The DTs of Blogging


I’ve made no secret about how big a traffic whore I am.  Anyone who’s been following this blog for any length of time can tell you the higher my hit count goes, the more I like blogging.  The converse causes me to obsess and want to figure out what I can do to drive more traffic my way.

Last summer, I solved that problem by noting how many searches I got for personal CVs used for marriage.  This year, I’ve removed those pages from my blog and redirected the posts themselves to another site for that express purpose.  So now, I have another question: are you more into hits, or comments?

See, lately I’ve gotten really, really good feedback from you guys.  I’ve become completely addicted to it.  I had a run for several days where my comment count was in the twenties, and it went straight to my head.  It’s blogging crack, I tells ya, blogging methamphetamine.  I’m hooked, and want more.

Seriously, though, are you more into having folks just come and read your words, or would you like them to give feedback?  I’ve called my lurkers out twice.  Once, I got someone to respond, and we’re dear friends to this day.  The second time I did it … nothin’.  Nobody peeked out to say hello, and that’s fine too.  But since they won’t come out and talk, and since my comments have fallen off over the last few posts (they’re writer specific topics, which historically generated a lot of discussion), I wondered if I’m the only one suffering withdrawal.

Comment withdrawal.  I’m shaking.  I check the dashboard two, three times … an hour.  I reply to people.  I’ve been tempted to create a fake account to leave comments on my own blog, hoping to spark more from other people.  I’m cruising the blogosphere like a junkie in search of a dealer in a seedy neighborhood, trying to get that fix, leaving messages all over.  “Tell ‘im I need stuff, man; tell ‘im I’m hurtin’ and ta hurry up.”  I’m sweating, jittery, and feel like bugs are crawling all over my skin.  Which is kinda sexy now that I think about it.


Anyway, yeah … I’m hooked on your feedback, y’all.  Am I the only one?  Do you crave those messages from cyberspace to make your blogging efforts worthwhile, or are your efforts worthwhile no matter what you get back?  Maybe blogging’s not about getting anything back to you.  Me, I need the interaction now.

Any other junkies out there?



59 thoughts on “The DTs of Blogging

  1. I’m so much of a junkie, I’m the first to comment! 🙂 Oddly enough Ben and I had this discussion the other day. It’s disheartening when you put something out there you think is really good, and while you see that your stats are up, no one comments. 😦 I live for feedback, even if it is someone asking how messed up my head really is for writing what and how I do. 😉 The more twisted the better. It’s hard to keep going when people don’t talk to you. The connection… Just like you said yesterday, I’m dangerous to your easily inflated ego. I’m dangerous in all kinds of ways….. 😀

    Yep. It’s blogging crack, I tells ya. One thing to remember, Beth, is that people will comment back to you when you comment. Not all the time, but a good way to get people to respond to you is to respond to them. Find blogs you like and comment. I’m a crappy example; I don’t keep up with folks as much as I’d like. 😦 It’s not personal, it’s just that with 2 kids and a job hunt going, things are tenuous and stretched sometimes. Another tip is, respond to your commenters. They’ll feel like they’re important (which they are) and be prone to coming back. But the cardinal rules of blogging are: Be interesting, be consistent (post regularly), and be brief (400-750 words is ideal). Those aren’t anything I came up with on my own, btw — I got those from other bloggers who get dozens or hundreds of comments.

    I try to do them all, but I struggle with the interesting part. Heh. But that’s me — You can do it!

    • Well then I aspire to be as interesting as you and your glittering throng are someday. Cause your’s is a blog I read all the time. Cannot wait for the next story you put out here. I’m waiting, like a cat sitting outside of the mouse hole…. 🙂

      Ooh, a stalker. Interesting. 🙂

  2. I just like the sound of my keyboard typing and my mouse clicking. Blogging provides me with many reasons to type and click and click and type and clype and tick and tick and clype. Besides, I’m the sort of person who wants to read what some nerd thinks about Star Trek.

    Hey, you sound perfect for blogging! You should start one of your own! It’d be a hit!

  3. Or, in the case of this blog, Cthulu or some other piece of crap that I’m only pretending to care about. As we all know, if it ain’t a chicken or a monkey, I’m only pretending to care.

    Giant chickens. I got nothin’ on poo-flinging, piss-drinking primates. Sorry. I can see about adding that to my repertoire soon.

  4. Okay, in all seriousness. how many comments do I have to leave before you think enough is enough and you’ve reached the hits you want for the day?

    I’m pretty impressed with what you’ve accomplished so far. It’s not easy to please a whore, and you did. Congratulations. The ladies will be pouring in for you now.

  5. I like comments a lot, but I’m not a junkie. Maybe because my comment traffic peaked about a year and a half ago. Put down the needle, Dane. That way lies madness.

