Well! I Finally Did It!

The writer, the written and the writing tool

Okay, I did it!  I wrote something!

I know, I know … I’m supposed to be a writer.  But I’ve been in an awful dry spell for so long I almost forgot what it feels like to get words down out of my skull.  It felt pretty good if you want to know.  Pretty doggone good.

My blog buddy Mapelba challenged me with her recent post about telling the hard things in fiction.  It inspired me to remember, as I write, that this is fiction.  I can do whatever I want and even if it parallels real horror, and actual horrible things, it’s all made up.  I don’t have to be afraid of bringing it down upon myself by writing it.  Writing it doesn’t make it real.  (She also challenged me to think of my faith as a more interactive entity which isn’t separated from my writing.  Thanks, Mapelba.  I needed that.)  So I tried to write something hard, something I wouldn’t normally write.

Now, most of you have read my statement of belief which states horror doesn’t have to be gory.  I don’t believe the two go hand in hand.  I think horror can be invoked in a reader without making them sick to their stomachs, or going for the visceral horror of disemboweling and dismemberment.  While my latest piece includes touches of that, the descriptions aren’t graphic or vivid, and yet, I got a genuine horror response from my first, best, constant reader: my wife.  That, for me, was a coup.  A great compliment.

She also wanted to ask where it came from, what’s wrong with me to write something like that.  Nothing, babe.  I promise.  It’s just … harder to write that stuff, and I wanted to write what I wouldn’t allow myself to write before.

So there it is, rarin’ to go.  I finally broke a tiny bit of inertia and got something written.  I don’t think the piece wowed me, but I wasn’t disappointed.  I felt good enough about it to enter it into a contest on deviantART.  More importantly, it stretched me to touch upon subjects I didn’t know I could touch on and still be okay.

Okay, one step toward conquering my cowardice – at least in fiction writing – albeit a small one.  But it shows me I’m able to branch a little bit and still get horror written without having to resort to an all-out gore-fest.

*Whew!*  I feel better.  Wish me luck on the contest.  Oh, and if you’re interested, you can read it here.

How are all of you feeling?


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11 thoughts on “Well! I Finally Did It!

  1. I’m feeling super awesome terrific amazing!
    I’m sucking it up for all it’s worth because I’m sure I’ll feel like complete shit tomorrow.

    I’m glad to hear you’re super awesome terrific amazing! But why would you feel crappy tomorrow? Are you coming down with something? I hope you feel even BETTER tomorrow … how’s THAT for encouraging?

  2. Read it before you posted about it here – hallelujah for the instantness (is that a word?) of Twitter, eh? Left you comments on it there so I won’t regurgitate here.

    Glad to see you’re getting over the inertia and that someone fresh is spurring you to write more.


    Thanks, K. I appreciate that. 🙂

  3. Hooray! Been a while since you posted something on the ol’ fiction blog, eh? I’ll go read it now.

    It has been a while — a very LONG while! Thanks for being so supportive through it all, sweetie! Love ya!

  4. Ummmmm hmmmmm. Just read it..hmmmmm. Its a little dark for my tastes, when i think horror i think Omen or Exorcist. That read a little more like a physical assault. Your blog is funny and light and puts a smile on my face, it serves to keep those that read happy. Why not write stuff like that. Anyways much luck on the contest..Zman sends

    Thanks, Zman! I’ll let everyone know how it goes!

  5. Congrats! It’s tough to break through writer’s block. I’ll have to come back to read the piece itself.

    Thanks! I appreciate that! But … BE WARNED. THIS STORY IS DARK, AND DOESN’T HAVE A HAPPY ENDING. Just so you know. I’m always happy to have a new fiction reader, but I want to be fair about cautioning folks.

    • Thanks for the warning. Maybe I’ll skip it after all. I’ve been a little blue since my Zaidy passed away, so I’m trying to expose myself mainly to happy/inspiring things. I’ll settle for being inspired and happy about your accomplishment. 🙂

      Thank you so much. I felt it’s only fair to warn you. I didn’t even think about your Zaidy and how you’d be feeling after that; I’m sorry for being so inconsiderate. But it’s best you not read it after all. It is very dark, even for me. However, on a lighter note, I have some stories you might enjoy, if you like to read online, right here. 🙂

  6. Tomorrow has come early. Flat tire, really flat. I’m talking completely despressurized in ten minutes or less.

    Wow. You must have run over something, huh? That … sucks. Sorry dude.

  7. I have received no greater compliment than having someone go write what they wanted in part–even if a small part–because of me. I’m honored. And glad. Hurray for you.

    And there is enough to you to write the light, smiling pieces and the dark. There is room for everything.


    Aw, thanks, Mapelba! It was my privilege to be inspired by your thoughtful post. 🙂

  8. I’m feeling FANTASTIC now! So happy for you—congratulations! I know how incredibly difficult it is to overcome that giant boulder of inertia, and this is a HUGE accomplishment! HOORAY!

    Thank you much! What a sweet thing to say! I hope your holiday weekend is AMAZING!

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