One Satisfied TW

Oh, I’ve experienced traffic whore Nirvana.

I’ve made no bones about being a sleeze-bag for hits and comments. Love ‘em. Can’t get enough of ‘em. And yesterday, I actually sat back and breathed a long, satisfied sigh.

hitcount I somehow got my post promoted to the front page of  What resulted was an orgy of hits on my post which left me dizzy with glee and wonder. Hundreds of hits, literally (yes, I really mean literally – I ended up with more than 730 hits), and comments from new visitors. Awesome!

I’m not sure how this happened. I got an email saying it happened, but no explanation on how. I’d like to know, because this is a handy way of getting my blogging rocks off. And I’d like to promote blogs my friends keep too, and give them some blogger endorphin release if possible. Alas the method eludes me yet.

line-graph-2-trans Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit. I really mean that. I appreciate the time you took to read what I wrote. If you left a comment, double-thanks! That’s what blogging is about for me in a lot of ways. Interaction with others. That, and hit count. I’m all about the hit count.

So thanks everyone. It made my day. Literally.

God bless and if you’ve never been here before, feel free to come back whenever you’d like. We’d love to have you.

And thanks to all of you who are regular readers and commenters. I consider many of you friends, people I look forward to hearing from every day. Your presence here keeps this blog alive and kicking, and I wouldn’t do it without you.

Okay, maybe I would but it’d be boring.

See you all tomorrow, I hope. 🙂


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19 thoughts on “One Satisfied TW

  1. 730! Whoa! That is “hit city”. Good job! I guess a little ‘whoring’ isn’t bad. 🙂

    I guess we can all benefit from a LITTLE, eh? 😉 Thanks!

  2. I am in awe … and well, yes, envious! 🙂 If you ever figure out how you were chosen, please do share!

    I’m in awe too. And I don’t know how long the euphoria will last, but I’m sure this is blogging crack and I’ll be hopelessly hooked and unable to do anything about it. But if I DO figure out how I did it, I promise to share with everyone! Thanks!

  3. Way to go dude! You Rock…but we knew that 🙂

    Aw, thanks Delaney!

    I too am a hit “ho” and love it when there is a big jump in the stats. Now if they would just stay there *sigh* Ah, such is life in the bloggy universe.

    Yes indeed, such it is! If were easy, I guess ALL blogs would get hundreds of hits a day, huh? 😉 Thank you for the encouragement!

  4. And now it all goes to your head, doesn’t it. Or are you too high and mighty to respond to my measly little comments?

    What’s that? … I’m sorry, did you say something?

  5. …mr., that’s a beautiful thing! …think of it like; many of those visitors will be back…cause that darcsite is sticky!

    Thanks, Garry! It WAS a beautiful thing. I’m still basking in the afterglow. 😉 I hope you’re right about the visitors. Time will show I suppose. 🙂

  6. Somewhere in the dark corners of cyberspace I see a small black bat-shaped cloth doll with about 730 starshaped pins bristling from it.

    Hehehe. Awesome.

    Sorry, my mind wanders . . .
    KUDOS on the blog hits!
    You’ve done well.

    Oh, I can’t take credit. It’s WordPress’s kindness. But thank you just the same. 🙂

  7. Good for you! I think the highest my hits have ever gone was 170, 180…I thought that was awesome, but you’ve blown my high out of the water. I like seeing the traffic spike, too, but it rarely does anymore. I have a lot of regulars but not so many new visitors.

    Yeah, spikes are fun, but I really want to get away from the one-night stand thrills and get something long-term happening. 😉 I don’t know if I’d trade my blogulars like you for high hit counts every day. If I had comments from everyone with hits like I had yesterday I couldn’t keep up. So I’m happy to have my little cadre of folks who chat with me daily and share this road of life. Like you. 🙂

    Congrats, you ho!

    Thanks! I never thought being so sleazy would pay off. 😉 😀

  8. Okay, in all seriousness, I’ve gone back and taken a look at my blog stats. Late last October I got a big bump somehow. More than 1300 hits on Hallowe’en. Had over 6000 that week. It shot up pretty quickly before that. Went from rarely ever more than 200 hits a day to 400 to 600 to 800 to 1000 to 1300. Since then, it’s gone back down to about 350-400 a day. In October, over 19,000 blog hits.

    Holy. Crap. That’s amazing. See what good amusing content updated often can do? *Envy*

    And that’s all without resorting to rampant hardcore pornography.

    Just imagine what you could do WITH hardcore.

    • If I had access to rampant hardcore pornography, I wouldn’t have the free time and unoccupied hands to write a blog.

      Ah, well. There’s that, yeah. 🙂

  9. I get really nervous when I get a lot of hits. I would prefer a steady increase of readers rather than a whole lot of hits in one day. It feels like a bunch of people have showed up for a party and I haven’t cleaned the house and I’m not dressed.

    But if this is the way you like it, I hope it continues for you!

    No, I think a steady increase would indicate a growing readership. This spike means WordPress put me on the front page and lot of curious folks stopped by. I don’t mind the spike and I really appreciate the love from WP, but I didn’t earn it. The increase was a gift, which I value, but the growth would be my own effort. So I feel this is silver, and steady increasing numbers would be gold. 🙂

  10. Oh my….
    Well, I am sure you are still basking in the afterglow so I apologize for the interruption. Then again, I am COMMENTING so I hope it’s ok…;)

    Oh yeah, break on in. I can ‘glow and respond at the same time. I’m special that way. 😉

    So of course I can’t help thinking about how things even out eventually. Twitter heart failure a few days ago, WordPress bliss today. See? So don’t sweat the bumps in the road…

    Yeah! I’m a regular Even Stephen! If that’s so, then I’ve been broke and mostly without money most of my life. Time for the lotto then, right? Right?

    I remember the first day I found your blog. You were writing about lack of motivation, and man, could I relate. I knew immediately after reading your reply to my comment that you were going to be on my reading trail. You have a way of engaging readers and that is a rare gift. Even when you write about “nothing,” it’s something and it’s usually hilarious (kinda like Seinfeld:))

    You’re WAAAAYY too sweet for me, D. And reading what you wrote only drove me to your blog, where your AMAZING poetry made me love an artform I couldn’t have cared less about before you came along, Wadsworth and Frost notwithstanding.

    Love it! Thank you!

    Be careful what you wish for…if you had that kind of traffic on a regular basis you’d overdose.

    No, no — I can handle it. I can. I know what I’m doing. And I can quit any time. Really. I’m in control.

    *high five*

    Back atcha!

    • You give me entirely too much credit, but thank you. And thank you for the laugh, as always…

      You’re welcome, and stop being so doggone self-depricating!

      I wonder if there is a Blogger’s Anonymous…not that you need it or anything 😉

      I’m tellin’ ya, I’m in control here … I can stop anytime I want to. I just don’t want to. I’m not addicted though. Not. Addicted.

  11. You inspire me! After I read this post, I cleaned up my draft and posted it. Thank you, trail blazer!

    Well, good for YOU! Woo! I’m happy to have helped!

  12. Somebody made a great choice putting your post on the front page!
    Who, how, why?

    If it is a matter of throwing darts, then your post was surely the bull’s eye that day.

    May you long continue to get hit on.

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