    Too late for me, save yourself, Sherri!! 🙂 And thank you, sweetie, for being who you are and sharing that with me here in this space. It means a lot to me.

  6. Which would you rather host — an ongoing party held in a stadium? Or one held in a living room?

    Yeah. Me too. I just leave the door open and let the chips fall (preferably into the dip :)).

    If you’re a stats-watcher, you’ll probably find a huge proportion of hits come from search engines rather than from people going directly to a post or your home page. Those Googlers et al. are all potential return visitors and commenters, but you can pretty much tell if they’re there by accident or intention. If I’m averaging 25 visits to each post, and getting comments from (say) 5 people, it’s hard for me to work up a sweat about sheer numbers.

    That would make you reasonable. Whoever said I was reasonable? They lied. 😉 (What you say makes a lot of sense, of course. I’ve just never been able to get into that mindset.)

    (I think you may also have a problem like mine: my blog is “about” writing or reading more often than not, but it’d be a stretch to call myself a blogger about one thing. This makes it hard to attract a steady audience, in the same way that general-interest magazines are fading away but special-interest ones remain healthy. You makes your choices, as they say.)

    Indeed, I have a hard time focusing my blog on any one thing. I don’t know if I ever will. My wife started a blog dedicated to the writing craft and made me a contributor. Know how often I contribute? That’s right … never. 😦 I’m a dork.

    And thank you so much for coming here today and letting me know your thoughts. I appreciate it, even though I wasn’t able to comment on YOUR post today (I’m a sort of ignoramus on your topic).

  7. Me not soo much…blogging is cathartic…helps me through the grind of life at times…comments are great creates a social circle of sorts…but much like friendship you get back what you put out….i.e. do you leave comments and look at all your friends on your blogroll….how many people have blogs on blogroll they dont look at or comment on …..least thats how i feel…blogging can be addictive…..zman sends

    You’re right about the blogroll thing, Steve. I used to go through it and comment all I could, but I’ve had to back down on that because of the sheer number of them. I try to visit my commenter’s blogs regularly and comment when I have something to say, which is less often than it seems. The other blogs on my blogroll are there because someone visiting mine might find them interesting. As for comments, I try to respond to every one I get and to make sure those folks know how much I appreciate their time. And thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  8. Hi, my name is Jaymie and I am a comment addict. The first step to healing, right? When I don’t get feedback it leaves me wondering if everyone is out enjoying the sun like I should be or if there was nothing redeeming to comment on. On the flip side, sometimes I am so impressed by what people write that I really don’t know what to say. Do I say something mundane, repetitive and possibly silly…or leave their wonderful words unadulterated. Difficult call.

    It is a tough call. I have that problem with poetry, like yours and Sara’s. It’s beautiful, but I’m such a hack with it I can’t think of anything to say. Sometimes folks blog about stuff and I have nothing to say, so I just leave a comment to let them know I read it and was interested. Sort of a “Kilroy was Here” thing, I guess. But I do know exactly what you mean. And I appreciate you coming here and spending your time with me. 🙂

  9. Hi, I’m with Jaymie. My name is Danielle and I am also a comment addict. I am also a stats addict. I love to see the numbers climb.

    Hi, Danielle, and welcome. No need to be embarrassed, you’re among friends. Speak right out. Nothing like that magic line graph to gloss the eyes and bring the euphoria, huh? Yeah, we understand. Go on, please.

    I guess high stats (which of course is relative) make me feel like I’m being heard. Comments are validating. High stats with low comments makes me feel like I am being heard but make no sense to most people. I am finding I am okay with this, though… what matters most to me is that the people I have truly connected with understand what I am trying to say, or gain something from it. You and Jaymie are obviously included in that elite group. 🙂

    Aw, thanks! You guys are “teh awesome” as the lolCats say. 🙂 I think you’re pretty elite too.

    I bet my stats would make your stats look fabulous, btw. 😉

    Now now — compare and despair! 😉 Thank you for being here, Danielle, and I really appreciate you spending time with my words and thoughts and stupidity. 🙂

  10. Sorry Dane, neither comments nor numbers. I’m a flag/map addict. Like a stamp collection when you’re little. I want to dream about people on the other side of the planet connecting. I want to believe however small I’m making a difference. Besides waiting around for comments or numbers is like waiting around for a guy to call.

    Ah, an altruistic addict! Welcome, and thank you so much for being part of this little cadre! I’m glad you come around and hang out with me. 🙂 And I bet that guy is going to call ANY MINUTE NOW!

  11. No it’s for the comments, we are attention whores so to speak. We put it out there and want to hear you, want to see what you have to say. Did we freak you out? Did we captivate you? Did we make you afraid or cry? Or were you bored and have a different thought on a twist it could have been? Something, anything, just want to hear you talk. If I understand this correctly.

