Why Do YOU Do It?

Why do you do it?

Why do you blog?

I’ve been following this blog and this blog for a bit now.  And I’ve been following a couple of editors and agent blogs for several months now.  The goal was to get insight into the industry – the publishing industry, if you don’t know what “the industry” means on this blog – and learn about requirements and such for submission of work for representation.  I started following the linked blogs because I thought I might benefit – and maybe you too – from learning about the craft of writing and blogging.

When I stop and think about it, though, I realized a lot of the most useful blogs I follow are targeted blogs.  They have a specific purpose and intent.  They’re focused on a topic and provide either expertise or advice or information on the subject to which they’ve narrowed.

My blog, however, wasn’t started for those reasons.  Matter of fact, I didn’t have any reason for starting a blog.  I just wanted a place to spew my guts and post some stories and practice putting my words in a place other than on my PC or in a Mead notebook.

I didn’t have anything to say, not really.  I don’t have any special insights or information of use to anyone.  I thought about offering computer fix tips and tricks, software reviews and such as the focus, but I can’t really afford to do pay software (especially now) and heck, I Google for answers with broken computers nowadays.  I’m not an expert there, at least not anymore.

I thought about focusing on devotional spirituality, but then … nah.  I don’t have a lot of things to say in that arena either, and if I do, they’ve been said before, and probably better.  So skip it.  What about football?  I love football (this is American football, for my readers from beyond our US borders, not soccer); I know a bit about the game; maybe I could focus on that.  Well, I tried it over on my wife’s football blog and it was a lot of danged work.  No thanks.  And I wasn’t even posting anything new or cutting edge.  I don’t have contacts in the sports industry, don’t have any journalistic training, and don’t care that much about the NFL.  Yeesh.  No thanks; I’ll just watch the games on Sundays from September to February and forget about it the rest of the time.

Oh, and of course, I became huge in south central Asia as a guru for matrimonial resumes.  *Sigh*  That’s not where I want to go with this blog, though.  (My dedicated website for that purpose, interestingly, is very slow with traffic.)

So, what else am I interested in?  Nothing deeply enough to be “knowledgeable” about.  I don’t have anything I can offer the blogosphere except … well, me.  My thoughts, my dreams, my person.  And I guess that’s how it’ll stay.  (I have my fiction blog for posting my writing; this blog’s not about that either.)

I don’t know why I keep blogging – never mind trying to blog five days a week – but that may not be the case for you.  Why do you blog?  What makes you want the Internet to know what’s going on with you?  Or do you have a targeted purpose for your blog?

Why do you do it?  Any reason you know of?


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25 thoughts on “Why Do YOU Do It?

  1. Haven’t you asked this question before?

    Oh, probably. I think that almost every time I post something; “Haven’t I posted this before? Hm.”

    Whatever, here’s why I blog. I can say all the rude, crude, spiteful and TRUE shit about women and they can’t slap me or throw drinks in my face. Gotta love the Internet. Home of all the world’s crazy crackpots, even some anti-technology crackpots have websites.

    True enough. I’ve seen some of those sites.

    But I’m no crackpot. I speak the truth. I spit hot fire.

    Amen, dragon-breath; spew that flame, boy.

  2. Well I guess this is where I let everyone laugh at me because I hadn’t a clue about blogging until about a month ago. Ben read some of my work and suggested it, I figured it couldn’t hurt. Of course I have no clue what the heck I’m doing, these things I write, they are just things that spout out of my head like a burst artery spouts blood. I am constantly bugging someone to help me fix my blog or make it better. It’s a place for my work that I cannot just toss in the fireplace to be lost to the ashes forever. In the month I have been on I have met some really nice people like you, your beloved, Sara…And all of you have been so kind to me. Your patience is beyond words. I’m no one, just another faceless nameless body taking up space online. I’m humbled by you all and keep coming back because you all encourage me to write more that you are enjoying it. It makes me want to do better and keep writing.

    So then, you only started blogging as a place to showcase your work? Do you plan to post anything personal on your blog, or will you only use it for writing? Just curious, and you’re welcome. 🙂

    • I was actually trying to figure out if I could do both on the same blog, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

      See, it could’ve been okay to have the bellaalice blog too. One for writing, one for personal musings. 😉

      • Yeah, I thought about it. But I’m not big on personal musings. Private email is one thing. Every now and again I just ramble…okay, so more often than not 😉 But who really wants to listen to me ramble?

