Weekend Happenings

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Well, I had an eventful uneventful weekend.  Know what I mean?

Nothing really happened, but a lot happened.  For one thing, I’ve been fighting headaches all weekend long.  Literally.  Saturday was LOML’s birthday, and while we couldn’t do much, I ended up passing out in a drug-induced coma in the afternoon and slept until the early morning.  I slept again a few hours later.  Those damned sinusitis headaches kill me, and as I write this, I have another one coming on (though most of Sunday was okay).  I don’t have health insurance and I don’t have money so there’s no way to fight a sinus infection if I have one.  Maybe I’ll invest in one of those stupid Neti pot things.  I don’t know yet.  This has to stop; I can’t function like this.

I finished The Dark Tower cycle this weekend too.  I hammered my way through book seven as fast as I could, but the thing’s almost 850 pages, so it was a while getting to the end.  Good series, very addicting, very different than King’s other works.  I enjoyed it quite a lot.  Recommend highly.  And hey, it’s got a cowboy hero.  How much better can that get?

My loving wife found Pan’s Labyrinth on cable somewhere.  She got it on DVR, and I was able to watch it (in two segments, when my headache allowed) on Saturday and Sunday.  It was good.  I didn’t know it was a Spanish movie though, so I was taken by surprise when it was subtitled.  It’s tough to watch a movie that way; I spend as much time reading as viewing characters and scenery.  But I’ve been impressed with Spanish movies lately.  The Baby’s Room was good too, so score two for the Spaniards in the weird movie category.  P’sL had a great story behind it, and they leave you with just enough doubt at the end to make it a satisfying and sad ending, or a satisfying and happy one, however you choose to interpret it.  I’d give it an 8 of 10.  Good stuff.

I also sat through most of The Haunting, which is the first adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, from 1963.  Ugh.  Now, somewhere along the line, acting changed.  I don’t know when – I’d like to pinpoint it in the 7os some time, but I can’t be sure.  Not completely.  Somewhere along the way, the acting in movies became more … life-like?  Natural?  I don’t know how to describe it.  People in movies became more like people in life.  I can’t tell if movies prior were acted as stage plays for theater were acted, and that’s the difference, or if it just became the new model of film making.  Whatever the case, the way older movies are acted is really hard for me in a lot of instances.  Not all, but a lot.  This is one of ‘em.  Not good.  I never finished watching it.  Someone told me it stunk, and they were right.  It stunk.  But, on the upside, it did get me interested in reading the Shirley Jackson story.

Let’s see … what else?  We found a TV show from Showtime, aired back in the late 90s, called Dead Man’s Gun.  Fun stuff; Twilight Zone meets Gunsmoke.  Very cool stuff.  Lots of different actors, and one of ‘em, a guy named Shaun Johnston, would make an excellent lead character (the gunslinger) in the film adaptation of The Dark Tower.  Great face for it.  He’d need contacts, but most actors would.

That’s about it.  Oh, I barbecued for the first time in almost a year Sunday night.  It turned out good.  I love grilling.

Other than that, things’re the same here.  How’s it by you?


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8 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings

  1. I’ve had an eventful weekend. Friday night, I stayed in and relaxed though. I knew I had to work Saturday morning. But this sprayer device my father purchased was missing a piece so I had to return it to Lowes and get a better one (or one that worked).

    I always prefer the kind that work, whether a sprayer device or a woman. 😉

    Saturday morning I worked. Then in the afternoon I cleaned up around the house, did some grocery shopping (breakfast sandwiches and booze).

    Breakfast sandwiches sound AWESOME. I was close to getting some on Sunday.

    In the evening, my friends and I tried out the new Chili’s restaurant (first one in Ontario). Judging by the quality of the food and service, this will probably be the last Chili’s in Ontario. Food was bland, dry and served too slowly. All other aspects of the service was lacking in my opinion as well.

    LOL! Chili’s bombs in Ontario, huh? Yeah, they’ve been going downhill for a while; I’ve never been impressed.

    Afterwards, my friends came back to my place where we watched some Roadrunner cartoons, played Rock Band then played that spaghetti western card game Bang.

    I don’t know the card game, but I’ve been kicking around the idea of a D&D type game with a western theme. Sounds like a great way to chill on a Saturday night.

    Sunday, my brother and I went to a flea market then to this game and toy store. GI Joe toys are back just in time for the new movie.

    That movie looks like it’s going to be fun.

    In the evening, I stayed in and watched Kobe be Kobe. The guy’s got a defender’s hand in his face and he jacks up a three. Nothing but net. This other play, he drives, jumps, juggles the ball back and forth in his hands before releasing just before he lands. The ball hits the backboard then falls in. He’s just so great. And he wouldn’t leave the court. Less than a minute left, the Lakers are up by ten or so, and he stays in the game. He never stops working.

