Well … Back to the Grind

Crew members struggle to recover a crab pot as...

Yep … another long weekend’s over, and the official start of summer has begun.

I didn’t do squat this weekend, including post a thank you for our veterans on Memorial Day (sorry guys – you’re near and dear to me, I promise; I just didn’t get to it) … or write one for today.

I spent way too much time watching the Deadliest Catch Memorial Day weekend marathon, but I’m finally all caught up with seasons 1, 3, and 4.  I’ve been following season 5 as it airs, and I caught season 2 over the last several weeks during daytime airings on DVR.  So now I’m current, know most of the back stories, and feel a little more like I know those men who are risking their necks for crab and the fishing industry.

Let’s see, what else?   Hm.  Not much.  I made homemade burritos and my beloved made nachos, so we ate well for our holiday.  We made nice sub sandwiches on Saturday, too, so I was in food heaven all weekend.  The only thing better would’ve been steaks on the grill, but … you know.  No job.

Other than that, things are status quo here.  I had a lot of fun talking to you guys about characters in TV and film, and you brought up some great thoughts on those topics.  What else do you think might be interesting to talk about?  Sound off and let me know; I’m happy to write it up.

I hope you had a blessed and happy weekend, and I’ll talk with you again soon.



12 thoughts on “Well … Back to the Grind

  1. Five seasons of Deadliest Catch??? I never watched the show, it’s my type of program, but what is there left to catch out there. I’m assumming they’ve gone after Alaskan King Crab (I’ve heard they’re the most difficult to catch seafood), some big ol’ shark and maybe a whale or something. Really, how many kinds of fish are left? I guess when they start trolling for tuna at a fish hatchery, it’s time to end the show.

    Nope, it’s the adventures of the crab fishing fleet every year. The Bering Sea in October/November and Jan/Feb is a tough place. That’s what makes it the “deadliest” catch; that, and the fact that the fishing industry is the most dangerous industry on earth. Check it out sometime. You can really get into the people they track and get to know them. Loads of fun.

  2. Catch is one of the best shows on TV….nothing like a weekend that is filled with good food and great companionship…hope all is well…zman sends

    We’re doing our best, Zman, and the same to you and yours! Thank you for your service, from my family and me.

  3. Seen the new Star Trek yet? I haven’t but as usual I am reading the novelization ( I like Alan Dean Foster). Interesting to say the least and very clever time travel stuff – really lets any future movies “start over” in terms of the old characters.

    I’ve like everything ADF I’ve read; Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, Star Trek: The Motion Picture novelization, and the novelization of ALIEN. I haven’t seen the new ST movie yet (won’t until it’s a cable release or I get a job, whichever comes first). I did, however, know about the tangential timeline theory they used. I thought it was clever too.

  4. I’d give you ideas, but then what would I blog about?

    Oh, THAT’s how you roll, huh? Well, then! 😉 I’ll have to think for myself, I suppose. Thanksalot. 😀

    • Like my dad said when I was a kid and complained about doing the housework, “If you don’t learn to do these things for yourself now, what’ll you do when you grow up? I’m doing you a favor.”

      True enough. It builds character, I suppose. 🙂

  5. Oh, man — sub sandwiches (in the Philadelphia area we called them “hoagies”). Definite weak spot here… I once did a looooong blog post about my memory of my first bite of my first one. And even now, when I see just a photo of one — like all the photos you linked to in that Wikipedia article — the waves of appetite roll over me.

    Burritos, nachos, subs, and the like: solid reminders that no matter WHAT the economic situation of the moment, our senses don’t shrivel up and slink away!

    Too true! Sometimes I wish they would, so I wouldn’t long for things I can’t have. Fillet Mignon, lobster tail, King Crab and Snow Crab, fresh greens every day … oh, man. I’m with ya all the way. 🙂

  6. Amen anniegirl1138 “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye’ is one of my favorite books from my youth and my second favorite tie-in novel ever.

    It was a good one, but I think I lean toward ALIEN as the best tie-in novel ever. Then again, I lean toward ALIEN as the best SciFi film ever, too.

    • There are many who have said that in many ways ALIEN was a Lovecraft story set in space…

      Oh, I disagree. The writers themselves called it “JAWS in space.” That’s the best description I’ve heard of it.

      And my favorite bit of tie-n fiction is LOVE AND WAR by Paul Cornell. it is a Doctor Who story that is pretty damn audacious in scale. Mr. Cornell ended up writing for the new series… I was pretty darn proud for him.

      Well, I can’t speak to any of that. Not a DW fan. Have never seen even a single episode.

      My other favorite novelization was for the Phoebe Cates movie PARADISE…well parts of the novelization anyway.

      BTW did you know that the blog http://vaultofthebankrobber.blogspot.com/ has pretty much devoted the entire month to articles about the film ALIEN?

  7. Ah…should’ve guessed you’re a nacho man. I’m hopelessly addicted, and unfortunately, the urge strikes at midnight or shortly thereafter. Oh well, guess it could be worse…

    Actually, I’m not. I’m the burrito maker in this tale. My wife is the nacho addict. 🙂

    Ideas for blogging…hmmm…how about how you go about a daily job search? What exactly are you looking for, BTW?

    I do all my job searching online. Right now, I’m looking at technical/desktop support, technical writing, or anything like one or the other. 🙂 But I could manage ONE post about how I do a job search. I think that’s a good suggestion. Thanks!

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