Dear Brian Harnois …

Ghost Hunters

… I don’t know if you spend any time Googling yourself, but if you do, I hope you come across this open letter.

I’ve been watching old episodes of Ghost Hunters (the TV series) on the SciFi Channel, and I’ve got to say, you got a raw deal, bud.

Sure, you made some mistakes.  The two founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society claim you’d lost thousands of dollars of equipment, which they had to pay for from their own personal finances.  I can imagine they weren’t thrilled about that.  But they seemed to harbor more than just a distaste for your penchant for losing gear.  They seemed to genuinely dislike you for some reason, and they never seemed to have the gumption to just come out and say that.

Or to just ask you to leave the group.

I think you got a bum rap, bud.  I think they gave their new tech manager a free pass to screw up, and covered it all with a grin and the excuse of “Well, at least he owned up to it.”  I wasn’t there, I don’t know, and for all I do know, this was all scripted drama they wanted to build in.  But I did notice a couple of things: first, the leader of the group seems to be a bully.  He really only comes down on people he thinks he can push around, who won’t push back.  Second, he only seems to come down on people his size or smaller.  He never takes on guys bigger than he is.  And that tells me he’s a classic bully.  Either he was a bully in school, or he was bullied in school, and now that he’s all grown up and turned out to be more substantial physically than he used to be, he wants to exact vengeance on whomever he can find to victimize.  Guys like him remind me of my brother.  If he thinks he’s physically superior, he goes after them.  If he isn’t, he’ll be the nicest guy in the world.

I don’t know what the deal is with the beta male “leader” of that group.  He’s the biggest wimp I’ve ever seen.  All he does is run around being a yes man for the bald guy.  I don’t get it.  It’s like he’s the other guy’s runty little bitch.  The bigger one needs that little one to make himself feel masculine and secure, I guess, and I can’t figure out what the little one’s about.  He’s worse than a sycophant, he’s … well, he’s a little bitch.  The other guy’s little bitch.  I don’t know how he can sleep with himself at night.  Where’s the self-respect, dude?

Anyway, Brian, I’ve watched the tech manager running things now mess up plenty.  He almost never gets yelled at, for any reason.  I can’t figure it.  No matter how much he screws up, they just keep saying what a great guy he is.  For one thing, I thought he was the tech manager, which means he’s the one held accountable for mistakes.  That’s what managers do; they provide management of resources and accountability.  But not this guy; he’s there to point to whoever made the mistake so they can get yelled at.  If I had an employee that slimy I’d find a reason to dump him.  He’s a back-biting dude who doesn’t have a problem talking behind people and he doesn’t mind throwing anyone under the bus, either.  Not to mention taking zero responsibility for the equipment.  You tell him the flashlights are missing; he rattles off a list of places you didn’t check, but you know what?  He didn’t check those places, and if the flashlights don’t make it onto the truck for the investigation, that’s on him.

He tried throwing that really big guy, who I’ve only seen a couple of times, under the bus too.  Know what, though?  Turns out the big guy was bigger than the bald boss, so the bald boss stands behind the scenes saying stuff like “You need to talk to him, ‘cause you don’t want me doing that.  There’s gonna be trouble if I do it!”  Fact is, he hasn’t got the testicular fortitude to do it, because the big guy’s … well, bigger.  And bullies don’t do bigger.  They just … threaten to do it.

So, Brian, if you’re out there, I gotta tell you, I don’t blame you for getting away from those guys.  They were jerks to you.  I don’t think I’d have lasted as long as you, and I would’ve probably lit up one of those clowns for being so unreasonable all the time.  A simple checklist on a sheet of paper would eliminate anything being lost, but I guess none of those bozos have the wherewithal to come up with that idea.  Print one out for each trip – to make sure everything’s packed, and to make sure everything makes it back into the truck for the return trip.  Pretty simple, seems to me.  No more lost equipment, no more problems with the tech manager.

Then again, no one asked me, and no one cares what I think.  I just wanted you to know you’re not as bad as you were made out to be.  And if they really did think so little of you as a team member, they should’ve dismissed you from the group.

Take care and good luck.


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One thought on “Dear Brian Harnois …

  1. I used to not like Brian, but after watching for a while I began to see the same things you have. He really did deserve more respect.

    If nothing else, he warranted better treatment as a human being. If you see he’s not able to properly handle the equipment, FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT. Simple and effective.

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