Untried Things

The stranger on the white horse is symbolic

In the past, I’ve written here about wanting to try new things as I learn about them.  One of the things I’ve wanted to try is a full-on western.

Last night, my beloved and I sat through High Plains Drifter.  All the talk about Unforgiven and the quirky, fun characters made me yearn for a good western, and I couldn’t find The Good, The Bad and The Ugly anywhere in my cable system, so I settled for what I remember being a good movie.

It was.  It didn’t have the same humor and good characterization as Unforgiven, but that’s why the latter is one of the best westerns ever made … maybe THE best western ever made.  (But I have a few recommendations now to check out before I can say that emphatically … thanks, Delaney and WIGSF.)  It even had a supernatural, paranormal type element to it.

Interestingly, it didn’t contain that element in the original script.  Clint Eastwood decided to inject it.  I think it was a good choice, but he could’ve made the reference just a hair more clear, especially at the end.  And, while it’s a character-driven movie, it is such in a much different way than Unforgiven.  The story is equal to the characters in import here, and it moves along very well.  I was impressed more this time than the last time I saw it.

Still, a fun movie.  And it made me want to try some untried things.

For one, I’m still hankerin’ to do that western fiction piece.  I know, I know … I did the one I linked to, but that’s just a short story.  I want to try one full-on someday.  And I think I might like to have a little horror element in it.  I think horror in the Old West would be horrible indeed, and without our technology to help us or save us, it’d be even better.  So there’s that to try.

I want to try a real, all-out redneck horror piece, too.  Haven’t tried that yet, but have flirted with it.  One day I’ll lower my head and get going.

And I’d like to give my hand a try at gunsmithing.  All those guns, all those bullets flying (ever notice how in so many movies and TV shows the shooters never had to reload?), must have set my mind drifting.  I probably need to get out of this industry I’m trapped in.  I need to do something different, and I think working with my hands would be excellent and fun.  All that metal and oil and wood.  Ooh, yeah.

Once, I had delusions of success in the cabinetry industry.  I was awakened rudely and quickly.  I’m sure something similar will happen in the firearms industry should I ever venture that way, but it’s something I’d  love to learn and try.

What about you?  What sorts of things would you like to take a stab at (and no, your annoying in-laws don’t count)?  What sorts of things would you put your hand to if you could?  What do you have planned to try that you just haven’t gotten to yet?

Sound off, everyone, and have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.  Remember our service men and women as you do.

God bless.


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8 thoughts on “Untried Things

  1. I’ve always wanted to make my own suit of armor. I’ve started chain maille and have quite a bit in the basement but just never work on it unfortunately.

    My buddy over on dA, Tar-Vanimelde, makes chain maille too. She’s really good at it — bracelets, necklaces, things like that. Says it relaxes her.

    I too have been toying with some western horror ideas but I’ll make you a deal. Mine will be zombies. Shouldn’t interfere with your ideas at all I hope. If so let me know and we can work something out!

    No need to cut a deal, bud. Write what strikes you. At this point, I have no ideas, but I guarantee it won’t be vampires or zombies. I’m thinking maybe witches? We’ll have to see. But write away. I’ve never worried about who’s writing what.

  2. I forget the title of it, but a B movie from the ’60s, starring that other guy from Rawhide, was a vampire western. Serious. The protagonist’s six-guns shot wooden bullets, inscribed on the business end with little crosses…

    Got it: Curse of the Undead, starring Eric Fleming. (Thanks, IMDB!)

    Wow, that even SOUNDS bad. Maybe this isn’t a great idea after all. *Sigh*

    (While I was looking for that — before I thought of the obvious answer machine — I did a Google search on vampire western. Looks like it’s not that uncommon a gimmick!)

    I figured it wouldn’t be, but I’m hoping there’s room for more. I hate vampire fiction of the last 30 years or more, so maybe I can figure something else out. Thanks for the info, JES!

  3. Can I just tell you that the good the bad and the ugly is one of my FAVORITE movies. I don’t know why…I really do like westerns, I think cowboys are sexy! 🙂

    I couldn’t tell you liked TG,B&U … I mean, just because you named your blog that way and have the domain to match … 😉

    Have a good weekend too! Hope you get some rest in! 🙂

    Thank you, so much. Rest isn’t the issue though. Jobs are. (Plenty of rest time when you’re not working!) And I hope you have an amazing weekend too! Thank you so much and God bless!

  4. I would love to make an animated film. There are a few other things I’d like to try–like learn how to fire a gun. And make sculpture with metal and wire… But the animated movie would be great thing to try. My mother made a short claymation film back in 70s. I wish I knew how to get it online.

    I’d LOVE to make a cartoon! Not a full-blown film, necessarily, but a cartoon would be fun. I have the artistic bent (I do a LOT of drawing) and I’ve learned a few of the principles of animation, but I’ve never put them to practice. I even have a copy of Flash MX (from the age of dinosaurs, before Adobe bought it) somewhere. It would be a blast, but MAN! It’s a TON of work.

    A good weekend to you!

    And you too!

  5. Wow.. that’s really thought provoking. I’d like to be a stay at home mom, but we just can’t swing it financially just now. Maybe once we have all our consumer debt paid off it will be an option, but not at the present time.

    I’d like to be a stay-at-home-dad, too. Without the financial penalties, of course. Also not an option. 😉

    As for hobby-wise or something fun, I’d like to work more with wire in my jewelry creations. It’s quick, easy, and cheap to string beads to make something fairly complex and nifty looking but making wire pieces look good eludes me. It just takes time and practice to get right – neither of which I have in abundance right now 😉

    Yeah, I can understand. I’d love to learn watercolor painting, but that “time/practice” thing is daunting.

    I’d love to just be able to get a solid night’s sleep right now… that’s something I want to give a try!

    Yeah, good luck with that … MOMMY. HA!

  6. Love the eastwood westerns…never be like that again…westerns tougg to write..you have to want to be the bad guy…eastwood said that in newyorker magazine article…hope all is well…zman sends

    Pale Rider was on today, though I missed it. Was watching Season 3 of Deadliest Catch on a marathon. 🙂 All is well as can be expected; hope the same for you.

  7. I have always wanted to sky dive. But I am afraid of height. Maybe you can give me some encouragement. 🙂

    HA! You’ll get no encouragement from me to jump out of a perfectly functioning plane with nothing but a tablecloth to save you, Leafless … sorry. 😉 I’m an acrophobe too. Small world, eh?

    P.S. Happy Memorial Day! The brave heroes of our country will always be missed.

    God bless them each and every one. Thank you, and Happy Memorial Day to you as well.

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