A Little Replay

alphainventionsdotcom I’ve been telling you about AlphaInventions.com for a while now, but I want to revisit the utility because Cheru Jackson, the programmer and genius behind the app, has revamped how it looks and maybe how it works.  He’s also interested in feedback to see how it can be further improved.

AlphaInventions is a rotational blog reader which allows users to view many different blogs, stop on those of interest and input their own.  There are a couple of ways to do that, but the best way is to donate to their cause and get a place of honor in their system.  Other methods include writing a nice blog post about them and simply bumping someone out of line in the queue with your own URL.  (No one’s feelings get hurt; it’s allowed.)

AlphaInventions is a good way to get some immediate exposure to your blog.  You all know what a hit-count whore I am, so it’s no surprise I write a post like this every once in a while.  Besides, I think it’s neat tool and I don’t mind pimping it, even if it doesn’t generate a lot of traffic (and to date, no new readers I know of).

Then again, my blog’s kind of mundane and unfocused.  Those of you with more purposeful and intent blogs might find there are people who want to read about what you’ve got to say.  Poets, get on board with it.  Get yourself out there, in front of people.  Poetry seems very popular with blog readers and seems to draw a lot of attention anyway, especially when you’re good at it (just look at my buddy Jaymie’s blog for a great example!).  Writers, see if you can hook someone with your wordsmithing, and maybe you can find someone of interest yourself to follow.  The thing to remember is, this isn’t going to flood your blog with subscribers and readers; but it can expose you to others who are of similar interest.  That might lead to mutual commenting and watching.  Networking is still king for exposure.

It’s a great tool and Cheru has a Facebook page you can follow too.  Give it shot, it’s nifty cool and clever.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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12 thoughts on “A Little Replay

  1. I think I may be registered with them from your last post, but I haven’t seen any traffic from there. I forgot about ’em.

    I don’t think it’s a one-time thing. You insert your name without a donation and I think it just goes through the rotation a couple of times. I’m thinking you have to do it over and over (donating makes it a permanent thing, I thought, though).

  2. I seem to get some traffic from Alpha occasionally; and I have signed into it before, but I, like Sherri had forgotten about it lately. Thanks for the reminder!

    Glad to help! 🙂

  3. I had two occasions where my stats went through the roof immediately after posting, all coming from alphainventions. I had never even heard of them before and took a quick peek at the site to check them out. It’s a really interesting concept. I’ll have to revisit the site. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    My pleasure, D. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the mention Darc. I actually use blogiche.com as a traffic generator and alphainvention on occasion. It really makes stats difficult to decipher. While I know it has brought in some comments, I can’t tell how many folks are actually stopping to read. If you like seeing the counter spin than it is experiment worthy. Other areas to play with are your keywords and networkedblogs.com(I think it can be used through most social networking sites). Stumbleupon is also a site that a reader of mine swears by but it seems like a lot of extra work because you are double posting. I’m also really interested in SEO and am wondering if going to wordpress.org will allow me to place keywords in the html headers. I’ll probably be checking that out in a couple weeks. I would love to find a counter that could tell you how long folks pause on your page. Any recommendations for that one?

    I’ve tried StumbleUpon, but I don’t know how to work that darned thing yet. And I have NetworkedBlogs over on FB, but I don’t get too much traffic that way. AI is nice because it’s simple and free; as far as long-term readers and stuff, I can’t say though.

    Now, as for stats? Try SiteMeter. You can add a text widget to your blog and get reports from SiteMeter about traffic, including things like page views vs. page visits, and if I’m not mistaken, time spent on each page. Very cool, all free. Check it out here if you’d like.

    • Thanks, I’ll check it out! It looks like my host for my website has awstat which breaks things down that way. I just need to get the new website designed/built and then pipe in my blog. What a fun learning process. 🙂

      Oh, I can imagine. 🙂

  5. I checked my stats and see that in the last year I’ve had 24 referrals from AlphaInventions, but I don’t remember ever signing up with them. Hmmm….

    Sometimes they just come getcha somehow. That’s actually how I found out about the site at ALL. But it’s been fun, and Cheru’s a nice guy. 🙂

  6. Knyt

    I have been waiting patiently for your review of the new Stephen King Novel…Under the Dome..i swore i would not read it if you did not give it a thumbs up…so what gives..zman sends

    Oh, can’t give it a review Zman. I haven’t read it. 🙂 But if it’s King … how bad can it be? 😀

  7. Eeenteresting.

    Contrarily, I’m not looking for any more readers for my blog, unless they want to lurk. I like having a personal relationship with all my commenters, and I feel there is an upper limit to the number of people I can have that mutual relationship with. I want to keep it intimate. Of course the lurkers are welcome to come in droves if they like. It’s all good.

    You know, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t know what I’d do if I got dozens and dozens of commenters either. I’d be overwhelmed, feeling everyone who comments deserves a response. I know some bloggers get literally thousands of comments, and I have no idea how they do it. It’s got to be intimidating. Good food for thought. 🙂

  8. Strange I would read this post today. Alphainventions netted me over 20 hits today, this is the second time their site has sent me traffic, and I have yet to sign up with them. Speaking of ways to increase site traffic, what else do you got?

    Not a lot, Jared. Fresh content, update frequently (3-4 times a week), use as many catchy words as you can in the titles, use lists, use headers, register with Google and Yahoo if you haven’t yet, and that’s about it for me. Not a big SEO guy, myself. But one of the biggest things is to comment on other folks’s blog. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I comment on at least a dozen blogs but don’t seem to get comments in return. How disappointing. I think I stumbled upon a group of tight-knit bloggers that aren’t accepting new members.

    Oh, one of THOSE clubs. Yeah … yeah, I know what you mean. 😉

    Anyway, what do you mean when you say register with google/yahoo? Do they have a blog service I’m not seeing?

    No, they actually have a place where you can register your URL with their search engines and it’s supposed to help you get more search traffic. Here’s a link to the Google one, and here are the instructions for doing it with Yahoo. Hope that helps!

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