Mystery Crave

hourglass Ever have a craving for something you couldn’t quite identify?

No, no … I’m not pregnant, I promise.  I’d be the first to let you all know if I was.  But no.  I’m just … craving something.

Everything sounds sorta good when you’re craving something you can’t identify.  I mean, Chinese dumplings sound awesome … so do tacos … and so do those ridiculous, heartburn-inducing little crispy rounds stuffed with crap you bake in the oven.  Most anything battered and deep-fat fried sounds appealing right now – corn dogs, pizza puffs, battered mushrooms, chicken … anything.

But I can’t quite put my finger on what it is I want.  I’ve heard cravings are an indication your body needs something – some nutrient, which is why pregnant women get them – so to strike back, I took a multi-vitamin.  No dice.  I did it for a couple of days and it didn’t work.  So I have no idea what to do.

Sometimes, I get itches I can’t find too.  I know there’s an itch somewhere in the vicinity of my finger, around the second knuckle for instance, but … I can’t quite get the itch no matter where I scratch.  It’s like the bone itches instead of the skin’s surface.  I hate it, and it’s infuriating.

I also find I’m prone to heartburn when I eat certain foods whereas I never got heartburn before.  This is a new phenomenon manifesting in the last … what? three, four years?  a little more maybe?  It’s annoying as hell.  I want to enjoy the food I eat, dagnabit!  Why do I have to suffer for it?!

I can’t get comfortable to sleep at night anymore either.

For those of you who haven’t reached your forties yet, be warned.  Take care of yourself or you’re going to regret it.  UGH.


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12 thoughts on “Mystery Crave

  1. I crave donuts. I can eat a dozen and still want more. In fact, why are there no donuts in front of me right now? Don’t just sit there and read this. Gimme a friggin’ donut NOW!

    At least you know what your craving IS! Dude, I can’t even figure out what it is I WANT never mind go GET it!

  2. My body started falling apart after a very stressful couple of years. Before that, I thought, “It can’t get any worse. I’m already fat, bad back, allergies…” I knew logically what happens with age, but couldn’t empathize with my future self. And I’m not 40 yet. Wondering what I’ll feel like at 50.

    At this rate of decay, I don’t even know if I want to know … *Sigh*

  3. I’m reading this and saying ME TOO at every point! 😀 I hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t get any better from here on out. Just keep laughing.

    Oh, no! More bad news?! 😉 Thanks for the encouragement, and if I don’t laugh — I’ll probably cry! 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Like I said in my comment on your last post; I am soooo in one of those type of moods. Blah, don’t know what I want to eat, want to do, in fact I don’t know much of nothing right now.

    Yeah, that’s lousy, ain’t it? Hate it when I’m like that.

    I am partially blaming it on the drastic weather change we have had in the last week. It was between 75-80 degrees now we are looking at 45. What?! I detest these drastic temperature changes that stick around. Throws me into a bit of a tizzy.

    Autumn came fast here too. We had a cool summer though, but now it’s into the low 30s at night and it’s too danged early for that!

    I really have some shopping I need to do before we leave for California on Friday and I just can’t seem to drag my butt out of the house. And I LOVE shopping!

    Well, if that don’t motivate you, what will?! LOL! Have fun in Cali if I don’t hear from you before you go!

  5. Go grab yourself a bucket of Tums, set the table with all of your favorite foods, and let us know when you figure out what the craving was.

    LOL! Well, bankrupting the family in an attempt to identify my mystery crave would, I’m certain, be frowned upon by my mostly-understanding spouse, but it’s a tempting idea! Thanks, D!

    • Oh…you must have many favorites then, eh? For me, just a few. And they are always on hand. Always:)

      Yes, I’m afraid I have a large (and probably ENlarged) heart, with many favorites. My enormous girth testifies.

  6. I just got this in my email today (it’s kind of silly, but considering the day I’m having relevant):


    You’re invited to celebrate Unhappy Hour. It’s a ceremony that gives you a poetic license to rant and whine and howl about everything that hurts you and makes you feel bad.

    During this perverse grace period, there’s no need for you to be inhibited as you unleash your tortured squalls. You don’t have to tone down the extremity of your desolate clamors. Unhappy Hour is a ritually consecrated excursion devoted to the full disclosure of your primal clash and jangle.

    Here’s the catch: It’s brief. It’s concise. It’s crisp. You dive into your darkness for no more than 60 minutes, then climb back out, free and clear. It’s called Unhappy Hour, not Unhappy Day or Unhappy Week or
    Unhappy Year.

    Do you have the cheeky temerity to drench yourself in your paroxysmal alienation from life? Unhappy Hour invites you to plunge in and surrender. It dares you to scurry and squirm all the way down to the bottom of your
    pain, break through the bottom of your pain, and fall down flailing in the soggy, searing abyss, yelping and cringing and wallowing.

    That’s where you let your pain tell you every story it has to tell you. You let your pain teach you every lesson it has to teach you.

    But then it’s over. The ritual ordeal is complete. And your pain has to take a vacation until the next Unhappy Hour, which isn’t until next week sometime, or maybe next month.

    You see the way the game works? Between this Unhappy Hour and the next one, your pain has to shut up. It’s not allowed to creep and seep all over everything, staining the flow of your daily life. It doesn’t have free
    reign to infect you whenever it’s itching for more power.

    Your pain gets its succinct blast of glory, its resplendent climax, but leaves you alone the rest of the time.

    Maybe an unhappy hour is what you need?

    You know, it’s not a bad idea. But for now, I’m satisfied to have this little bitch session and see what tomorrow brings. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I hate when you know what you are craving, get some to rid yourself of the craving, and it turns out to be a let down. We had that happen last week with hot wings. Entire household was craving hot wings. Spousal unit brought a boxful home, everyone started digging in before the plates were even out….but they just weren’t that good. Not bad, just not that good. Then what???? Do you try again or just let it go?

    OH, man! The HORROR! I don’t know … if the itch ain’t scratched, it’s just gonna itch some more; I’d find me some better wings. (Which sound GOOOOOD, btw!) I feel for ya!

  8. I usually crave sweet and salty. Reese’s PB cups, Nutrageous or Take 5 kill two birds with one stone. I get activity cravings I can’t seem to pinpoint and the weird itch thing too but it’s usually somewhere in my foot or ankle.

    Yeah, I get those around my heel, on the thick leathery part I couldn’t scratch without using a metal rasp. Aggravating!

  9. I’m not much of a craver. If I get that feeling of an unfillable, unspecified hunger, it’s usually my hormones messing with me. I know full well that whatever I eat will only disappoint me, because then I’ll just have a bellyful of grease and salt (chips) or furry teeth (chocolate) but the itch will not be scratched. So I try to resist. What works best is not keeping any cravable items in my house, because if I’m hormonal I’m also too lazy to go out to the store.

    Being out of work has its merits for stopping one from going out in search of the crave item, too. It’s a workable plan, but this crave won’t go ‘way.

  10. I don’t have cravings very often, but when I do they are of they mystery variety and I find myself grazing on every thing in sight. Sometimes I find out what it is before I have to buy bigger pants, and sometimes I have to go next size up before I discover that all I really wanted was something healthy like raisins.

    Good luck!

    Thanks, I’ll need it! I can’t get pants any larger without going to Walrus skins or something.

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