Feelin’ the Burn

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I can’t tell you how frustrated I was to discover that my local library has just ordered a copy of The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands (Book III).  The fact that they just ordered it, of course, means they don’t currently have it, which means I’m flustered out of my gourd.

So now, I have to find something else to read until it comes in.  I did find the other books (most of them anyway) of the series, but not the one I need.  I got it on audio book, but GUH.  Geez.  It’s sixteen (16) discs.  SIXTEEN.  (!!!)  And what if the person reading it is el bore-o?  I’m screwed until the book comes in.  Why does this have to be the way?  Why??

Anyway, I’ve given up reading other authors for the moment.  I looked over every Dean Koontz book I can find, and I didn’t see a single thing that interested me.  Nothing.  I wanted to try the Odd Thomas series, but … meh.  So, not having a list of new authors in hand as I did the last time I went, I settled on my old favorite.

I also checked out the Adult Graphic Novel section.  Boy, that’s false advertising.  Sheesh.

So I guess I could just jump to book four, but … DANG.  The thing about these books is, I can’t do anything else when I read them.  I have to finish the book.  They flow and keep you going so well and so long, it only takes me a couple days or so to finish.  With sixteen discs to listen to, I’m at the mercy of the guy reading the story.  What if he reads at a Jimmy Stewart pace?  Al Bruno III says it took him six months to get through The Dark Tower that way.  I not only don’t have six months to invest, I don’t want to invest six months.  I’ve got five more books to read.  That’s about ten days give or take, if I can find ‘em all.  C’mon, people, wth??  You’ve got books 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7, but not 3?? How do you not notice you’re missing book 3??

Okay, okay, I’m having withdrawals.  I have to mellow out.  I guess I’ll sign off and quit complaining.

Oh, and we can really use the prayers of anyone who’s willing to pray and spare a few minutes a day for us.  Thanks if you do it, and know we always pray for you.

God bless, all.


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4 thoughts on “Feelin’ the Burn

  1. Don’t skip book 3, you’ll be lost. Not to mention it’s great. I waited 7 years. You can wait a couple of weeks.

    Also, Odd Thomas is, IMO, the best Dean Koontz book by far and may never be matched. It’s really incredible. I usually don’t have outwardly emotional reactions to books, but I did to this one.

    Hm. Okay, I’ll give OT a try next opportunity I get. Thanks!

  2. You’re telling me that you could find an exciting person to read 16 discs worth of book. Even an enthusiastic person at the start would be numbed by the end.

    Yeah, the right person reading it would make it interesting. The guy they got wasn’t bad, but … I dunno. I don’t like it as much, and it’s too easy for me to get distracted.

  3. My friend I can promise you as someone who audiobooked the entire series that there is not a clunker in the lot. Book 3 was especially a good performance.

    It was okay. Not too bad. It’s too easy for me to get distracted when I hear someone speaking though. I’ll have to wait for the book to read it myself.

    Of course Books 3 and 4 are my favorites of the lot.

    Loved book 1 a lot. Book 2 was equal, but not better. Book 3, jury’s still out … obviously. So far so good though.

    And if you want to read something why not look for a copy of Roger Zelazny’s NINE PRINCES IN AMBER? Equally mind bending but in a different way.

    Because I’m not a fantasy fan in general. I can’t explain why I like this one, but I’m not prone to checking out fantasy books. Last one I tried, to give you some idea, was the Dragon Riders of Pern series from the dark ages. I couldn’t get into it.

    BTW my serial novel will probably have a Dark Tower-esque subplot around Chapter 50 or so.

    And now that I know this, I’ll be able to skip ahead to then. (J/K.)

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