    I remember watching Michael Jordan play. I don’t even follow basketball, and I watched that guy play every chance I got. He was amazing. Sounds like Kobe might be similar.

    Excellent weekend overall, dude!

    • This card game, Bang, it’s not like any game I’ve ever played. I guess it’s a bit like Magic the Gathering or something along those lines. I think the D&D western game could be pretty neat. My brother and I used to play a Marvel Comics themed D&D game. But problem with those games is that it takes forever to play. Who has that kind of time?

      I know. It’s too bad really, because they were cooler than video games in some respects. Maybe I’ll start working with that western idea.

      But if you wanted some old D&D books, I found a huge box of them at the flea market.


  2. I had a really eventful weekend, wherein an editor expressed interest in BVA and requested I write a 15-20 pg synopsis. Woo! Then my mom said I could borrow her virus-laden laptop if I could get it working, so I’m cleaning it up right now.

    Congratulations on that! I saw your Twit-stream about it. I’m really excited! And, of course, now you’ll have to actually FINISH the book …

    I’m so sorry to hear about the g-d headache. You know I know exACTly what you’re going through. Sending healing vibes.

    Thanks. Today it’s so far, so good.

  3. Hope you are feeling better, hate to hear you are sick with your health ins situation so precarious…who knows maybe someone calls you up and offers you a job……penelpe and I are praying and pullin for you….i asked the man upstairs to give me your sick stuff..since i have a full plate anyways…take care be well zman

    Thanks for the thoughts, Zman. We’re sending prayers and hopes for good things your way too, just as we have been. You take care, and thanks for coming by.

  4. We are in the same boat with no insurance. Our COBRA ran out and now we can’t get family insurance because they won’t cover me since I am a plus sized woman (just more of me to love according to my hubby 🙂 ) have high blood pressure (controlled w/meds) high cholesterol (controlled w/meds). Now I ask you, how many people over 50 out there aren’t either over weight, have HB or high cholesterol? I’m not so over weight that I even qualify for the Lap Band procedure let alone gastric by-pass not that I want either one of them.

    Yeah, I’m plus-sized too. I know what you mean. But being unemployed, even if I COULD get insurance, I can’t afford it.

    Hubby had to go to the doctor today because he has an infection in his lymph glands and needed antibiotics. At least they didn’t charge us an arm and a leg but it sucks not having insurance.

    Yessiree. No two ways about that.

    I feel for you on the sinus headaches gone ballistic since I get those too and they tend to turn into migraine if I don’t beat them down so I’ve been there. Hope you feel better soon.

    Hey, you too? Mine go migraine too! I just stopped calling them migraines because people start thinking a little Imitrex or Excedrin Migraine Formula will do it. But no, gotta treat the sinuses. Thank you for your expression of concern — today, I was headache free all day. 🙂

  5. Headaches are wicked. May you be free of them for a long time to come. We are very VERY lucky to have health insurance–which is good because I’ve had several MRSA staph infections. I shudder to think what would’ve happened to my leg otherwise. I really wish you the best on the job front and the health. Many, many good wishes coming your way.

    Thank you so much. You’re very sweet. May you have all the richest of blessings for you and your family as well.

    Oh, and I suppose I should’ve mentioned that Pan’s was in Spanish. I guess I spend so much of time with non native speakers I didn’t think about it. I’m curious though which way you took the ending. I took the ending in the sad way and was upset for days. Why movies get to me like that I don’t know. Part of my brain seems to forget it is just a movie.

    Y’know, this is an interesting question. Whenever my wife and I are asked whether we see a glass half empty or a glass half full, we answer “yes”. Not one or the other, but both. How did I see the ending? I saw it both ways. My wife wondered aloud whether it was the sad one or the happy one the film maker wanted the audience to take away. I told her it was probably neither, but if he were pressed, he’d say the happy one. As for me, I saw both there, and can’t separate myself from them enough to choose either way. Which in my mind made it a really good movie. Thank you (and Sherri too!) for recommending it.

  6. Woah, I rewatched PAN’S LABYRINTH this weekend too! A great film… I think it would make a nice double feature with MIRRORMASK. One story being the dark side of the other.

    I’ve not heard of that second one. Maybe I’ll look for it. Thanks!

    If you are branching out into world cinema keep an eye out for THE ORPHANAGE, a very good film.

    I will. And for “Let the Right One In”, and there were a couple of others, too, but those are in the future yet. Cable, y’know. Wait for it to reach cable.

  7. Hope you are feeling much better now. Well, at least you did manage to finish a 850-page book. 🙂

    I am, and I did! and I thank you! 🙂

    As for me, my weekend was not a good one. I had to process a large dataset with many variables and observations for a research project; it was a real pain.

    Bummer! This couldn’t wait until the notorious toil and grind of Monday? Sorry to hear it. Hope next weekend more than compensates for you!

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