The Blog Post Dilemma

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At first, I was going to blog about the passing of Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and earlier this week, Ed McMahon.  I was going to talk about how each of those celebrities had a place in my stages of development to different degrees and the memories they all invoked.  But that’s been done by now, I’m sure, and honestly, I have little to say.  I’ve never been pursuant of popular culture in any significant way, so why start now?  I decided to pass.

Then I was going to blog about H. P. Lovecraft, often heralded as one of the greatest creators in horror and speculative fiction despite not being an overly capable writer.  He had a strong and cultic following, and a significant number of stories credited to him were actually ideas sent to him for authoring by his fans, or stories said fans asked him to re-work/re-write, which he did.  Some of them came from his students, as well, and so I’m currently reading a book called The Horror in the Museum in which Lovecraft’s pen was put to a large collection of stories not original to him.  They have all the common Lovecraft tropes, of course: elder gods, tentacle-laden amphibious monsters from times before the Earth cooled, and men who faint.  Lots of deus ex machina, too; can’t forget that.  Wouldn’t be Lovecraft’s work without that.  But I decided against it, because I’m not an expert or even very knowledgeable about Lovecraft and his work, and what would I say anyway?  Nah.  Pass.

Then I thought I’d talk about movies again, but I’ve already spoken about my newfound love for (good) westerns, and any horror movies I’ve seen recently have been more than disappointing.  I’ve already mentioned those worth mentioning anyway.  So again, rather than beat a dead horse, I figured it’s time to look for something else to talk about.

I still don’t have work so I thought I might just talk about how that’s affected me and my family.  But again, been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.  No, time to let that alone until I actually have something to say … if ever.

I considered telling you all how close I was to buying a pair of cowboy boots, or maybe a cowboy hat, right up until I got a look at the prices.  So that went out the window.  And who cares?  Maybe I should just talk about my time in the shower or bathroom, or maybe when I cut my toenails.

In the end, I decided to blog about all the things I might’ve blogged about today, the things I may yet have to blog about as blog material becomes scarce, and let you all know I hope you have a great weekend and how much I appreciate you stopping by here and letting me know you’re reading my blog, sharing my thoughts and discussing these things with me.

Thanks, one and all.

God bless.


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9 thoughts on “The Blog Post Dilemma

  1. This bizarre was almost similiar to the Seinfeld episode about nothing….but I enjoyed nevertheless….Zman sends

    LOL, thanks Zman. Yes, it’s the most creative way I could think of to say “I have nothing to talk about today.” Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend.

  2. Some days it is hard to come up with a good idea for a post, or even a bad idea. I’m worse in the heat since it makes me not want to do much of anything except cool off. That’s what happens when you are a woman, menopausal and older. Hubby always tells me that my internal thermostat is broken.

    I’m no good in the heat either; never have been. But that’s not my excuse for being so lazy today; I just … had nothing to blog about. 🙂

  3. Even Einstein didn’t have a great idea every day. Besides, if you had something dazzling to say all the time, the rest of us would feel inadequate.

    See, now … reading your blogs, I’M the one who feels inadequate! All of you are such great bloggers!

  4. Well if it makes you feel any better I always feel like I’m just about to fall behind on my posts. My hard drive is full of projects outlined but then never pursued. I start posting book two of my serial novel next week but I am already a little worried about book 3 even though I won’t need to have anything ready for for it until the end of the year.

    You’re pretty prolific as a writer, Al. I wouldn’t worry. If nothing else, you’ve got your Five Second Fiction entries to get through dry spells with.

  5. Do you really feel compelled to post something every day? Do most people feel this way? I ask because I am so new to blogging, and if it is expected that one posts daily, I might as well close up shop now… 😉

    No, not expected, but I do feel compelled, and as most of my blogulars know, I’m a traffic whore. So I try to keep the content brief (750 words or less when I’m able), fresh (every weekday if I can, but not always) and God help me, I try to be interesting (this is the tough one for me). But don’t worry — post only when you feel like it and don’t get caught in my trap. 😉

  6. It must be the moon or something. I had nothing to write about on Friday & Saturday and as it turns out, we were so busy I was too exhausted to write once I got home anyway.

    Good job writing about nothing!

    Why, thank you! 🙂

  7. Your chat about nothing is just as interesting as your chat about something. This is actually a compliment. 🙂

    Well, thanks, Leafless! … uh … I guess. 😉

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