Another Breath Drawn

Illustration of a scribe writing

Well, I managed to get another bit of writing done.

I had a dream a few weeks ago … don’t ask how long ago, I haven’t been keeping track.  But I woke up with a story vignette in my head – just an isolated scene really, nothing more substantial than that – but I got the distinct impression there was a lot more possible with that story.  So I told my wife about it, which is a method of helping me remember the dream if not the fine details.  It’s like jotting notes for other people.

So 2400 words later, I have that vignette written.  It’s out of my genre, and I don’t know if it’s “good” or not, but I’m happy I finally wrote it.  I think all of you inspired me with your encouragement and outpouring of love and support, so I sat my considerable butt in the chair and wrote.  It took less time than I thought and I haven’t done extensive editing.  It seemed to pass my wife’s muster – she’s the first to alert me to mistakes, typos, bad wording and glaring grammar faux pas – but you’re all welcome to take a peek if the spirit moves you and time permits.  No offense taken if you don’t read it though, so don’t do it unless you want to.

It’s right here, if you’d like to see it.

I don’t normally pimp my fiction here.  That’s why I put it on its own blog.  So this is the last time you’ll have to tolerate such brazen self-promotion anymore.

But I do want to thank you all for being so generous with your outpouring of uplifting comments.  It meant a lot to me.  And I’ll keep pressing on.

God bless, and have a great weekend.


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9 thoughts on “Another Breath Drawn

  1. Whaaaaa? New writing *and* it’s outside of your literary comfort zone? Awesome – can’t wait to read it.

    Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

    By the way, I initially read this post as “Another Death Brawn.” I was like, WTF? And here I thought I was just dyslexic with numbers. Now I have to worry about letters too. Sheesh.


    What’s the plans for the weekend? I’m taking my own advice and carving out some time for me to work on a piece of jewelry I’ve been researching to death. I’m thinking outside the box here and am pondering going to the grocery store tonight while le bebe sleeps. That should save me at LEAST an hour to two hours outta ‘my time’ this weekend. Plus we’re going to the zoo for free so you gotta love that.

    Plans? Weekend? I know not of which you speak. All days run to a blurred sameness in my world. 😉 But take pics of that jewelry piece for the world to ooh and ahh over, ‘kay?


    • Aw crap. Promising to take pictures means I actually hafta make progress on it. Damn you for neatly boxing me in like that. I appreciate it 😉

      My pleasure. 🙂

  2. I find that dreams can be a great resource for fiction… sadly my dreams seem very mundane these days. I wonder if it is because I’ve been writing so much more these days.

    Emptying the brain during the day means boring dreams at night, huh? Interesting thought.

    There is this one dream I keep having however. It is the one where I’m the captain of a pirate ship and I fall from the crow’s nest and get tangled in the ropes of the main sail and the only way that I can get free is for shirtless sailors to oil my body over and over again…

    I wonder what it means.

    I’m not sure I want to know ….

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