Bloggin’ and Jonesin’

So, there I sat, racking my brain for a blog post idea, and all of a sudden, I realize I got a problem.

I can’t stop.  I can’t quit.  I can’t even back off at this point, slow down, take ‘er easy.

I have to blog.  I have to.

A lot of folks get addicted to their blogs, and you’ve probably noticed a recurring theme in my posts this week about acting like a person even on the Internet.  Well, I didn’t notice the theme until today.  And when I sat back and looked at it, I realized I may be a little too involved in my online life.

Now, to be honest, I don’t have many friends in the real world.  Some of you go out with others and see things, experience things, enjoy things.  Me, I look ‘em up on the Internet and figure that’s about as much of it as I want.  As for friends, well … based on my experience with “friends”, they’re overrated.  Family?  Pff, please.  The only family I’m interested in is the one living under my roof.  The others have all screwed me over and ticked me off over the years so much, I’ve written them off and let them go.  And while I don’t mind socializing with actual humans – you know, at places of work, or in areas of general conglomeration – it’s not something I need, this “human interaction”.  I’m a little unique in that respect from most others I know.

But take away my ability to blog?  Tweet on Twitter?  Get artsy on deviantART?  Well, now I’m gonna start the DTs, and it’s not going to be pretty.  I’m gonna be sad, moody, depressed, then alternately pissed off, cranky, and generally unpleasant (some say this is already my state, what would be different?).  I’m going down in flames if I lose access to my beloved Internet.  And my financial/employment situation being what it is, you can bet your sweet heinie I’m getting nervous.

And nothing rammed that home to me as much as realizing, maybe for the first time, how seriously I take this blogging stuff.  I mean, I spend hours thinking about what topics to blog on, then I spend minutes writing them up, then I spend more minutes editing them and catching typos, and then seconds posting them.  It’s exhausting I tell you.

But hey – everyone needs a hobby, right?  And it’s cheaper than woodworking or even stamp collecting, so I guess it’s not that bad.  Right?


Or should I take some time off and try to wean myself?  What do you think?  And how much effort do you put into blogging?  Is it just for giggles or do you try to be somewhat serious?  Am I the only one?

See?  I have a problem.


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19 thoughts on “Bloggin’ and Jonesin’

  1. I blog because I can say all kinds of horrible things about women and most people think I’m joking. In truth, I’m a misogynist. If I could, I’d take away women’s right to vote. The blog allows me anonymity and the assumption of comedy. Do I look like a clown? Am I some clown here to amuse you?

    Why, yes … yes you DO look like a clown, and you ARE here to amuse me.

  2. Pfft… I update my blog when I remember. I usually have a couple of ideas floating around in there (insert bad joke here) but rarely get the time to sit down and input ’em. I do miss updating my blog daily *sniffle*

    You NEVER updated it DAILY, don’t gimme that. And if you have time to TWEET you have time to BLOG. Just sayin’. 😉

  3. I think we’ve established that I put absolutely no effort into my blog whatsoever.

    Yes … yes we have. And you MAY have to change that to conjoin the blog with the marketing of your writing. Hm. Something to consider.

    I guess you could call me addicted, because I feel antsy when I don’t post for a few days. But you know what? It’s like I found an outlet for an addiction I already had. I’ve always had this need to communicate, to overshare, to expose my flaws, to connect with others like me, and blogging is the perfect vehicle for those things.

    But now you’re culling those things from your blog. You seem to have a new direction and purpose for it. How will your inconsistency impact what you want the blog to do now? Hmm? HHHHMMMMMMMM??

  4. If you are addicted to writing your blog, then I am addicted to reading it. Blogs are where I surf when I’m bored at work (been on a huge project this week, so haven’t had that). Or when I need a moment while writing after work (been moving my friends after work all week … so again, been out of the loop) Is it awful? Hell yes! I mean, people just annoy me all day, I go out here and talk with my fellow bloggers and it’s like … wow, why can’t everyone work like this?

    Well, bloggers certainly have the advantage in being able to present only what they want you to see. Never forget, what you read on the screen, no matter how it seems, doesn’t make that person any less a stranger in real life. For all you know, I’m a nose-picking, child-snatching, skid-mark bearing pervert. Just sayin’. 😉 But yeah, I need other addicts to feed my addiction. So MAINLINE ME, baby! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Admission is the first step, right? I’m not admitting to anything! 🙂 Well, there was that realization this morning that I should allow myself to drop off nablopomo for the month of October. Trying to write a new poem everyday is exhausting. It is also beginning to show in the quality, or lack of, in some of my posts. Maybe I could just post a sentence or two….a commentary…a picture of something….I do have a camera….problem? I ain’t got no problem.