    You got it half right. For me, it’s the comments first, and the hits second. Gotta have my hits. Need it, want it, can’tlivewithoutit!! HITMEHITMEHITME!! 😉

    • But they go hand and hand like peanut butter and chocolate. Cannot have comments without stats. You have no idea…I am not the kind of girl that gets jealous … but you get so much attention!!!! 🙂

      Ah, but deary, it’s taken me about four years to get to this point, and until about 2007, the only reader I had was my poor, long suffering wife. Patience, patience. And pimp your blog everywhere you can. When WordPress lets you put a link to your blog in your ID, FILL IT IN! That’s going to let people click on your name and go to your blog to check you out. It’s important. Bother with it; even if the blog owner doesn’t, other commenters might.

  12. As for the real topic at hand. I love when people leave comments on my blog. I want to open lanes of communication and have good honest discussions with plenty of jokes thrown in to add some entertainment value into an otherwise boring discussion about how women are continuously screwing me over.

    You’ve got a nice traffic stream built up, and a good comment base too. Your blogulars faithfully respond to what you have to offer, which indicates they like the subject matter AND the blogger. And what’s not to like? You’re a terrific, funny and interesting blogger. Now, start pointing women to your blog and they’ll be all over you. Right? Seriously, though, I’m grateful for you visiting and leaving your thoughts so consistently. It’s meant a lot to me.

  13. I used to be like that, in the beginning, but it got too exhausting to keep it all up. Checking stats, posting every day, worrying… Now I just take it as it comes. I love the give-and-take of comments, but I don’t check my stats more than once a month, if that.

    Oh, a social stat counter, eh? Someone who can play with ’em or not and never get addicted? Well, we junkies think of you all as LIGHTWEIGHTS. 😉 (J/K).

    You seem to have a healthy view on things. I’ve been trying to find out what my regular commenters like best. Some of them, like Sherri, Bryce and Mapelba, are writers; some, like Jaymie and Sara and Danielle, are poets, and I feel bad because I have almost nothing to offer them; others, like Sherri (again) and WIGSF and Zman, are just folks I’ve met through blogging and have come to love in different ways (Sherri’s my closest friend outside my marriage). Fitting them all — that is, all their interests — into my blog is hard to do, so I try to just keep things interesting and track what’s happening with comments. Comments, to me, are an indication of how I’ve done in putting something out there people want to read.

    As for you, Sparky — thank you for coming around here and sharing your time and thoughts with me. I really appreciate that you do.

    • Hey! What about me??? Oh, that’s right we haven’t gotten a label for me yet. LOL I’m cute and loveable, in the bloody gory way I try to be….

      Remember the labels discussion. We don’t label each other, just our work. And ONLY when it’s necessary. 🙂

    • Aw! 🙂 It’s my pleasure! Funny how I got into blogging for a chance to write, and then promptly forgot about the whole “writer’s craft” aspect of it. I don’t take time to craft blog posts the way I would with an essay or a proper story, but I could never bring myself to post without proofreading like some people do. I always have a few edits here and there before I hit publish. So I guess I’m kind of halfway between “writer” and “regular friend”.

      Hehehe. I’m the same way. No matter how casual the communication, I can’t just publish something without SOME revision and editing, and at least a couple of proofreads. I’d love to see a story from you, though. 🙂

    • ROFLMAO!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha! Falcon you’re too much.
      Stop it you guys, I’m supposed to be working! See, I am a blog addict, I really am. It’s interfering with my life now.

      If I lose my job I am holding you all accountable. I will post a scathing indictment and then sit back and watch the stats climb. he he he….

      We’ve devolved from a support group into a comment orgy! GOD, I’M IN HEAVEN!! PLEASE, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, NOT NOW, PLEASE! YEEESSS!!

      *ahem* Sorry.

      • So much for being an “ignoramus” on my post today. Sounds to me like you’ve got things pretty much, er, in hand. 😀

        Well, okay … you got me there … but that doesn’t mean I’m not an ignoramus. 😉 Remember, even monkeys can get “things in hand”. HA!

        Oh man … that was made of so much win my sides hurt, JES. Thanks so much!

    • Hey hey hey, not in public. Show some decorum. Children could be reading this.

      Oh, dang, you’re right. Better clean up the place.

  14. I tend to want both the stats and the comments and when I do have a post that has more than 10-20 comments I am in Nirvana. Downside is when none of the comments are from the bloggers I visit most often (ah-hem) but I know that most people have busy lives unlike me – retired with waaayy too much free time on my hands so I can lurk/stalk to my heart’s content. 🙂

    Hrk! Caught me! I’m so sorry, I keep meaning to add you to my feed reader, but have managed to forget until just now. I’m off to do it! (Sorry, really. I do appreciate you being here.)

