud at the idea of “complexity” and TV shows being used in the same context. Thanks, Courtney! I needed that. Seriously, though, if you want shows with facets, I don’t recommend this one. Yes, there’s a little bit of “mystery”, but overall? Meh.

  2. Most television writing is absolute garbage not worthy of being considered writing.

    That’s why I watch shows like The Simpsons. I think that show is well written.

    I’ve said for years The Simpsons is one of the best written and acted shows in TV history.

  3. just watched the latest episode…..
    cant wait for ep 6 this show has me hooked
    great story with likeable and un likeable people

    best line so far has to be from C.J. Thomason aka jimmy saying is it because ive got crabs… in episode 4 in the bar….

    I guess I missed that line! Thanks for stopping by and saying “hi”, Darren!

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