Out of Excuses

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I didn’t prepare any blog posts for this week as I normally do over the weekend.

I’m not sure why, but this weekend brought me one of the worst cases of blasé I’ve ever had.  Okay, one of the worst cases I could be bothered to try and remember.  And yet, with the boredom, came an antsy, edgy nervousness I couldn’t shake.  It was creepy in a way.

I feel the impending weight of winter in the air.  The chill nights, the crisp air.  It’s going cold faster than I remember in some time, which doesn’t bode well for a short, warm winter, but that didn’t have much to do with how I felt.  At least, I don’t think so.

Quite a few times I sat down at the computer to write something – just a short story – and couldn’t get my fingers moving on the keyboard.  My first excuse was not being able to decide on a tool.  Of all the lame excuses, how lame is that one?  I have more software for writers than anyone I know, and I can’t decide on one?  I have no fewer than nine software packages designed to make writing easier.  And I have Microsoft Word, and Corel Wordperfect.  I can’t pick a software package?  Really?  Seriously?

Then I decided I was still “brewing” the idea.  It wasn’t ready to come out of my head yet; still incubating, if you will.  All weekend.  A short story – more of a vignette, in truth – and it’s not ready yet.  Whatever.

Then I decided I’d compare it to my new story structure method and see if it needed anything.  A short story needs proper structure and planning too, y’know.  What impact would it have?  What impact did I want it to have?  How would I execute it?  Would I go with first person POV or a tight third person?  (This is a joke; I always knew this story would be in first person.  It sorta has to be.)

Next I decided I wanted to add a creepy twist, sort of theme this for Halloween.  So, I came up with a nice twist in about three minutes.  Oh, but that wasn’t enough, no.  I had to think about the ending.  I had to think about the storyline.  So that meant lying down and … you know.  Thinking. It looks like sleep.  It’s not, philistines, it’s thinking. It’s writing.  Kinda.

Then I decided maybe I’d submit it for a contest entry over on deviantART.  Normally, I don’t enter contests on dA, because I … well, frankly, I suck.  I always lose.  So I’m not sure I wanted to do that.

So then I decided I had it all worked out.  I didn’t get far with holding it up to the 4-part story structure method.  I did, however, work out how the story will go, more or less.  Some details are missing, but I’m not even sure they’re necessary.  So then you know what I did?

I started debating whether I wanted this creepy, Halloween-themed story to be my first attempt at publication.  I considered The Absent Willow Review for publishing it.  Anyone familiar with them?  Are they legit?  Anyone know how I can find out?  So, if not them, who?  And I if I do submit it I can’t publish it on my blog.  So by now it’s Sunday night, late, and I’m sitting here blogging instead.

Did I ever write that story?

How will you know?  I said I might not publish it on my fiction blog.  So how would you know?  I could say yes and you’d never know if I told the truth or not, would ya?

How’s that for a twist ending?  Neener neener!

How was your weekend?  What’d you all do?


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8 thoughts on “Out of Excuses

  1. Here’s the Duotrope listing for Absent Willow: http://duotrope.com/market_3230.aspx It says they pay occasionally up to semi-pro. What drew you to this publication?

    Nothing yet. I just found them a while back when I was looking for places to publish. But if this isn’t a good cred, fagedaboutit … I’ll keep looking. I know you sent me a link to a place which does shorts, but I have to check and see what the turn-around time is (that was another draw to this site, turn-around time).

    I’ve been going through an antsy period myself, and as with yours, it’s a bit creepy.

    Yeah, it is. But I used it to my advantage (the creepiness) when I started writing Sunday night. 😉

    • There’s no reason you can’t sub to this mag, I just wondered how you found them. Duotrope is always the first place I go, because of the search and sorting options. You can sort by highest acceptance or fastest response.

      Do you think it’s okay? Even though they’re paying sub-pro rates? Hm. I read some of the fiction there; seems pretty decent. I thought it would be a cred, y’know?

      I really gotta get busy and use Duotrope more often. I think I want to search by genre, then fastest responses, then highest pay. PAY ME!! PAY MEEEEEE!!!!

  2. I had an edgy, antsy, angsty weekend myself. I’m not sure why but am sure glad it is a new week! I’m going with you finished the story.

    You’re right, I did finish it. It wasn’t long enough to continue excusing myself. I buckled down and did it. 🙂

  3. I sat around and stared at my wood stove when I wasn’t working for less than minimum wage.

    I’m not sure, given the weather you’re having, I would’ve done anything different. I feel for ya.

  4. 2 sick kids=no fun weekend (as if it would be so exciting anyway;)
    I knew you finished the story. Keep us posted on the pub front.

    Aw, sorry ’bout the kids, D. I’ll be sure to let you know if/when I sub. 🙂

  5. The weekend was good. Now the husband has left for Portugal for 8 days and it is just the kiddo and me. Don’t know if I’ll have any energy left over for anything.

    But it is okay to have blase spells. Like the good-writing-moment spells, they also pass.

    I know they pass, but they stink while we’re in ’em. I’ve … sorta learned to deal with them, but I never like them.

  6. I’m going through that blase, ho-hum phase right now. Can’t seem to manage to blog, can’t get ambitious enough to do some much needed rearranging of my clothing getting ready for winter, etc.

    It’s the winter doldrums setting in early, I suppose.

    We went to KC, MO again and saw our pregnant (and now – finally! looks like she is) and our SIL who is usually traveling for his work. That was a nice change. She was having another baby shower. I swear this baby will have just about anything and everything she could possibly need. That’s a good thing though since the kids won’t have to buy much of anything.

    Always a plus, that’s for sure! 🙂

    Ate at Joe’s Crab Shack again so all-in-all it wasn’t too bad of a weekend.

    Not bad at ALL. Love the ‘Shack when I can afford it … which is almost never.

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