So … About that Software Review …

Yeah, I know.  I was supposed to do that.

I couldn’t.  The software caused problems for my computer, which admittedly is an aging old girl trying hard to keep up with today’s demands.  Like a faded rose with too much make up and not enough brains, she’s not doing a great job, but it’s been fine so far.  The software to review, however, caused issues with network connectivity and locked up the PC in what seemed like no activity modes … like, you know, screen saver mode.

Anyway, I removed the software and it fixed some of it.  But the PC locked in screen saver mode again.  So I cleaned the registry, and shut off the computer for a few minutes.  And then, things seemed all right.

So.  No can do.  I wrote the nice lady an email explaining what happened, and haven’t (as of this writing) heard back from her.  If you’re out there, I’m sorry.  If/when I get a new, better computer, I’ll seek you out and see if you’re still interested.

I’m bummed, because the company has a cool product.  And, they thought enough of me to seek me out.  How often’s that going to happen?

Oh well.  Have a great weekend, y’all.


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14 thoughts on “So … About that Software Review …

  1. sounds like the software should get a bad review if it’s gonna mess up dear ol’ Bessy.

    Well, I think Bessy needs to be put out to pasture when that’s possible. In our house, that means becoming the kids’ computer. 🙂 I’m sure knowing more about the software and what the heck it does would help. I didn’t want to just out-of-hand give a bad review. But it’s something for other folks to consider.

  2. So it’s 6:30 am in Tucson and I’ve been on various parts of this blog since 4 am (took a break to make coffee). At least 15 counters (hits) are mine. I keep moving around and reading other stuff from a couple years ago. First, how do you keep up with all this? It’s amazing the amount of heart you have interspersed with intellect and information (your mission statement). I’m blown away. Secondly, I am honored to be on your bud list. Thirdly, you are so kind to everyone and share so much of your heart. I believe that you are joy and joy is contagious. And lastly, I hope you print out this entire book (blog comments and all) and put it in a 3-ring binder for your kids (when they want to know what a great guy their father is). Have a wonderful weekend.

    Sara, thank you. I’m so flattered. You are so incredibly sweet, and such a joy. I’d be foolish not to have you on my buds list, and I’m so honored we’ve connected. You make my life a little brighter for your presence.

  3. Seems like you’re having a few annoying/frustrating days. May your weekend bring you something better.

    Thanks, mapelba! I’m on the upswing though. Wednesday was the day from hell for me, yesterday wasn’t great, but TODAY will be. I’m determined! And I hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend too!

  4. lol, sounds like she did get her review….especially if it is a product intended for joe public.

    HAHAHA! Well, I didn’t mean to give a negative spin. Like I said to WIGSF, Ol’ Bessy’s had better days, and she’s definitely a faded rose. 🙂 But we love her just the same. Because she’s all we have. 😉

  5. You cleaned the registry? You’re an I.T. cowboy, that’s what you are! I haven’t officially been a computer professional in many years, but I still like a chance to get into the registry and mess around. It makes me feel like the Indiana Jones of PC’s.

    HA! IT Cowboy! Indiana Jones and the Temple of Microsoft! We’re awesome and didn’t even know it! Actually, I use a program called CCleaner to do the registry cleaning nowadays. I can still Google, find the right keys and do what needs doing, but I don’t poke around in there unless absolutely necessary. So, I’m more of an IT ranch hand than an IT cowboy, I guess. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I hate it when software does stuff like that! My Gateway computer that I bought less than a year ago has (almost) totally crapped out on me and I hate that too. My main computer (desktop) is a Gateway that is probably 3-4yrs old and haven’t had a problem while my newer laptop has been a lemon since day one. Now it literally screams when I first start it up – think the fan is dieing – and it takes a couple of re-boots to settle down. Nice thing about winning the $$$ is I ordered a new Toshiba laptop built the way I want it. Hubby has a Toshiba for work and it has been great.

    My experience with Toshiba products is generally positive, too. I bought a (very) low-end laptop a few years back and I’d love to have that money back, but it was my fault for cheaping out and going with a Celeron processor; that L2 cache difference is pretty amazing.

    I agree with Sara by the way – I think you are a sweetie and wife is a lucky lady. 🙂

    Aw, thank you! Actually, I’M the lucky one. She’s a pearl beyond price.

    And there is a book company that lets you download your blog and make a book out of it for you to keep – how cool is that?!

    I think that’s pretty cool! Do you know the name of that company? My beloved might be interested too. 🙂

  7. I too agree with Sara. I been jumping out as often as I can to catch up during the day (when the boss isn’t looking). Your work is amazing, you are truly brilliant. I am so glad Ben told me about you. What you write, I can only hope someday I can be a fraction of what you are now.

    Wow. I’m humbled, Elizabeth. Thank you so much. You guys are going to inflate my ego beyond control being so sweet to me. I’m flattered beyond words. Well … ALMOST beyond words. Ask my wife — I can ALWAYS find SOMETHING to say. 😉

    Be sure and give a link to your blog in your comments so I can add you to the sidebar! Have a great weekend, and God bless you.

    • Aren’t you glad you turned your comments back on? 🙂

      They were just off for the one post. 😉 Yes, I’m glad to hear from my friends again. Always makes a better day.

    • That you even have the time and respond to each comment, that alone says volumes about you. Besides, who doesn’t like a little ego “fluffing” LOL 😉 Seriously, I send you my link because you have asked, but really, I don’t have anything to even hold a candle compared to the work you have out there.

      My ability to reply to every comment says about me “I’m unemployed and have more time than normal people.” 😉 My desire to do so is just from knowing you all took time to read and comment on what rambling I have in my head which spilled out here. Least I can do is say thanks. 🙂

  8. I think the company that let’s you embooken (?!?) your blog is

    Hey, works for me. 🙂

    At home, I almost never do Windows anymore. Have a dual-boot thing set up — into Linux by default. But if I were still reviewing software that’d probably not be so easy to justify. 🙂

    Interesting. I’m only afraid of losing all the software I’ve collected over the years, especially some of the writing packages which I’ve paid for. But Linux calls to me, beckons me, tempts me … I may yet give in as a dual-boot thing.

    Have a great weekend, DK!

    You too, JES!

  9. Maybe the copy you received was a beta version and a buggy one.

    Actually, I think the problem was hardware-related. And not knowing enough about how to use the software. She was very nice about it all when she wrote back. 🙂 It might’ve been operator failure too. 😉

  10. I knew I wasn’t the only one having issues with that darn Celeron processer. My desktop computer is so slow I could make dinner before it kicks a program into gear. Very aggravating.

    Yeah, there are significant differences in the L2 cache of Celeron-class processors and Pentium-class processors (Intel, but probably applies to similar architectures used by other manufacturers too). It kills me sometimes. Ah, well — lesson learned! 😀

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