Five Best Places to Get …

Okay, there are plenty of lists like the one I’ve indicated in my post title, don’t you think?  You can hardly surf the web without coming across one or more in your travels, am I right?

The reason is, those sorts of post titles and headlines get people’s attention, make them want to know.  People love lists.  They want to know what the best things are, what are the top five, or eleven, or six hundred and thirty-two somethings.  They want that.

So here’s my five best places for ….

Wait … first a little context.


I love hamburgers.  I’ve never considered myself to have a refined palate, but I’ve come to believe it might be more sophisticated than I thought.  Still, I’m a basic person at heart, and one of my favorite foods of all is the good ol’ fashioned hamburger.

Not just any burger will do, either.  For one thing, nothing goes together in a culinary way better than meat and fire.  I can’t stress this enough; meat, in particular good old-fashioned red beef in most of its forms, was meant to be cooked over fire.  Fire good, me like.  Insert chest-thump here.  It’s primal; it’s smoky; it’s delicious, dammit, and they are meant for each other, I tells ya.

So when I say “burger”, you think “charbroiled” or “cooked over flame”, okay?

Fine.  Now, then.  Here are my five best places to get a burger.


9 thoughts on “Five Best Places to Get …

  1. I found two places in Toronto that claim to have Toronto’s best burger. So, I tried each place on the same day to determine once and for all, what is Toronto’s best burger.
    Skip down to Sunday.
    Ultimately, I’d choose to eat a burger at the chain Harvey’s over either of these two.

    I think chains in general get a bad rap they don’t always deserve. For instance, where I grew up, the best pizzas around were made by a couple of local chains. And both of those chains blow anything I’ve never eaten here — chain, local-only or whatever — out of the water.

  2. I’m allergic to beef so burgers are out for me. There is a place here in Meeteetse called The Outlaw that serves what appears to be the best burger I’ve ever seen. It’s thick, juicy and comes loaded with mayo, thousand island dressing, sweet red onion, lettuce, and tomato. Mmmmm.

    Wow, really? I’ve never met anyone with a beef allergy before. Interesting. And yeah, that burger does sound yummy!

  3. I don’t like hamburgers. But if I have to pick one burger place, I would go with In-n-Out; it’s my sister’s favorite place.

    *GASP!* Blasphemer!! Don’t like burgers?!? That’s … that’s HEINOUS! 😉 (In-N-Out’s awesome.)

  4. Carl’s Jr? I’m not a fan. Of course, when they opened the one in my neck of the woods, I went there several times and every time my food was cold, it took forever, or my order was wrong. It’s never been able to overcome those service stains.

    That’s interesting. It’s been a while since I ate at one, but I’ve never had a problem with it. Sounds like your local franchise needs a whoopin’.

    We’ve got a chain (not sure if it’s national) called Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It’s like an In-N-Out clone. It’s very good. And has free peanuts.

    Hey, free peanuts! How wrong can you go? I’ve never heard of it, but anyone who can clone In-N-Out and match their food and prices is okay by me!

    There’s also a little one of a kind place called Pace’s Dairy Ann. They’ve got a meat-laden wonder called the country boy which always hits the spot.

    Mmm … meat-laden wonders RAWK. There’s another chain I could’ve put on this list instead of Carl’s Jr., and should have, pro’ly: Foster’s Freeze. AWESOME burgers. But that’s Cali only, like a lot of these, so I guess I haven’t had a great burger since I left No-Cal. On the other hand, I hit a li’l place in Texas on my way to VA once, and IT was doggone good. Wish I could remember the name, but no dice. 😦

  5. Well, I think my husband makes the best burgers. But what I really care about is who makes the best french fries. A place can have a great burger, but if the fries suck, I ain’t going back.

    More blasphemy! Fries do not a burger make!! … nevertheless, yeah — I hate sucky fries. 🙂 And hubby’s welcome to cook a burger for my judgment anytime. I never turn down a burger. 😀

  6. It almost pains me to say it for fear of being lampooned and ridiculed, but here goes.

    My favorite burger is from Jimmy Buffet’s chain, Cheeseburger in Paradise. It’s the Pressed Burger and comes with salsa ketchup, pickles, mayo and… Velveeta cheese. Pressed until golden brown, it needs no other adornment. Tomatoes? Lettuce? I say nay nay.

    Never heard of the chain, but if I run across one I’ll make sure I check it out. Thanks for the info!

    I’ve only had In ‘N Out burger once and was told to order mine “animal style.” I still don’t know what that means, but it was a darn good burger.

    I have no idea what “animal style” is, but yeah — they make AWESOME burgers. Just wish they were bigger. But they’re CHEAP, so I’ll eat more of ’em.

    My stomach is absolutely RUMBLING between this post and your latest post that mentioned brownies. You’re an evil evil man.

    I do my best, hehehe.

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