    That’s right, you can post other stuff. Doesn’t have to be poetry. Just a couple of quick thoughts will do. Problem? We ain’t got no stinking problem. 😉

  6. One person’s addiction is another person’s passion, right? Well, an addiction is only a problem if it starts costing you things you can’t/don’t want to pay–like if your wife decided to leave you because you love your blog more than her. That’s not going to happen, is it? So have fun with it. I see so many students who have no interests, no passions, whatsoever… be obsessed. Go ahead. You aren’t causing harm as far as I can tell–and people like reading your blog so even better.

    Well, it’s not a problem yet. It might be if/when I start working again. Heh.

    I’m addicted to my blog, but I’m running out of ideas. I don’t want to quit however… what to do?

    I’ve been out of ideas for years. I have to really work to come up with things now. If I’d stuck to a single theme, I’d probably be in trouble because you can stuff what I know about any one thing into a thimble.

  7. I’m with J–I’m not admitting nuttin. No problem here, no problem at all. Need to go–think I recall having an 8 year old I need to pick up from somewhere…or maybe I read that on a blog….

    Be sure to blog about whether you discover if this is truth or just someone else’s post.

  8. I get twitchy if I haven’t posted anything for a few days. And I get even more twitchy when the “regulars” I read haven’t posted anything for a while.

    Me too. Start wondering if they’re okay, did they quit, are they on vacation, is this going to happen to me after a while … all sorts of weird things.

    But I’m a lot better now than I was a year ago, when I was posting every blessed day. That, yes, was becoming a problem: online wasn’t supplementing real life; it was eating into real life. To some extent this was understandable (if not exactly forgivable): I was trying to establish that elusive “platform,” and anyhow (I told myself), it was writing, wasn’t it? (Answer: yes, it was. Sorta. 🙂 )

    I’m not sure if it’s eating into real life, since I haven’t got one. As for writing? Yeah, sorta. It’s not quite as disciplined as prose writing, and doesn’t really exercise the creative muscles the same way, but it IS moving the fingers over the keys, right?

    I try to stick to two habits: (a) having only one “mandatory” posting day (Friday), and (b) keeping a backlog of draft posts and ideas for posts. Currently I’ve got 35 (!) drafts in the hopper and other ideas I’m still mulling.

    Everything I read says you gotta post 3-4 times a week or more to build up an audience, but that might only apply to pro bloggers looking for dough from their blogs. I wouldn’t OBJECT to that, but that’s not my goal. I just don’t know how I’ll handle this when I have to work for a living (God, soon, please!), because something will have to give between wife, kids, work, commute, meals and blogging. Oh, and writing. Yeah, that’s right … I’m supposed to be a writer too. Heh.

  9. Okay 3 for 3. So on your author’s site you have the Ghost Hunter’s book with 47 chapters. What I want to know is am I going to spend a week reading and you will have killed the hero? If I going to be arrested I want to know ahead of time.

    Only one way to find out … MUAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!

      • Not yet, but I’ve almost finished the Childhood Memories and I told yur hubby to post one every Monday and call it Monday Memories (like yur Tues Tootsies). They’re fabulous and he could actually add that box of squares on a seperate page up there next to Contact.

  10. I usually start off my day wondering what I should blog about. If I’ve worked all night and still haven’t come up with an idea I dig something out of the draft box and work on it. Days I don’t blog are days I’m exhausted from too many hours with the general public. Even on those days I usually at least write a title for the draft box.

    It’s a tough addiction. If I don’t blog ahead of time I start breaking out in a sweat wondering what to blog about. I like to have them ready several days in advance. I’m … pretty bad.

    • Twitter Stops me Blogging because the peoples tweets are mostly the same nonsense over and over. My emails stop me Blogging because they are a constant distraction most asking for sign ups or to Download a PDF . I guess if I read more blog posts like this that inspire a little I would have less Blogger’s block.

      Hi, Chris, thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I’m glad I could offer a small spark of inspiration, and good luck with Blogger’s Block. I hope you beat it. 🙂

  11. My blog has really helped me find the joy in my writing again. I was very close to chucking it all but once I decided to stop sending out my stuff to editors and just share it with whoever came across it I found my muse again.

    That’s interesting. I never thought of this as a way to release my writing block or anything.

    Two years ago I used to have to force myself to write and rejection slips would just tear me up inside.

    Oh, man. Yeah, I can see that’d be tough to face. But I have to gear up for it somehow. I’m going to get rejected a lot.

    Now? I may never make a million bucks but I’m happy again, I have ideas again, I even sleep better.

    I don’t think any of us trying for publication are going to make a million bucks. But if you’re sleeping better and feeling better and happy, what’s money?

    So I guess I need my blog and my twitter account a lot really. I wonder if maybe thirty years ago I would be publishing ‘zines or something like that.

    Thirty years ago it was a different game, publishing. Who knows how it would’ve gone then?

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