Update on The BIG EVENT

All right, well … most of you surmised – probably because I have no life and make no bones about being out of work – I had a job interview this afternoon, and now I can tell you how it went.

First, I was scheduled for a standard, face-t0-face interview with the hiring manager today at the same time.  A couple of days later, I found out she wouldn’t be able to have the in-person interview for personal reasons and my appointment was changed to a phone interview.  I got the dial-in information from the company HR recruiter and promptly dialed in at my specified time.

The first thing I did was announce my presence on the call.  Someone answered – a (very) young lady – and when I asked if she was the interview, she replied she was not; she was the interviewEE.

Huh?  EH?

She said she’d been scheduled for the same time slot.  I told her I was too.  She sort of giggled and said, “Oh!”  Yeah, I’m thinking, greaaaaaaat; team interview.  It’s a new gameshow.  Best interviewee gets the job in a head-to-head competition involving blood and phone insults.

Ah, but my cynicism was for naught.  It turns out two other company reps took the hiring managers place in the interview, to no one’s surprise.  They informed the young lady she was supposed to call in first thing this morning.  She explained her appointment for 8 a.m. was changed to a phone interview, same as mine, at 1 p.m. according to the email she got … same as mine.  There were a couple of muttered, unintelligible exchanges by the company reps, and then she was asked to call back an hour later.  She agreed, and we got on with the interview.

That was the height of the excitement.  Over the course of the interview, I didn’t get many questions, but the few I got, I was able to answer in thorough detail.  In fact, on three occasions, one of the interviewers said, “That’s a great answer, thank you!”  I felt that was a good sign.

I’ve been fooled before.  I’ve had things go, in my perception, well in an interview and be told I didn’t get the job.  I’m positive there will be a second interview because the hiring manager couldn’t be there, and the next one will be face-to-face (which will provide angst over whether to shave my goatee again), and they’ll get a look at me in all my fat, pimply, beady-eyed glory.

But this is the FIRST interview I’ve had since April or May (can’t remember which), and there wasn’t a Wonderlic test involved, so I’m very, very grateful.

And thanks to all of you for your support.

God bless, and have a great weekend.


18 thoughts on “Update on The BIG EVENT

  1. Wellllllll, the optimist in me thinks that the fact they had HER call in an hour later instead of you is a good thing 🙂

    They did it just as I was opening my mouth to offer and be the one to call back. I’d rather have been the LAST one they heard, I think. But maybe if the interview was strong enough, it won’t matter. 🙂

  2. Holy GEEZ! Has it really been that long?


    Srsly. No kidding. Pretty effing messed up, ne?

    Prayin’ for you, man. Good luck.

    Thanks, Dwight! Nice to have the support, I really appreciate, bud. Good to see you too! 🙂

  3. Don’t friggin shave it!! I’m telling ya dude don’t do it! We Brothers of the Goatee have to stick together!

    Easier for you to say WITH a job than for me TRYING to get one! 😉

  4. Awesome awesome awesome! (she says cautiously)

    I get a good feeling about this one, Knyt. Also, I mentioned you on my blog just now, but I didn’t name names.

    Well, thankee sai! I appreciate the shout-out and the cautious well-wishes. 🙂 That pretty much sums up how I feel about it too.

  5. …** …..great news…..i will say a little prayer for you..I know this is the break you have been waiting for and I know you are the right person for the job. GOOD LUCK FRIEND and keep us informed….course you know this means…as you will be in the workforce..some of us in the blogosphere will miss you during normal working hours…zman sends

    Thanks, Zman! I really appreciate the prayers. I’m cautiously optimistic about how things went, and of course there will have to be a second interview, but right now, I’m happy with how this went. And I, naturally, will miss being a full-time blogger as well, should I rejoin the workforce. 🙂

  6. No wonderliccing? That’s not much of an interview at all.

    Shh! I don’t want them to hear. 😉

    Hope the face to face goes well.

    Thank you sir! I’m just hoping there IS a face-to-face … unless of course they hire me sight unseen. (Hey, a guy can dream, right?)

  7. When I was out of work about 30 years ago — I have since found a job *cough* — I went for an interview at one of those generic management/financial job-placement firms, in Philadelphia. (I had no management/financial skills, mind you.) One of the first questions I got from the interviewer was, “What would you say if a potential employer required you to shave your beard off?”

    I said, without hesitating, “I’d find a different potential employer. Any company with such a stupid requirement is a company I wouldn’t want to work for anyhow.”

    Never heard back from either the job-placement guy or, of course, any of the companies he might have referred me to. Heh.

    Hey, a guy’s gotta stand firm on SOMETHING, right? 😉 Nice to see you again. 🙂

  8. Sending good thoughts and believing what should be will happen. 😉

    Thanks, Jaymie! I sort of feel the same way. What will be, will be; the Lord will provide as He sees fit. 🙂

  9. Woo Hoo!!

    I know what you mean about feeling good about the interview only to still be standing in the unemployment line at the end of the week.

    Happens a lot to me. I used to be so good at interviewing, but I think now I SUCK at it.

    One time, however, I left the interview knowing it couldn’t have gone worse if I had danced naked on the conference room table. That was when I was interviewing for a teaching position and somehow the rolly chair got away from me and in a feat of grace & beauty I managed to smack my forehead on the table and fall out of the chair. This was seconds after I said hello to the six (6) people who were interviewing me. There was no way I could recover from it and I should have just saved my time and walked out. At least on a phone interview they can’t see when you fall over.

    OUCH! True enough. They couldn’t see me chain-smoking or sitting on the pot either. 😀

    Best of luck to you!! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    Thank you so much, sweetie! We really appreciate it!

  10. I hope that the good luck fairy is coming your way and the next interview goes well and you get the job – if this is the one you really want.

    Well, there’s a lot to be considered still. It’s outside the bulk of my experience, but I have some exposure to what they’re doing, they loved the answers I gave (from what feedback I got during the interview at least), I haven’t seen the hiring manager (or even spoken to her) yet, and there’s been NO mention of money at this point. If all the stars align, I can’t see NOT taking it. ‘Course, that’ll mean less blogging time. I’m sure you’ll all be heart-broken, right? 😉

    I went to one of those placement agencies and man was that a total waste of time! They were all enthusiastic and “oh sure, you’ll be easy to place” but I never got one freaking outside interview with anyone. Total bummer man.

    I know. Recruiters have, from time to time, tried to press me into coming into their office to “interview” with them. I don’t do it. I can give them anything they need — and they all need the same things — over the phone. If they insist, I won’t work with them. But that’s me. And lately all I ever get are calls from people trying to cull resumes. Ugh. Still — I need as much help as I can garner, so I do talk on the phone with them.

  11. Thumbs up! Keep us posted. I hope this is your job, just waiting for you to step into it.

    Thank you so much! We hope so too — though we’re still hoping for that winning lottery ticket. 😉

  12. What starts the creative…guy with big arms and muscles. 🙄 Been reading my old poems again.

    Hm. I haven’t tried a big-armed muscle-bound guy yet. Maybe he’ll beat me into writing? 😉

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