A Serious Moment

UPDATE:  Fantastic news from the hospital.  Fal’s friend is doing fine and news is as good as can be hoped for.  God bless you all for your prayers and kindness.  We’re very relieved and thankful to God our Almighty Father and Lord Jesus Christ for His blessing today, and the blessing each of you are.


My wife has a close and loving friend going into the hospital for surgery today.  She’s been nothing but a blessing to us in the hardest of times, the most trying of ordeals, and her support of us never waivered, never faltered, never slipped.  She never doubted us when the rest of the world turned their backs on us, and she defends and protects us from people trying to hunt us down even now.

If you’re a praying person, please take a moment today to pray for her full and speedy recovery.  I won’t do this often, but when it’s something this serious and for someone this faithful as a friend, I have to.

And if you’re not a praying person, any good thoughts you can spare are appreciated.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend.



15 thoughts on “A Serious Moment

  1. Dear God,

    Please let Darcknyt’s friend’s surgery be uncomplicated and completely successful. Please let her heal to a full recovery in as short a time as possible. Please strengthen her faith and the faith of her loved ones so that no one feels overcome by fear during this process. Thanks in advance.

    Amen. Thank you, Sparklingred. It’s a beautiful prayer.

  2. I will do you one better. I am at the race track, I will have our track pastor say a prayer with me for you. Keep your head up with positive thoughts.

    Thank you so much! I appreciate that. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard someone called a “track pastor” before, but that’s a wonderful thing!

    • We have a non denominational orginization called Motorsports Ministries. Pastor Marv has been in charge at our track all of my life. Great guy, not a “bible thumper” as we refer to them. He is very laid back. We were the first couple ever to be married at the race track and we were the first couple he ever got to marry. He’s pretty cool, and he included you and yours. Glad to see that everything worked out good for you.

      It did indeed! Thanks for asking him for us.

  3. Oh, that’s wonderful news!!! I’m so glad. I’ll bet you and Falcon just need to decompress, don’t you?

    She does, for sure. Thanks for being there with your words of support. God bless.

    Go watch a good movie and put your feet up.

    **celebratory high five**

    She’s already there. 😉 Thanks again. We’ve become very fond of you, just so you know.

  4. Thank you, my Love, for this post today.

    Of course, love.

    And thank you to each and every one of you for your prayers and good thoughts. My friend just called a little while ago to let me know that surgery went well and there is no cancer. So praise the Lord for that wonderful news!

    You folks have really touched my heart today. *Hugs* back to you all. Thank you!

  5. Hey great news……great great great hope her recovery is speedy and full…..with lots of great times ahead…zman smiles

    Thanks, Steve, we’re very happy for her and her family.

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