#fridayflash: New Stuff Up

I’ve posted my new piece for #fridayflash over on my fiction blog.  If you’re so inclined, head over and have a gander.  I’d love to know what you all think.

My confidence in myself as a writer is a little shaken recently, but I haven’t been able to identify why.  I’m just not feeling up to snuff; like I’m not doing as well as I was just a couple of months ago from a prose standpoint.  I don’t know – I’ve lost a step, maybe.  Not that I had a step….

Still, this one comes with thanks only to my beloved and first reader, who told me to cut my darlings until I bleed.  I didn’t agree with her decisions but did it anyway.  She says it’s better; I guess I’ll let the feedback decide.

Anyway, have a great weekend, y’all.



5 thoughts on “#fridayflash: New Stuff Up

  1. Okay, this creeped me out and for some reason also struck me as funny. I’m not sure why but at the end…I busted up laughing. Perhaps I should make an appointment? lol

    Nah, just run with it! Join us, Jaymie! JOIN US!!

  2. I’m sorry you’re not feeling like a good writer. Is it my fault? All the complaining I do about editing getting you down?

    Oh, no, not that at all sweets. I just feel like I get more red marks on my stuff — from everyone who reads my stuff, not one person in particular — lately than I’m used to. AND, when I read it, I don’t have the confidence in it I usually do. I feel like … well, like I’ve lost a step. Can’t explain it better than that; I’ve slipped from lack of practice maybe? Can’t tell. But it’s no one’s fault in particular; just one o’ my phases, I hope. 🙂 Thanks for caring.

  3. Yeah good stuff…so whose fingertip is it….and why is she lookin to shoot the place up…hmm got me interested now…zman sends

    It’s a reference to an earlier part of the story, Zman. Thanks for stopping by and reading it; hope you enjoyed and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Ha ha ha — oh, you wicked writer!

    No way to know if the cuts *laughing* helped or not, because we can’t actually see ’em. But the thing thrums like a well-tightened drumhead as it is.

    Thank you, JES! I’m flattered! I’m very glad you stopped by, and thanks for the time to read and let me know what you thought. As for the “cuts” (hehehe…) — yes, I believe they helped. If nothing else, your comment alone tells me they did. The piece was flabby and had a telegraphed ending without them. Thank you again! 🙂

    • An interesting project among all us aspiring writers would be of the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” sort: a page from a manuscript showing how that bit of a work evolved over time, from draft-to-draft. We’d probably have to turn on the word-processor “show revisions” feature or whatever it’s called, to discourage cheating. 🙂

      That would be sort of interesting. I’m not sure I’m bold or honest enough to participate, though. Not always proud of my first drafts. Heh.

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