Welcome Back!

conversations Well, happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing and wonderful holiday. I hope it was filled with love, family, warm memories and great food too. We had a terrific time here as well, even if it was leaner than we’d have liked.

Nothing eventful to report here. We made due with what we had on hand, but we also spent some great family time. Headed back to the library on Friday to return some books which couldn’t be renewed, then went shopping. My wife and I are non-traditionalists, but we had a nice time enjoying each other’s company. It was great. I watched a whole lot of football, to my son’s aggravation, because it keeps him off the Wii. Just a really nice, relaxing weekend with no stress or worries and a lot of love and togetherness.

How about you? Today, to show you all how grateful I am to you and for you (and because I have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation beyond what I’ve already said, heh), I’d like the comments to be wide open for you. I know my buds abroad didn’t celebrate a holiday, but I’d love for them to chime in too.

What did you do this past (holiday) weekend? Whether you were celebrating Thanksgiving or not, you probably did something. For those in the States, did you have a traditional Thanksgiving gathering? What did you eat? Who did you visit or receive as guests? What time does your family sit and eat? Let me know.

For those not celebrating a holiday, did you have plans? Was it “Black Friday” for you too, even though it wasn’t the day after Thanksgiving? Did you brave the throngs of slathering, rabid holiday shoppers, or did you sit tight and just enjoy friends and family?

So, the comments are yours. Tell me all about your weekend, whether four days or just the standard two. I’m eager to get back in touch with you all and hear about your lives and times.

Don’t leave me hangin’ now! 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Thanksgiving Day was our usual tradition of Chinese food then a movie because we always do T-Day on the following Saturday up in KC and since SIL’s family is only an hour away and they are a bigger family, they get the holiday. Doesn’t bother us as long as we can get together.

    That’s what sharing holidays is all about! Nice to hear!

    Great news! Morgan is now almost 6lbs! Yippee!! 🙂 She still is a wee bit of nothing wrapped up in her blankie but boy is she a sweetie.

    Fantastic news! I’m so happy for you guys!

    Man, we have done the trip to KC and back 3 times in the last 2 weeks and that is enough until Christmas.

    I bet! You’re probably pretty road weary by now. But I’m sure it’s all been worth it! 🙂

  2. Somehow I’ve become the host for my family’s gatherings. I’d be fine having none of the traditional food, but it makes my mom happy, so… Oh, except pie. I’d have nothing but 15 kinds of pie. Pie good. Piiiiiiiiiiiie.

    Mmmm, piiiiiiiiiiiie. Yum. 🙂

  3. Sandy and I just kinda hung out around the house. I shelled pecans from the tree in my back yard for quite a while; getting literal pounds of shelled pecans and still have a long way to go. I read quite a bit, finished my latest David Baldacci book (True Blue) and started “Vulcan’s Fire” by Harold Coyle. Sandy laid around licking his ‘doodle’. (if I could do that, I’d never have to leave the house) KIDDING! Anyway, went in to work for a few hours Saturday. Back again this morning.

    Ha! LOL! If any of us could lick our own doodles, we’d never leave the house! C’mon, we can be honest about this, right? 😉 Awesome!

    Glad you guys had a great weekend…overall mine was a-okay!

    And we’re glad it was for you too!

  4. What a nice welcome. 🙂

    Let’s see….we spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s family, had the traditional fare, thankfully my appetite was muted by the fact that I stood in the kitchen all day. Still, those calories seemed to attach themselves right to my hips. This week it’s yogurt and rice cakes for me. Blech.

    Aw, bummer. A moment on the lips forever on the hips, huh? Well, I’m too fat to worry over such matters, but maybe someday I’ll care. 😉

    Friday was my daughter’s birthday, “the big 08” as she calls it, and we had a sleepover with a few friends. I took them swimming and then out to dinner, and shuffled the guests off Saturday afternoon. Another little houseguest yesterday, a surprise visit from my sister and brother-in-law (always good!) and then finally, a quiet evening. I tried to catch up on some work but got distracted and wrote a poem at midnight. Oh well, I guess I should be happy since I’ve had zero inclination to write lately. 🙂

    You never know where that inspiration’s going to come — or when! Happy birthday to your daughter! Our son turned “the big 08” this month too. 🙂 Oh, and your midnight poem was awesome.

    Today I am determined to tackle a database issue. Let the good times roll. 😉

    Go get ’em, tigress! 😉 Glad it was a good weekend for you!

  5. We had a dinner at my sister’s on Thursday then a dinner with friends and family at our place on Friday. Hubby and I woke up with colds on Saturday so the remainder of the weekend was resting, football, and movies. Oh and he made a lovely French Onion Soup for us last night.

    Except for the cold, it sounds lovely. And my wife makes an awesome French onion soup too, according to her. 😉 (I’ve never had it.) Glad you all had a great one!

  6. What about for those of us with a one day weekend? I spent much of the day doing crap around the house. After a six day work week, I need more than 2 days for a weekend, let alone that crappy 1 day I had.