    Some of your posts I don’t comment on are because they are so specifically for writers though I do pop in when I feel I can, at least from an avid reader’s perspective.

    And we writers LOVE reader perspectives. 😀 Please feel free to sound off any way you want!

    I just know that I can’t go without my fix of blogs and commenting each day but then I have no life M-F other than my internet fix. Boy, don’t I sound pathetic? Joys of being older, no job (by choice) and no grandkids to spoil yet though that will be difficult with our daughter 3 hours away. lol…grandma will have to travel.

    Sounds like the life I dream of, frankly. I have way too much time on my hands too, but it’s not by choice. I guess I’ll have to adjust everything when I get work, but I’ll be bummed. I could make a career out of this blogging thing, I tells ya. Too bad it doesn’t pay well … or at all.

    Again, thank you for being here and spending some of that time you have with me, and letting me know what you think. I really appreciate it.

  15. I don’t think I’m an addict but maybe I’m in denial. I used to check stats but now I do so only once in a while. I like comments more than numbers. I don’t know how to read the numbers but leaving a comment takes time–some even take thought! I like those. What tends to bother me in spite of myself is the person who comments for a long time and then stops. What did I do wrong?

    Hm. Yeah, that’s a conundrum, isn’t it? I’d wonder myself, I think. Sometimes, I think people just … get over blogging. Or they get so busy with other things there’s so little time left they can’t keep up with everything. That’s my fear; I have so many wonderful commenters now, and I don’t want to neglect any of them, but when I start working (and it’s WHEN, WHEN, WHEN — I have to keep believing this), it’s going to be SOOO hard to keep up with everyone and I wonder who will feel snubbed.

    Thank you for being here and sharing some of your precious free time with me. I really appreciate you.

  16. I would love a munchkin.

    I have two. But they’re disobedient and strong-willed, which makes them chewy and stringy so I won’t cook them. Instead I have to nurture and feed them. *Sigh*

  17. I love to hear back about my blog posts but I don’t expect it… I just watch the subscriber and follower numbers keep climbing.

    See, I don’t know how to check that. And I’m not consistent enough on my fic blog to make it matter, I guess. I have a small cache of followers who loyally sound off when I post, but I … hardly ever post. *Sigh*

    No I am a little but addicted to getting my #5secfics re-Tweeted. I feel they help funnel traffic to my other stuff.



    aw Hell what the Hell do I know?

    Me too. So whatcha gonna do?

    Oh and BTW the new PRICE BREAKS AND HEARTACHES (#15) hurt to write… I am curious to hear what you think of me as a human being afterwards.

    Don’t worry Al, I didn’t think much of ya before. ZIIIING! HA! Just kiddin’, bro, just kiddin’ … lemme know when it’s up and I’ll hop on over. 🙂


  18. okay so i went to costco, got emily a new bed and a hot dog, came home and now it’s up to 45 and where is munchkin. i think he and fal locked the doors and left the kids in front of the tv. 🙂

    We did, and now I see there was some sort of party in here, what with chips ground into the carpet, spilled drinks, stains of unknown source and origin on walls and floors, knocked over furniture and lights, and WHAT IS THAT IN THE TOILET?! Holy cow — it’s been a night to remember, for sure.

  19. Oh, man, you got your fix. Damn enablers.

    ROLF! Jealous? Oh, I have my fix for SURE. Collapsed vein-type of fix. Now … how to duplicate every day … hmmmmmm …. 😉

  20. oh geez yea I know what you mean….lately I have been so busy…I don’t get to reading and commenting so much. And then I am sad cause I feel like I am not keeping up with my friends. But, I too, like you LOVE comments….or else it feels like you are talking to yourself and no one cares….right? 🙂

    Exactly. 🙂

  21. I don’t know anymore what draws people or doesn’t or who reads and who is merely driving by.

    For the record, I read everything you post. I just don’t always have something intelligent to say. It could be argued I NEVER do, but I’ll leave that to you. And I understand when folks can’t comment; this post was a blast but all tongue-in-cheek. Just curious whether other folks valued comments or hits more.

    When I don’t comment, it means I am swamped for time and nothing more.

    I either don’t have anything I can contribute or am pressed for time, so I can relate.

  22. I usually like comments, and I like how you almost unfailingly leave a comment on each of my posts.

    It’s my pleasure to share the journey with you, Damyanti. You’re a dear and gentle soul.

    I am not an avid blog browser, and not a great commenter, but will comment if I have something to say.

    I try to at least let folks know I’ve been around, reading their words. It’s not always easy, and I probably shouldn’t say something when I don’t have something to say. 😉

    I like how your blog has taken off, keep it up 🙂

    Thanks! I’ll try. 🙂

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