The Banning Bane

Have you ever banned someone from your blog or website?

I’ve never had to do it, but my beloved has on more than one occasion. She has a particular post which draws a lot of traffic, and with a lot of traffic come trolls.  She gets people who think it’s their sworn Internet duty to revile, insult and demean the poster and other commentators because they either don’t like what was said, or don’t like the comments associated with the post.

I’ve been banned from deviantART pages in the past, too.  Don’t know how I earned that particular distinction, but I did.  And frankly, I was glad of it.  I didn’t care much for what and who was happening at the time, so being banned didn’t exactly break my heart.  I didn’t care, actually.  And the banning wasn’t by deviantART, it was by one of the users (the users can block people from being able to comment on their pages or work if they so choose).

But I don’t think I’ve been the cause of someone being banned, and I don’t believe I’ve ever been banned from a site.  And I know I’ve never banned anyone from this site – or any other site I operate – for any reason.  I just … don’t worry that much about it.  “It” being what people on the Internet have to say, about me or anything I post.

Nevertheless, this is my blog, my domain, my house as it were.  I can prevent anyone from saying anything I choose, can stop anyone from being able to step in here and say things.  This isn’t an open forum where anything goes.  There are no rights to free speech here.  If I don’t like someone or what they say, do or believe, I’ve full authority and privilege to tell them to kiss my hairy fat behind and block them from access to my blog.  Their rights to say whatever they want whenever they want stop at my blog’s front door.  Period.

I’ve never exercised the privilege though.  I’m not sure I will, either.  But are there circumstances under which you would?  Is there a set of conditions you’ve set up, even if they’re only in the back of your mind, which when met will trigger bannage?  What’s the “hot button” for you?  Where do you draw that imaginary line, if it exists for you?  Is that the measure of last resort, or are you ready to do it when you feel it’s warranted no matter how small the offense might seem to others?


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21 thoughts on “The Banning Bane

  1. Only two come to mind: vulgar profanity and attacks on others’ views. I don’t really care so much if they attack me – I’m the one who opened the door.

    I guess for me it depends on how the attack is framed. Ad hominem attacks aren’t tolerable. Attack my view? Well, if it can be civil, respectful disagreement, then sure, why not? But with nothing but vitriol, forget it. And I agree about attacking other commentators, too.

  2. I did block someone from my blog, myspace, and email. Remember the girl with my name long, long ago? Even though it was my careless linkage which started the girl’s tirade, I had no desire to leave the door open for her.

    You’ve come a long, long way since then. This weekend proved to me how much you’ve grown. I haven’t had to do it yet and maybe I won’t have to, but we all have our limits.

  3. Oooh, a challenge. What do I have to do to be banned by DarcKnyt? Hmm… This is gonna be fun.

    Okay, let’s get the ball rolling. Hello DarcKnyt, you’re a stupid-head.

    Wow, your “insult” almost sounds like a line from Lilo and Stitch. Heh.

    I have been sorta banned from someone else’s blog. This was the comment that person left on my blog.
    You’re a real jerk. Thanks for reminding me while I don’t comment on your blog anymore. Feel free to stop coming around my blog.
    Still, to this day, even after having met the person, I still don’t know what I did to this person. I don’t care enough to ask.

    I think you’ve mentioned this person on your blog before. Isn’t it amazing how you can’t quite figure out what the hell happened in some cases? I know when I got banned from people’s pages on deviantART, I sat around scratching my head, going, “WTF?” Oh well. Life’s WAY too short.

  4. Hmmmm… I’ve banned someone from contacting me on Facebook, email, my blog, and by phone. They were a toxic friend from high school who was determined to ruin my bachelorette party, wedding, and my life in general. Sometimes you have to cut ties with those people and find others to fill the void.

    Generally people like that don’t leave a void; you don’t often realize how they were a growth, an appendage, until they’re removed and you can BREATHE again.

    *Admin Note: This post was written PRIOR to events of Sunday, September 20, 2009; the two incidents are unrelated. Believe it or not.*

  5. I agree with Jaymie. I welcome dissent as long as it’s framed appropriately and respectfully. I enjoy a good debate. Vulgarity, profanity just for the sake of being profane–no.

    No profanity? Well, that leaves ME out. 😉 Since I’m never wrong, dissent/debate is moot. 😀 (J/K. Really.)

    Viciously attack or insult my commentors/friends = you’re outta here, buddy, with no regrets.

