The Quiet Jungle

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There hasn’t been a lot of action on my Internet sites lately.

I’ve been sort of busy posting of late, and here on my blog, I try to have something posted five days a week to keep my buds interested and amused.  Over on my deviantART page, I’ve been trying to be more regular with updating my journal (which is kinda like a blog, don’tcha know) and I’ve even submitted some stories.  I tried posting the same thing there as here yesterday, just to keep things fresh.

I’m seeing posts from most of you, and I try to drop you a line now and again just to let you know I read your posts – and I really do read them – and contribute something when I can (which ain’t often, don’tcha know).

Yet I have the distinct impression things are quieter on the ‘Net, at least where I’m concerned.  I used to garner thirty or more comments from folks over on deviantART; last post got under twenty, the one prior even fewer.  Here, I was finally getting ten or more comments on my posts, but that number has plummeted.

The posts I seem to have the most hits and comments on are my movie reviews.  I don’t know why; every movie I’ve ever posted about is old (and there’s another one coming soon, like, maybe tomorrow, don’tcha know).  I’m not a movie critic.  I can’t tell you about the director and the studio, the great cinematography, lighting, sets, costumes and all that crap.  All I can do is tell you what I thought about the story (which is usually crap) and the acting (hit or miss).  Still, that generated the most interest from my usual cadre of readers.

The stillness may be because we’ve moved into summertime and people are busy with kids, vacations, warm weather activities they weren’t participating in during the cooler days, and for all I know a thousand different factors which don’t affect someone out of work and with no disposable income.  But the Internet feels eerie and quiet to me lately, and it sort of scares me.

Actually, it’s not so much scary as … what? confusing? frustrating?  Something like that would be a better word choice.  It makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong with my blog and why some posts seem so popular and others so … well, not.

So I sit down, rack my brain for a while to come up with something interesting, and then check my blog about sixty times a day to see if there are any comments (because, God help me, I’m needy that way, don’tcha know).

It’s silly, but it’s true.  I miss y’all when you go quiet on me.

How about you?  Are you seeing just as many hits on your blog as you always do?  How about comments?  The usual traffic, or is it slowing down for you too?



11 thoughts on “The Quiet Jungle

  1. Traffic is down, I feel like I’m blogging a bit less than normal. I’m so out of ideas, I’m blogging about the goings on of my pointless search for “love.”

    Fal noticed you’d been quieter. I’m with you — ideas are running low and slim.

    It’s summer, it’s hot and humid; it’s too hot to be creative.

    Hehehe. I wish I had that excuse, but it’s nice here so far.

  2. My blog used to be a place for people to talk about writing, make friends and exchange ideas, but now it’s more of a place for me to complain about my various ailments.

    btw, you should have named this post “Don’tcha Know.” lol

    Hehehehe! I thought about that, but figured that’d be too lame … don’tcha know. 😉

  3. One day I hit an all-time high of 182 views. Totally out of the ordinary and for the life of me I could figure out why.

    As it turned out, my mother was visiting my sister, and using her computer to check out my blog for the first time. She doesn’t have a computer of her own.

    Oh well….

    Hey, a visitor’s a visitor, right? 🙂 Cute story.

    I have noticed that traffic has slowed down a bit as well, though people do seem to be commenting a bit more. I think that is because I am still fairly new so still I’m riding the “getting acquainted” curve.

    Hm, maybe. I had NO commenters for something like two years. Sherri was my first one, I think. 🙂

    I do think that summer brings a slowdown in all things technical. Vacations, yard work, life, you know…

    Oh, well … no I don’t. I’ve heard, but couldn’t say myself. *Sigh*

    I’m sure things will pick up soon. I love your blog. And don’tchaknow, my favorite posts are NOT the movie reviews–they are the posts that are a bit more personal, like this one:)

    That’s nice to know, thanks! I like yours too. Even the poetry. Which ain’t my real bag, don’tcha know. 😉

  4. I haven’t been blogging a full year yet, but I’d expect a dropoff during the warm weather. Who wants to be inside? Not me. Some days I don’t have a choice though. I suppose I would get more traffic if I had more time to network and blog hop, but I’m trying to finish one book and shop another. I try to at least visit my regulars at least.