    I’ve always complained on your behalf about the lousy-ass one-day weekends you have. My wife and I both feel for you on that. I’d suggest getting a better job (maybe as a programmer?), but in this economy, that’d be crappy advice. Sorry you didn’t get a legit one, bud.

  7. No thanksgiving up here for us Canucks! But thanksgiving in general for our household is the usual Turkey dinner with trimmings, which barely gets by our parents since they’re traditional Koreans and prefer either Korean food or any other Asian substitute. As for ‘Black Friday’, can’t say I wasn’t tempted to buy something online but the last time I ordered something online from the U.S. I got killed with paying the duty.

    Y’know, Asian fare for Thanksgiving could be cool. My wife and I dream of rotation through lots of different things for holiday meals, and that sounds lovely. Dim Sum, anyone? 🙂 Bummer about the duty, though. 😦

    But overall, the weekend for me was simply trying to balance some freelance work and personal projects that I’m dying to find the time for (more on that later) with spending quality time with the wife and kids. Glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend off…you deserve it!

    Can’t wait to hear about your new projects, Alex! God bless and thanks for stopping by! It’s really nice to hear from you again. 🙂

  8. “What I Did On My Thanksgiving Weekend” by Linda

    ROLFMAO! Excellent! Quiet, class, it’s Linda’s turn to speak now.

    Good stuff: I ate a traditional dinner with family, I wrote two poems, and started some excellent polishing of my novel ms, ate a tasty Sunday brunch and a banana split for Sunday dinner.

    Awesome. Anytime a banana split is Sunday dinner, you’re living right.

    Bad stuff: I was seriously disappointed by someone, I found out that at some point Word freaked out and removed italics from my novel ms, burned about two calories all weekend.

    OY about Word! AUGH! I hate that mystery crap it pulls! And calories will be there to burn after the holidays; don’t beat yourself up too much. Excellent presentation, Linda!

  9. I had a normal 2-day weekend. The standout event occurred on Saturday evening, when my husband and I met with one of my friends and his new girlfriend. We were meeting her for the first time, so there was the potential for some shy awkwardness, but everything went smoothly. She’s very pretty, smart, and motivated. We had dinner together at a restaurant I recommended, and of course I felt personally responsible when the wait staff screwed up the new girlfriend’s drink order and her dinner order. Oh well. Then we all went to a comedy improv show and laughed until we couldn’t breathe, and all was well.

    Well now! It doesn’t get a lot better than good friends, new friends and a lot of laughs, does it? 🙂 I’m glad it was a good one for you.

  10. I drove 12 hours round trip to visit my kids. I left on Tuesday and returned to work Friday night.

    Well, I don’t envy the driving, but at least you got some time off work. Ahh … a break. 🙂

    We had a really good time. I hadn’t seen my kids since August so we all had lots of snuggle time watching movies. We had a traditional dinner at about 2pm: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, frog salad, & cranberry sauce. I cooked and one of my kids’ roomates helped. My kids sat and watched me cook just like old times.

    Awesome. Just awesome. 🙂

    They are coming here for Christmas. I get Little Napoleon for about a month and The Girl for only four days at around Christmas.

    That sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about it.

  11. We had Thanksgiving at my mother-in-law’s with my sister-in-law, her husband, & their two kids. Excellent food. I don’t cook anything. That’s what in-laws are for. No shopping I don’t like shopping. I certainly don’t like crazy foam-at-the-mouth shopping. Saturday was buy a tree and decorate and do some odd jobs around here. Sunday was print out my novels day! Overall good. Except for the sour note of waking up Sunday morning to find an email in my inbox from a friend who is angry with me. Still haven’t worked that out yet.

    If someone else is doin’ the cookin’, then the food’s all that much better, I say. 😉 Bummer about the angry friend, though. Sorry to hear it.

    I had mashed potatoes. That’s the important thing.

    Heck yeah.

    Glad you had a good day.


  12. Where to begin . . . finding myself funemployed (new word) for the first time in 30 years, I decided to invite the entire family (son, daughter, 2 spouses, 4 granddaughters, and 1 beagle). I cleaned house on Monday, cooked on Tuesday (4 pies, Canadian stuffing, party chex, brownies (for #1 granddaughter), etc.

    “Funemployed” — great word! And what a crowd!

    Spent Wednesday at my daughter’s — with the whole family, hot-tubbing, eating Chinese, and watching the girls play (they’re aged 6-4-3+2).

    Nice! That’s not a math problem is it? I stink at math.

    Got the turkey in @ 7 AM on Thursday . . . people and dog arrived throughout the day. We all sat down to eat at 4 PM. Cleaned-up, had dessert at 7 PM. Generally we talked, laughed, told stories, played with children and had 2 days of real family fun. The party broke up around 8 PM and I think I slept until 10 AM on Friday Morning.

    Whew! I’m exhausted just hearing about it! Sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

    Thanks for asking. I enjoyed an incredible Thanksgiving Weekend! I wish I had remembered to take pictures!

    You’re welcome, thanks for sharing!

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