    Yea verily, I say unto thee. I mean … not THEE, CalliopesPen, but thee, the whomever. You know?

  6. I have my comments set to moderate and I have to read them and approve before they will post. I’ve had way too much experience with open access posting for it to be any other way. So far I’ve published everyone’s comments and I would approve someone’s comment if they disagreed with me, but not if it was a personal attack. It is MY domain.

    Yep, my sentiments exactly.

    I’ve never been banned from anywhere that I know of. I don’t troll the internet looking for a fight and usually ignore the things I don’t like.

    I don’t either. When I was banned it was because of a third person altogether.

  7. Knyt

    Well hey there…Hmmmm…me saying you are long winded is in fact humor on my behalf. Me..Hostile most definetely not I am way to laid back to get upset about anything. I do like your posts, and find them funny your take and position on the human condition and how it effects the blogosphere bring a smile to my day. Don’t fear me young jedi….we still have much to train on…I will keep my comments only to you I promise… zman sends with a profound realization and humility.

    No fear here, Zman. Just lookin’ for a little of Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T. 🙂

  8. I’ve never banned or been banned. I keep waiting for my first hate-comment, but it hasn’t come yet. What would it take for me to ban someone from my site? I can’t say exactly but I hope I never find out.

    I hope so too. But to help round out your experience, I’ll ban you out of jealousy for never having been banned. Fair ’nuff? 😉

  9. As long as people are civil and aren’t commenting simply to provoke me. I haven’t banned anyone from my blog, but I have had people link my blog posts in open forums in order to ridicule me without having to actually deal with me. That wasn’t fair. I over reacted but that happens. I would handle it differently now.

    Well, I don’t think anyone would blame you for reacting strongly to that. I think I would too.

    I just prefer that personality, personal issues and family be left out of disagreements.

    Sounds fair to me.

  10. As far as I know I’m not banned. I’ve “unfriended” a couple people, but didn’t block them or anything. And I’ve yet to ban someone. Nothing to get all banned up about. Anniegirl’s comment above gives me pause–how would I know if someone is ridiculing me in an open forum? Of course, the further out there my art and writing travels, the more likely something unpleasant is bound to happen…

    … though I can’t imagine what.

    Imagining what might just upset you; why bother? If someone’s linking to your blog, WP will notify you about it. 🙂

  11. Never banned anyone. But I’m pretty ruthless about checking new/unfamiliar commenters for spammers in disguise — does that count? (*Hate* spammers with a passion.)

    Yeah, I don’t like that either. Askimet seems to catch pretty much all of them for me here though.

    Back in 1990-91, Compuserve’s Litforum — about as free-speech-driven a place as you can imagine — was beset by someone who damn near wrecked the place. She (yes, she) was truly a sociopath — the most passive-aggressive nutjob I’ve ever met. They banned her something like 4 times, and finally CS itself did, too; at that point she opened a whole new CS account. Not sure why she eventually disappeared, but I can’t imagine it was by her choice.

    Must’ve been the days before IP banning. 🙂

    I’d hate to be a sysadmin who really had to DO something about a problem like that. Hey, when it comes to anything like real work, I always prefer passive to active. 🙂

    Me, too! Amen to that!

  12. I have never had to ban anyone… I was had the husband of one woman I spoke to ask me to stop emailing her because he felt threatened by the amount of time we spent conversing online. At the time we both worked IT jobs that were either super busy or super dead so it was just a time killer for me. I’m not sure how she took it but I had no designs on her, I really am very happily married and besides she wasn’t even one of my designated spares.

    I think if someone just started stopping by my site to just say “ha Ha You suck” I am not sure if I would let the post through. I might just so I could make a retort of some kind.

    Now I have never been banned from anywhere… I try to be as nice as I can.

    Me too. I just don’t see why you’d go read something you don’t agree with and say disagreeable things when just clicking away is SOOO much less consuming.

  13. I have never banned anyone but have deleted obvious spam. I have had a couple of hateful comments on some of my posts about tattoos and I did post them with my fairly lengthy responses to the comments.

    I try to be very respectful when I don’t agree with someone’s blog posting because I know as a blogger that the posts are people’s opinions and everyone is entitled to their opinions especially on their own blogs. Usually if I totally disagree with someone I don’t comment because I don’t want to cause a flame war.

    Fair and balanced views all the way around, Delaney. Thanks for stopping by and welcome home!

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