        You might be surprised. 🙂

  3. I didn’t copy your post today.

    ‘Bout time. 😉

    I started blogging because at the time that was the thing for an aspiring writer to do, and though it was intensely strange at the time it also felt right to put words out there for people to read or not. It turned out to be a blessing in several ways–meeting like-minded people, gaining confidence in writing, gaining confidence in myself… Too many to count.

    Interesting how cathartic blogging is, don’t you think? I was amazed by that aspect of it. I didn’t know it would be so therapeutic.

    Why do I keep doing it? I like having a home on the Internet, and a blog is a home in the way a plain website can never be. With a website you set it up (or have someone else do it) and update it from behind the scenes. A blog is where I live, it’s me, 24/7, and nobody else. I like revealing myself to people. Not in a voyeuristic way, but in a “Here are my warts, do you still accept me?” way. Some might see that as pathetic, but it has meant massive growth over the past few years, and I think I may be growing out of it. It’s changed from seeking acceptance from others to seeking the truth about myself, reflected in others.

    Wow, that’s a lot to get out of a blog, Sher. Sounds like you’re doing something right, that’s for sure. And just curiously, if you had a regular website which had a blog on it, would that not work the same way for you for some reason? Just curious.

    Thanks for chiming in. 🙂

    • No, I think a website with a blog would work exactly the same way. In fact, when I have books to sell I’ll probably do it that way. Although I might be able to use the exact format I have now, because with WordPress I have the ability to make pages look any way I want them, and to have a static front page. It will be a website with a blog attached when I make the transition. Of course, by then I might not need the blog as much. Like I said, the phase might be passing. What do you think, would a website be enough for you, or can you see yourself blogging forever?

      I don’t think I’d have a web site without a blog. But then, I will probably always have a separate blog, just for my friends and I, where we can carry on this sort of conversation. If there are books to sell and a public to address, I’d probably be fairly antiseptic on the “professional” site and leave my revealing information far, far away from, and unassociated with, my web site. Will I blog forever? I don’t know. Good question. I guess time will show. 🙂

  4. I blogged because I started writing. Then I found out it wasn’t always a good idea to put my writing out there.

    Who said that? Because of it being “published”? Interesting.

    The cooking blog is to help people cook that normally thought they couldn’t.

    How’s that going? Is your readership climbing? Have you found a way to promote it? A nice idea, I thought. Maybe some AlphaInventions action would help there.

    My personal blog is just that. I spew random crap for my friends because I love you all so dearly.

    And we appreciate it. 🙂

    Like Sherri said, my blog is my wordly home.


  5. Network Solutions screwed up the website I wanted, charged me a fortune, and linked it with WP. Being the curious kid that I am, I started nosing around. Set up Sara the StoryLady by myself and asked them for a refund. The poetry blog was a complete accident (but then I don’t believe in accidents). Been trying to figure out how you found me, but after the Monday Mornin Randomness bit, it took off like gangbusters. What started with let’s throw a couple of poems on the barby and see if they cook became let’s edit these properly and use the words intended. Let’s finish the unfinished ones and find really special pictures. What started out as a cosmic joke, has become a place to showcase my written words. And now it’s taken on a spiritual quality for me. I’ve made my hole whole and I’m learning to eat the donut.

    And that is all fantastic stuff. I think I found you, maybe, through Calliopespen, but I can’t remember how I found HER, so … *shrug* In the end, we met. And that’s the best part, I think. 🙂

  6. I started blogging because journalling wasn’t very satisfying. All writing craves an audience. I do it because
    – It gives me a medium in which to practice honesty, to put my thoughts in order, and to receive feedback on those thoughts, which leads to insight.
    – The social aspect is fun and fulfilling.
    – When bad things happen I can often spin them into interesting stories, which makes them feel less bad.
    I think those are all the main reasons.

    And those are very good reasons. 🙂 Yes, all writing craves an audience. Well-said!

  7. Everything is niche now and I wonder if there is room, or interest, in those of us who blog about life in general and our own specifically. Perhaps not.

    Sometimes I wonder that too, but the readership here continues to surprise me and to keep me going. And your blog seems very popular. 🙂

  8. I do it to keep in touch with family and friends. I email the posts to people who have an interest in what I have to say, if anyone else reads, it’s gravy. Most comments are sent via text or email so while it may appear as if no one reads or comments, the blog is serving its purpose.

    How cool is that?

  9. I started blogging to try to build an audience for my fiction. Things haven’t worked out that way exactly, but I have “met” great people and more writers. I don’t want to talk about my family much–seems to violate their privacy. Anyway, I don’t think a blog will lead to publication, but it is a good place to work out my writing thoughts. And I’m afraid to stop and lose all the people I’ve met!

