Grocery Cart Conversations

Grocery_cart There were only two check-out lines open, and the self-service lanes, so the lines wrapped around and clogged the wide, main aisle.  I leaned on the shopping cart handle, wondering if any other clerks would bother opening up a register to get the lines moving.  I didn’t hold out much hope.

“So what was your blog about today, Daddy?”

I blinked a couple of times, and looked down.  My four year-old daughter stared up at me, all gray, bright eyes and curly pony tail, her cheeks bunched into a beautiful smile.

“My blog?” I said.  I shifted my weight and couldn’t stop the grin spreading over my face like a wet diaper stain.

“Yeah, what was your blog about?”

She didn’t avert her eyes from mine, and put her little hands over my forearms.

I looked at my wife, wearing a huge smile herself, watching us.  I looked back at her.  She still grinned up at me, waiting for an answer.

“W-ell,” I said, and suddenly struggled to recall what I’d blogged about.  “Daddy … has a friend who moved into a very small town, and I blogged about what it might be like to live there.”

“Who’s your friend?”

“His name is Doug.”

“Oh, Doug!  I remember Doug!  I like him!”  Her smile broadened and beamed.  “What else?”

“Uh … well, nothing, really.  I just … blogged about what it might be like to live in a very tiny town like he does now.  I liked the idea.”

“Cool.”  She stretched out her arms and encircled my neck, then kissed me.  She turned her attention back to the line, the people, the magazines, and mostly her brother.

I tipped my head and watched her in wonder.  She genuinely wanted to know what my blog was about.  I didn’t know what to make of it, but she wanted to know.  Her little pony tail wagged and bounced as she turned her back to me.  I kissed the back of her head, and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

I hope she asks me again today.  I really do.


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10 thoughts on “Grocery Cart Conversations

  1. Other possible answers you could have given your daughter:
    – “Current tax laws.” I’d have to know them first, don’tcha think?
    – “Pilfering your college fund to feed my drug habit.” What’s a “college fund”?
    – “Blog, what blog?”
    – “How writers develop stories.” Been there, done that.
    – “How I like your brother more than I like you.” Did you get this a lot as a kid?
    – “Why grocery stores have 20 checkout lanes but never open more than 4.” UGH. I was close to this!
    – “Your mamma’s sweet ass.” Thinking about this All. The. Time.

    Could it be any more obvious that I shouldn’t breed?

    Not really, no.

  2. Oh I love it! Genuine interest and love. It’s what life is all about. Thanks for sharing this today, it made me smile. 😀

    My pleasure, D. Thanks for spending some of your precious time with me! 🙂

  3. How wonderful!!! Sounds like you have been raising one hell of a daughter there. A little angel right there to remind you that life really is good. Even in a crowded store.

    Too true, Beth. I have nothing to do with how sweet, caring and loving she is though. That’s aaaaaall her. 🙂

  4. I love this! Wait until she is a little older and leaves an unexpected comment on your blog. I think I smiled for 2 days non-stop! 🙂

    I can’t wait. 🙂 Well … I mean, depending on the comment, I suppose….

  5. Kids can amaze and astound us daily and they can be so grownup at such a young age. She knows that right now blogging and writing are daddy’s “jobs” so she genuinely wants to know about your day.

    Now if I could get either one of my offspring to leave a comment on my blog I’ll faint. I know they both read it, girl child more so than – the “boy” but they never leave me a comment. Maybe they don’t want anyone knowing I can claim them 🙂

    I know there’s a point at which I’ll be an embarrassment to them. (I secretly look forward to it.) But I embrace the tenderness and joy they offer now, and roll with their punches as much as I can. 🙂

  6. Aw, what a sweetie! When she’s a little older, she can have her own blog too.

    She actually told me when I asked what HER blog was about yesterday too. 🙂 She doesn’t have one, but I’m sure she will someday.

  7. How cute! It’s a good reminder that our children ARE interested in what we do, and watch us aaaaallllll the time. Every little thing. Constantly. Especially when you don’t want them to. Like when your towel is hanging open in the back.

    Or you’re lying in bed, and they come to wake you up, but your covers are all over the place and your underwear are jammed up in the nether places and your butt cheek’s showing. Yeah, THOSE times.

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