Whattaya Want on Your Tombstone?

Wyatt Barry Stapp Earp circa 1869, at about ag...

No, not the frozen pizza brand.

So, to further broaden my scope of westerns I added in a couple I’d never seen before:  Pale Rider, yet another Clint Eastwood special; and Tombstone, with Kurt (Disney-owns-my-ass-and-always-has) Russell, Sam (If-this-isn’t-the-biggest-mustache-you’ve-ever-seen-you’re-fibbin’) Elliott, Val Kilmer and some other chumps like Powers Booth, et. al.

In addition, we grabbed a copy of Kevin (I-have-a-sissy-voice-and-can’t-act) Kostner as Wyatt Earp.  So I sat through four westerns in two days.  Wyatt Earp was almost the life of Wyatt Earp in real time.  JEEZ!!  Two discs long.  UGH.  And BORING.  Crikey.  END IT, already.

Pale Rider is very similar to another movie made previous called Shane.  It has that supernatural/paranormal element of which I am so fond, but in many ways, it was just another version of High Plains Drifter.  Clint likes his ghost cowboys.  I do too, but c’mon … gimme some variety, willya?

Tombstone, however, was great.  I thought it was flat out great.  I loved it.  I loved the tension, the action, the characters, the dialog, the acting, the setting … it was an awesome movie.  And if I ever run across it for sale somewhere, I’m going to buy it.  That one will go into my permanent collection.  (So will Unforgiven, do y’ken.)

So, that’s that for movies lately.  I hate to be difficult, but I didn’t find The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to be the holy grail of westerns, let alone all movie-dom, but I did like it.  It would’ve been better had about an hour been left on the cutting room floor, but that’s just my opinion.  I liked it; it was, as I said, decent.  I didn’t think it was great, and that’s what I think.  If you don’t like that, too bad.  (You know who you are … don’tcha?  Eh??  EH??)

But I still hold Unforgiven as the best western I’ve ever seen, followed by Tombstone, then High Plains Drifter, then GB&U, then … well, I’ll hold the other slots open for a bit.  There are, after all, more westerns to see.  I have to catch up to The Outlaw Josey Wales on this trail somewhere, and maybe I’ll even indulge in the other spaghetti westerns in the GB&U trilogy.  Even if some of you don’t think I should because I don’t worship at the altar of GB&U as the best movie ever.

I’m up to my neck in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, and I just cracked the sixth book of the seven book series.  I’m in the final bend, I guess.  This one’s a bit shorter than some previous entries (book five was a hair over seven hundred pages and book seven is more than eight hundred), so I should be able to wade through this one – under five hundred pages – in a timely manner.  IF I get reading time in, that is.  Movies have sort of taken precedence over all lately.

Sorry I’m late with this post.  I’ll try and be up earlier tomorrow and we can talk about something else.

See ya!


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9 thoughts on “Whattaya Want on Your Tombstone?

  1. Tombstone has to be one of the best movies ever made. Val Kilmer…wow! Too bad he never acted that well again. When it first came out on video a friend of mine stole one from the video store. What a rube.

    HOLLY!! Wow, it’s SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!! Woo!!

    Yeah, Tombstone was great. I loved it. It’s going on my list of best ever, too, though it might not make the top ten. I only have ten slots. 🙂

    Shoot me an email, let me know how you’ve been!!

  2. It is the best ever.


    And Kurt Russell is a pretty fine actor. He keeps doin’ the Disney films but he has also had good repoir with the likes of John Carpenter. Have you seen the movie Big Trouble in Little China? If not, that’s the next film you gotta see. He was very good in Stargate. 3000 Miles to Graceland, he was pretty good in that too. Unlawful Entry, cool movie. Overboard, piss your pants funny.

    Okay, I can’t side with you on some of these, but Russell CAN act when he tries. Stargate? Awesome movie, great part for KR. Same with Escape from New York (never saw the sequel, never will), and The Thing (from ’82, I believe, and also his best role ever, IMO). Awesome stuff. And Unlawful Entry was good; creepy and a pisser, but good.

