Weekend’s Here!

Hey, everyone, just a brief update today – it’s Friday, and that means #FridayFlash has been posted right here on my fiction blog. Go check it out if you’re interested. I went away from horror this time. I sort of have this story going on in my head – though not all the details are worked out – along the lines of a fantasy-western, cowboys-and-dragons thing. I have a story planned out, but nothing written except one vignette I did a while back. It’s on my short stories page and it’s called “Western-Fantasy Vignette”. If you’re interested, today’s entry would be the opening for that book.

Nothing doin’ here but the same-ol’ same 0l’. How ‘bout you? Plans for the weekend? What’s on your docket?

Have a good one and I’ll see y’all on Monday. Be safe and God bless.


4 thoughts on “Weekend’s Here!

  1. Oh, so sad. Gripping writing per usual. The sadness was stronger than the fantasy – great job!

    Thanks, Jaymie! Lots of comments so far about how the dragon didn’t help, wasn’t necessary, etc. I keep trying to explain the dragon’s very important to the book overall, but I feel like a desperate man begging not to lose his job. Hehe. 🙂

    We’re celebrating Christmas this weekend with my hubby’s family. Trying to lessen the hectic schedule before our nephew’s surgery. 🙂

    Great idea, and lets the focus be on the right thing at the right time! Have a merry Christmas then! 😀

  2. I thought it was probably related to the western fantasy I’d already read. It had one big clue. lol

    😉 Yeah, sort of a clue, huh? But you seemed disappointed in the appearance of the dragon on my fic blog. I know the dragon came out of nowhere, but that was the idea, the feel I wanted, an unexpected tragic turn of events. And that dragon — well, he’s pretty important to the book and the MC. Still, I’m concerned over the general disappointment with the piece. 🙂

    Weekend plans are Christmas shopping and maybe making bourbon balls.

    Love them bourbon balls! They RAWK!

    • If I have extras, I’ll send ’em your way. Maybe I’ll just have to make some extras. 😉

      Are you saying there was general disappointment with everyone’s comments? Because I didn’t see that. I wasn’t disappointed by the appearance of the dragon, so much as I felt there was something missing. It was abrupt, but as you said, you’d clipped off most of the dragon part. Taken as a stand-alone story that part didn’t really work for me, but as the intro to the other story it makes sense and would work just fine, especially expanded. Overall I liked it, though. No general disappointment here. 🙂

      Oh, thanks sweetie. Yes, general disappointment in the comments I’ve received so far. Stuff like “Great setting, but the dragon part is too sudden,” or “You put the whole dragon attack in two sentences, so the last line was good but it seemed humorous to me,” — things like that. Nothing that’s incorrect, I suppose. I guess I just wanted too much to add that fantasy element. But clearly it would’ve been better without the dragon at all. *Sigh*

      Oh well, thanks for being a supportive friend, hon! You’re the best! *hug*

  3. I’m never sure if we should comment on your flash here, there, or duplicate it in both. I left one there. Sorry, I had to trash it. 😉

    Not a problem, I’m grateful for all the feedback I get. 🙂 Please feel free to comment wherever you’d like, but you don’t need to duplicate. Thanks, Linda!

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