    Me too. It can easily get to be a full-time gig, visiting blog friends and commenting. And the pay’s not good, trust me. As for warm weather, I avoid it like the PLAGUE. I HATE, DESPISE heat. Most folks east of the Rockies don’t feel that way, though, so yes, it’s expected, but I didn’t know if that had kicked in yet. 🙂

  5. I haven’t posted as much as I usually do because of the heat. We have stayed pretty consistently over 90 degrees up to 101 and it just zaps what little energy I usually have.

    UGH. I hate the heat. HATE IT! I so feel your pain.

    I think that this summer we will see a slow down especially as we move into the more intense heat of August. At least it isn’t just me. 🙂

    Hehehe, no, not just you. 🙂 I figured with economic times being what they are, more folks are staying home and not vacationing and they’d want something to read. Time will show, I guess. 🙂

  6. maybe its these long ass posts that i need to pack a lunch and take a nap for sometimes….no its the summer and folks are out and about going about their summer time activities…would think comp activity would slump in the summer months…after all what would you rather do….take a long vacation with some beach action and a few drinks or stay home on the comp..thats what i thought…Zman sends

    It’s becoming unanimous, that’s for sure! Summer’s not the heaviest computer time.

  7. Well, it has been 101, 104 0r 107 degrees here, which means a lot less time about and about because the sun is trying to kill us. It is safer inside with the A/C. But yes, I’ve lost a few readers–or at least commenters. There are vacations and things. My son is home way more and so I visit fewer blogs too. Maybe the heat is burning off brain power. One person I know just thinks blogging is dead. That twitter and facebook are the new thing. I guess that might be true for people who are just into new things, but I like getting to know knew people and connecting and having these “conversations” such as they are.

    I disagree about blogs being dead. Blogging is the new newspaper, and it’s growing. Twitter, far as I can tell, has mostly replaced chat rooms. And Facebook? Yeah, if you’re in your 20s I’m sure FB is great. For me, it’s a bore-fest. (Then again, I have no friends.) And I am SOOO sorry about the heat! UGH! I hate it, hate it, hate it!! Ick! Stay in with the A/C by all means!

    But there are SO MANY blogs. Who can keep up?

    I know, this is the crux of the problem. I have more time than most (even though I shouldn’t/don’t want it/would rather have a job), and I have a hard time keeping up too. Thank goodness for feed readers. I’d never make it without one. Ne’er.

    I like to come back here. I don’t know if the movie reviews are the reason. I’m not that into movies. Something about your voice, your style… I don’t know. I like to read what you have to say. And I’m sure we disagree on thousands of things (like I think Austin is awesome! Just sayin’.) But we connect here, and that’s a good thing. For me anyway.

    That’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me on this blog. Thank you. I really enjoy you and your blog too. And I so appreciate that you take the time to come and comment here, of all places. (BTW, that crack about Austin was just a joke. I’ve never been, and I love Texas — and Texans! — so. I never meant offense.) We probably do disagree on thousands of things, but really, we do connect somehow here, and I think that’s not only enough, but is grand. Thank you.

    Just keep writing.

    I’m trying. You too, okay? 🙂

  8. I think your blogs about movies get lots of comments because it is something we can all relate to. We’ve either seen the movie, want to see it or at least have heard of it and have some opinion.

    Plus the whole summer thing.

    Hm. First anyone’s mentioned having it all in common. Thanks! 🙂

  9. I have noticed that things are pretty up and down for the summer. The 5 Second Fictions seem to keep things trickling in but I always see a spike when a new longer work hits my blog.

    That’s not surprising, actually; fresh content brings readers in.

    And comedy bits get more visits than my weird tales, as a failed stand up comic I find this… perplexing.

    I’d have thought flattering. Hm. 😉

    Now a lot of the blogs I do visit are horror movie websites and yours is actually one of the few fiction blogs I visit. That being said your overall posting style even makes your posts about not having anything to post about readable.

    Well, thanks, Al. I appreciate that!

    I have managed to kick traffic to my blog by playing around with twitter, apparently there is a whole thing call #vss that is just like my #5secondfiction but they have more room.

    I just can’t get into Twitter. I’d have to make my tweets public, and deal with requests to follow, have something to post, blah blah blah … ugh. But I enjoy the fivesecondfiction bits you do.

  10. My blog has been receiving a lot of hits for posts that deal with dark topics like death and suicide. Maybe this explains the slowing blog traffic as of late; people are thinking about things they shouldn’t think about and don’t have time to read other stuff.

    As a horror writer, I feel it’s my duty to MAKE people think about such things. 😉

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