  3. Meant to ask you the other day: you familiar with Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch? In some ways a sort of anti-Western. If you haven’t seen it keep your eyes open; not shown on TV too often — operatic violence in short bursts (er, so to speak) like with Bonnie & Clyded — but you might get lucky and find it on TCM.

    Hm … that’s another to add to the list, I suppose. I’ll look at the library and see if they have it too. Thanks!

  4. I do wish I could add something to this conversation. And I’m sorry that I’m still not motivated to see any of these movies–call me difficult. I thought that I wasn’t interested in these movies because they’re just so, you know, male. How many of these films have any women in them? Women in substantive roles, that is. But I look at other movies and shows I like, I think that’s not it. I like plenty of shows that are heavy on the guys.

    Maybe westerns just aren’t your bag. Nothing to be sorry about. Heck, no power on earth will make me watch romantic comedies, so don’t feel bad at all. I think all of this has been a revelation to me that I like some westerns despite my idea that I don’t care for the genre. So no worries — like whatcha like, you’re all good. 🙂

    So, what movies are next? Horror? Fantasy?

    I think I have a few horror movies I’ll discuss — ones I’ve seen recently — then back to boring ol’ me with nothing to talk about. 🙂

    Please go watch Pan’s Labyrinth.

    Oh, I will. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Outlaw Jose Wales is definately worth your time also consider seeing THE COWBOYS. Yes it is a John Wayne film but it is the Anti-John Wayne film in many ways.

    Oh, I don’t know if I have a problem with ol’ John yet; gotta check out more of his work first. I loved The Shootist when I was a kid; I’m going to see it again to verify, but I’ll add this one to the list too. Thanks!

  6. “I’m your Huckleberry.” Best line ever. Tombstone is a fave of mine. So is Silverado (you can almost stand Costner in this one). Josey Wales is good. My husband is the big cowboy fan though, not me.

    “You’re a daisy if y’do” was awesome too! It’s become one of my favorites, too! I enjoyed Silverado, but not as much as these others. I agree about Costner (Kostner? …whatever) in that one; almost tolerable. Send hubby in with his recommendations if he’s a mind to sound off, and I hope your writing’s going well.

  7. YES–Tombstone was awesome! Agree with Annie–loved that line. Didn’t love the fact that my husband said it for DAYS after we watched it in a very poor imitation, but loved that line.

    I don’t know how poor my imitation is, but I like saying it. Does that make me a bad person? I hope so. 😉

    You are hilarious. HILARIOUS.

    Well, thanks! 😀

    Suddenly thought of another movie–Young Guns. Did you see that or write a review on that one? Can’t WAIT to see what you have to say about it…I’m sure it will be a good read 😉

    LOL, no, haven’t seen or written about YG. My wife said it wasn’t very good, and I take her at her word. But I have lots of other westerns in the hopper while I’m still in Cowboy Mode, so we’ll see what’s comin’ down the pike. 😀 (Or is that “pipe”? I hate cliches.)

  8. I had forgotten about Tombstone though I shouldn’t since I have seen it about 20 times partially because my SIL is addicted to this movie and he is not a movie buff at all. Our daughter usually waits to go to a movie with either friends or family since he can’t sit through a movie in a theater. He is the antsiest person I have ever seen. Love him but he is always moving.

    Tough to sit through a movie when you can’t satisfy that antsy thing. For me it’s getting up to have a smoke when I need one. God bless DVDs, I says. 🙂

    I enjoyed Tombstone and thought it was well done. In Silverado I loved the conflict between Brian Dennhey and Keven Kline. Thought that was the best part of the movie.

    Yeah, Dennehey made a great slime ball in that one. Klein I have a harder time with as a hero, but still … a fun movie. Good to see you again!

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