    Same here. I know a couple of “mommy bloggers” (which seems like such a derisive term I hate to use it) who had publishing contracts dropped into their laps because of their blogs or an eBay ad, but they weren’t even aspiring writers. Which is … depressing.

    And yes — you all are part of the reason I keep doing it. I LIKE you guys. 🙂

    Nor do I think I say anything new or dreadfully insightful. Plenty of writers have said what I say–and said it better.

    Exactly. What do I have to say that hasn’t been said better by someone else?

    • Yes, but I’m saying things anyway. Sure, someone could write better blog posts and better novels and make better art–but only I can write what I write. So write anyway. You are unique. And I’m sure you can say somethings better than someone else. As I remind my students–while you’re looking up at someone better than you, someone is a few rungs looking at you. So, go write something.

      Oh, I don’t mean I won’t write, and I don’t mean I won’t blog; only that I won’t present myself as an expert in anything on this blog. Except, perhaps, being an inexpert. 😉

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  11. I blog, a twit and whatever else because I want to entertain and for me this has been the best way to reach an audience. I created Captain Hero in an unpublishable pseudo comedy novel I wrote in high school.

    But now anyone that knows my 5 Second Fictions knows who he is…

    THAT is cool beans.

    And who could disagree with the idea of entertaining? Aren’t all writers entertainers in the end? 🙂

  12. I started my blog as a way to keep friends and family informed about things going on during my pregnancy with Squish. I hated having to tell EVERYONE the same things (doctor’s appointment next week, I’ve gained X pounds, blah blah blah). Along the way, I found myself sharing more than just the pregnancy stuff.

    One cool thing about it is that I had the best of intentions (ha!) to create a pregnancy scrapbook. Of course, I underestimated the time commitment and how much spare energy I’d have so it never got done. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to remember everything as it happened for journaling purposes (month 3 seemed a lot like month 4 now that it’s been almost a year ago), but I realized that I had immortalized how I was feeling the whole time in my blog. I didn’t lose anything (well, unless WordPress crashes) and it will be there. I can print it out as is or use it in my eventual scrapbook to share with Squish when she gets older.

    I’ve been running low on time lately (and Ben hogs the laptop every night) so my blog is uh, well, stale. I hope to remedy that here shortly. 🙂


    Hop to it, missy. Let’s have a look-see at what’s happening. 😉

  13. Sorry I missed stopping by yesterday; you got a lot of good conversation going.

    No problem; come on by when you can and as you choose. Always welcome here. 🙂

    I set up my site (and my blog) so if and when I decide to make it a “real” site from which a blog just sorta hangs off to one side, I can do that easily.

    I think that’s the way I’d like to eventually have mine done up too.

    RAMH is my 4th or 5th blog since around 1999 or 2000. It’s the only one which is NOT special-purpose and, for that reason, I think I’ll either keep it or just get out of the blogging business altogether. Originally I started it (as Marta says of hers) with the idea of somehow supporting/marketing my fiction. Evidence of that original purpose still crops up here and there but anymore it feels more and more like my blog is sitting around with a bunch of others, probably at a bar or a card table or something, and periodically one of them speaks up and says, “Hey, did I ever tell you about…?” and then takes the floor for 5 minutes or so. Sometimes the stories are hilarious, sometimes sobering or thought-provoking or scarifying or heartbreaking. But none of them are boring.

    I’ve never been bored with yours, that’s for certain. I can say the same for all the blogs I follow regularly.

    I had a college professor/mentor who used to constantly quote to me a line from Emily Dickinson, which is about the only way I’ve ever learned a line of poetry by heart. It goes, “The soul selects her own society.” And the reason she quoted this line to me was I could never quite understand how Friend X could stand to be around Person Y so much, or why Girl Z ended up with that dud from the other side of the classroom instead of, obviously, me.

    It’s a great line, for sure.

    But I think blogging for the last year has really driven it home. No doubt, every one of the bloggers I’ve latched onto have their own little foibles and twisted natures and inadequacies and habits of thought and phrasing and subject matter which prevent them from (currently) having larger audiences. They sound kinda like me in that respect. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Me either! 🙂

  14. As my “about me” page says …

    Perhaps my own needs to find erotica that would please my feminine senses pushed me to do this, or perhaps I am just finally embracing my own femme fatal, my inner vixen.

    One could even say that this was a blog started out of frustration. Whatever the reason, this is what I enjoy doing. Erotica by a woman for women… but all, are welcome of course!

    … These are my bedtime stories for you … just a little Pillow Talk.

    All writing — even erotica — craves an audience, so one of my commenters wisely points out. Thanks for stopping by!

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