We Now Return …

… to our regularly scheduled boring.

I’ll be back Monday, hopefully on a consistent basis, with some new blog material.  I want to spend some time over the weekend getting it ready and scheduled.  Then even if the world fails and we’re lost in the windy buffalo, you’ll have a bit to read.

If I don’t respond to your comments you’ll know I can’t get online.  Such is life, and the plight of poverty.

Have a great weekend, and God bless you all.



4 thoughts on “We Now Return …

  1. Woo! Regularly scheduled boring!!! BTW, your “be bored to sleep!” comment about Twitter cracks me up. If you don’t respond to my comment I’ll know you hate me.


    This is me, responding to your comment. 😉 Yes, the boring will resume! HA! Aren’t you glad you stuck ’round?

  2. Good thing you are back.. I was getting that aggravting high pitch noise with the off programming design……dont go dont know what I will do without the long rambling fall asleep in the middle posts about life’s lessons…LOL…Zman sends

    My offline was temporary this time while I help my wife with her downed computer, but a longer one’s coming if something don’t change soon.

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