Lists, Lists, Listless

lists-fullYou know, some time ago I compiled a list of topics about which I could blog when I ran out of blog fodder.  I figured looking over the list, thinking about the topics, would generate some ideas for this space.

So last night, while my beloved watched her weekly round of Criminal Minds (and the only thing criminal about it is the liberties they take with the writing and acting), I looked over that list in hope of generating a post for today.

Know what I found?

I have a hundred items on that list.  It’s a very nice list, really.  I got it from a friend over on deviantART.  And not one of those topics sparked an interesting blog post for me.  Not a single one.

The list, languishing on my hard drive in obscurity, is completely useless.

I wondered if I could make a list of other things I find more useful.  I decided, since I couldn’t come up with anything else, I’d go ‘head and do that instead.

But then it dawned on me – those lists would be useless too.  I mean, by the time I did the research to find something interesting to list, I’d be able to come up with something else too.  So, no.

Then I thought I’d go out and find some really controversial websites for you to look through.  Trouble is … I don’t want this blog to become that kind of blog.  I mean, we already have enough weird stuff blogs out there.  So I don’t think so.

Then I thought, well, why don’t I share a list of my favorite movies, TV shows, songs, foods, etc.?

No.  You’re kiddin’ me, right?  No one wants to read that crap.  No one.

Okay, so I had nothing.  And how many “I got nothin’” posts can one person get away with?  I could tell you a funny story about my kids, but I don’t have one just now.  I mean, I might, but what am I going to blog about next week if I do that now?  So, no.  Again.

With nothing left to do, I decided I’d come up with another useless list and give it to you.  In my listlessness, I felt it was the most appropriate list I could provide you at this time, and in this space.

Know what that list was?


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10 thoughts on “Lists, Lists, Listless

  1. List of things DarcKnyt’s list could be:
    – Favourite books
    – Least favourite authors
    – Favourite sexual positions
    – Favourite movies based on Stephen King works
    – Top 10 Twilight Zone episodes
    – Worst film adaptions of Stephen King books
    – Favourite sexual positions (found in the Kama Sutra)
    – Favourite children (we all know parents rank their kids)
    – Favourite blogs to read
    – Favorite words to be bastardized by the Americans with the removal of the ‘U’
    – Favourite foods to be used during sexual intercourse (if you can find a way to incorporate fried chicken, I NEED DETAILS!)
    – Favourite list suggestions from this list I’m currently providing
    – Favourite blog widgets
    – Favourite soap operas characters (of course Victor Newman tops the list)
    – 50 greatest catches in sports history (I’ve been watching too much Best Damn Sports Show Period)
    – Favourite ice cream flavours
    – Favourite fast food restaurants
    – Funniest/weirdest people found on the train during the morning rush hour
    – Sketchiest people found at WalMart
    – Top 10 Simpsons episodes

    Now, THAT’S an awesome list! GREAT stuff here, WIGSF!

  2. I was quite entertained by your non-list list. 🙂

    Well, thank you! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it, and thank you for stopping by!

    And I simply must borrow a few of whatigotsofar’s list items, but because of my American perversity I will remove every single u … even if I have to add some first. 😉

    Yes, WIGSF invites these sorts of things by living in a country where they refuse to acknowledge the correct spelling of such words and then daring us to remove them! 🙂 But it IS an awesome list, I gotta admit.

    • Excuse me. I live in a country where we spells words correctly. It’s you Americans you have to make everything you own special way. And for crying out loud, you people think Canadians cannot even speak correctly. Aboot! ABOOT! You know what aboot is? It’s that thing I wear on my foot when I kick your yankee butt!

      Oh, I’m SAWRY, did I offend you in the PROW-cess of saying how you guys are incorrectly pronouncing HOOS and ABOOT? 😛

  3. I really like your list. I always think I have tons of ideas and then don’t. I not printed out a 1-100 list so that I can put down all the topics I would want on my blog. So, If I don’t like one topic I can choose another. What is amazing is all the comments on postaday2011 give me more lists or ideas or topics to post about. Thanks a million.

    My pleasure, Jackie! Thanks for stopping by!

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