Cutting Our Darlings

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Writers are familiar with the phrase which titles this post.  It generally refers to our writing, wherein we’re being encouraged to cut stories, trim them, get them lean and strong for submission.  Remove what’s not relevant and strengthen what is.  But now, I’m thinking of applying the expression to this blog and its content.

I’ve told you before about how I’m popular in India because of my bio-data posts.  Those are, without doubt, the most traffic-generating items on my blog.  A couple of times, I’ve had my own weekday posts outstrip the CV information in popularity, but not consistently.  More often than not, the marriage requirements in south central Asia keep beating a path to my door.

I’m okay with that, for the most part.  Well … I’ve made my peace with it, at least.  But it’s one of those things I did as a cave-in to the search terms I saw on my blog.  Rather than just letting the search term turn up nothing, in my frustration with constantly getting the search hits for something I mentioned in passing, I spent the better part of a day at work (yeah, I worked then) pulling as much information about marriage bio-data CVs together as I could, from as many sources as I found credible, and compiled it here with as many links as I thought viable at the time.

It worked.  My hits started going nuts.  Before long, I became one of the top searches for “marriage bio-data” on Google, along with a couple of other related searches.  I’m near the top for most of them, and not much deeper than the third page on the weaker ones.

Now, that traffic accounts for most of what I get here on my blog.  Which means I don’t really know what my blog is doing with active readers as opposed to random searchers seeking love via resume.  I guess that’s not really a problem, but it did bring something to my attention I hadn’t thought of before:

What if I move that stuff off to its own blog?

I wouldn’t have to update it, could take down all the comment capability, and could just generally let it fly all on it’s own and forget it.  Doing so would give a much better idea what traffic I’m seeing here on my personal posts, and what interest lies with what topics.

I don’t know if I can live with watching my line graph go into the crapper though.  My hits now are pretty consistently over a hundred a day, but how much of that is traffic to this single topic, in which no one else has interest?

What do you all think?  Should I move that stuff away to its own blog and let this blog’s hits rely on you, my faithful readers?  Or should I leave well enough alone and STFU?

Sound off, y’all.  I’d like to know.


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11 thoughts on “Cutting Our Darlings

  1. I think it’s a fine idea to move it. It’ll take a while for the cache to catch up, but as long as you can stand the hit to your hits, go for it. You could still be helpful without distorting your blog’s interest. Maybe use a template with a static page option.

    I do have that stuff on its own page. I just wondered if there was an income opportunity in there I’m missing. Charge people for the information? I don’t know if anyone’d pay for it though, and I can only do so much with a free site. Heh.

    Then again, if you want the illusion of love, keep it here. 😉

    LOL! I need the illusion of love! I’d better leave it! 😀

  2. It’s your call. For a while Angelina Jolie drove my stats and then it was Lisa Parker. Now my top post is my bio page and I think that has a lot do with the flash fiction and my Twitter account.

    My blog is my history and I am okay with letting the record stand as is.

    That’s the problem — the stuff getting the biggest hit count isn’t part of anything I do, did, wrote or even care about. Deciding what to do with that is weird only because I’ve become so addicted to the traffic. I’ve always been a traffic whore, though. Oh well.

    • Well writers like to control things. It’s why they write. Given that, it’s when you put your writing out to the universe with no strings that you find out what truly touches people and why. And it’s never what you think. And you will never know, till you let it go (an intended rhyme).

      Wow, you’re a poet and you DID know it.

  3. Move it! 😉
    Get your own! 😉
    It is fun!

    Well, I’d only be moving a handful of posts, and I’d not get a private domain like you did. Unless I could make money charging people for the bi0-data crap somehow.

    Hm. Now I’m wondering.

  4. My stats went into the crapper over the last few weeks and I have no clue why but I will admit that most of the searches that gave me fairly high traffic was do to the tattoo posts I wrote plus some that had tattoo pics in them.

    It’s fun seeing the higher numbers and a bummer when they aren’t, but I figure what the hey, as long as someone, anyone stops by fairly regularly then I’m a happy camper since it isn’t a total waste of my time and effort. 🙂

    Yeah, that’s the way I feel too. If I’m not writing for readers, I’m wasting my time. And your low numbers might be due to summer blog doldrums. Happens every year.

  5. You know you couldn’t STFU even if the serial killer used that silver duck tape. 🙄 sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    Oh, yes I can. I have before; hell, that’s how I grew up. I spent years under the thumbs of those who believed children should be seen and not heard. And I wasn’t. It took a lot of effort to overcome that, but if I need to do it again, I can.

    • Yes, but look at you now 40 thousand and counting and that’s just on this site. If you add the other site, you’ve reached an entire city or county in the midwest. That’s amazing. You can always stop counting and ask God to send you an agent and book deal. I’ll include it in my prayers.

      Aww! What a sweet thing to say! From your mouth to God’s ear; please, Lord! 🙂

  6. I can’t understand numbers, so I hardly know what you’re talking about. But if this whole stats thing bothers you, and it must do, then move it. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing if not of the numbers.

    Great point. I’d at least know every hit is my own. Something I’ve pondered for a while now. Thanks for chiming in!

  7. I would move it to a different blog. That way you can see what people are really interested in. You should advertise on which ever blog receives the most hits. If you can make some money doing something that’s fun…well, I’m just sayin’.

    True enough. I think moving it has some advantages for sure. I know what THOSE folks are interested in; I just need to figure out if there’s enough interest in paying for the information they’ve been getting for free until now, y’know?

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