Strange Days

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Ca...

I had a great story to tell you, about my childhood.  A memory which flashed cold and clear through my head like a mountain run-off streaming down to a frothing, roiling river in the Rocky Mountains.

Oh, I had the grabbing opening line, I had the pacing and detail planned, I had the length culled to the proper format for the venue.  I had the wording forming on my fingertips, I could almost see your responses – those who would, anyway – and I had everything ready to go.  I knew what triggered it, what ricocheting bullet in my brain rattled it from its deep nest in a flurry of mental feathers like a grouse or pheasant startled from the brush.  I had everything planned and ready to go.

Then it was gone.

I lost it.  Just like that.  In the time it took for me to get started with my day on Saturday and the time when I launched my lovely Windows Live Writer, I’d lost everything.  Everything!


So today, what do I have to post for you?  What tale will I tell you?  What song shall I sing you?

You just read it.  Hope you had a great weekend.


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7 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. Computers suck. Let’s destroy them all.

    Well, the only computer failing here is my brain. And I sort of need it later, so …

  2. I sometimes have working dreams where I work/write/design in my sleep and the other night I dreamt of the perfect ending for my book, but when I woke up…gone. Hate that.

    Very, very frustrating. I need a recording device for my brain.

  3. I’ve been there. It’s especially bad when it comes to comments – I read everyone else’s comments and by the end I totally forget what I was going to say. (But not this time…)

    Oh, comment stage fright! I HATE THAT! I completely understand!

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