Return of the Weird Searchers!

Hurrah! After more than a year of not being able to get searches beyond stuff related to resumes for marriage in the Asian subcontinent, the strange search terms have reappeared!

Oh joy, oh joy!

So I check my search terms every once in a while just to see if something hinkey comes along. And today I was rewarded with this gem:


Oh, how I’ve missed these beauts! Lookit that! Ain’t it just grand?

I have no idea who might be a whore as a hobby, but hey, everyone needs a hobby right? Might as well enjoy it, right? And if you can get paid for it to boot, well – show me the downside to this one?

Of course, it might just be someone who’s a whore for hobbies. But admitting you have a problem is the first step, don’t you know. So there you have it! I’ve been sought out by someone who’s a hobby whore or a hobbyist whore, whichever.

Also note the “what are two paragraphs” entry there. I’d say two paragraphs are … well, two paragraphs. One paragraph more than one. A pair. One paragraph and another paragraph. Maybe it’s just me, but did you really need the great Oracle Google for that?

Well, wasn’t this fun?

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you’re interested, my #fridayflash piece is up on my fiction blog. Stop by if you’ve a mind to. 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Return of the Weird Searchers!

  1. Whoring isn’t so much a hobby as it is a way of life. It’s kinda like, if you’re just doing it as a hobby, then you aren’t so much a whore, but more like a slut. Really, the difference between whoring and slutting is compensation. Whores get paid, sluts do it for free.

    Yes, I know the money is the difference, but I think you COULD whore for a hobby if you wanted. You’d still get compensated, but it would be the amount of time spent doing it making the difference. That, and how often you shower.

    • Doing it on the side makes your a part-time whore, not a hobbyist. Part-timers don’t get in the union or any other perks and they gotta work holidays, stuff like that, but they’re still whores.

      I don’t know if I agree. I made a couple of furniture pieces for pay when I had a woodshop and a life, but I was still only a hobbyist.

  2. I wonder if he was looking for “hobby horse” and just didn’t realize he was saying it wrong. lol

    I don’t know … you’d have to have one hell of a Freudian glitch to type “whore” instead of “horse” I think. 😉

  3. Sounds like an idea for a reality show :). Regarding two paragraphs, that sounds so . . . incomplete. I’d add a third just to stabilize . . .

    Berna, that’s an AWESOME reality show. Let’s pitch it to a network! Cha-CHING! As for two paragraphs, you’d be amazed what you can do with it. We played a game here where all my writer commenters came by and left two paragraphs of a story I started. It turned out amazing. Do a search for “two paragraphs” here on my blog and you’ll see the result. Excellent work. 🙂

    • The problem with pitching it is finding the real hobby whores. Not know anyone – at least I don’t think so . . . I will check out two paragraphs!

      Enjoy. 🙂

  4. I love looking at these search engine terms. My weirdest lately are “matbaa” and “meowtrain.” I can’t figure out why either would send someone to my blog … well, or what the heck they were searching for to begin with.

    Yeah, those ARE interesting. And pretty weird. I wonder if they’re even English? I’m pretty sure that first one’s not.

  5. I just looked at my search engine terms and apparently, “crazy hair day ideas” was a winner.

    I could use a few of those myself.

    Hobby whore. Heh. Didn’t you reference that in a couple of posts where you were talking about wood? No, not *that* kind of wood… but woodcraft?

    Apparently. And who KNOWS what kind of wood has been referenced — or used, for that matter — on my blog? 🙂

  6. Okay, I feel very left out. 😦 I haven’t had a really strange or weird search term in a really long time.

    Aw, sorry Delaney. You need to use more double entendres when you post. 😉

    I am a hobby or should I say, craft enthusiast and have a ton of stuff, actually too much stuff for my hobbies. In the last few years Hubby has worked while I am retired so the money for said stuff has been on him… so…does that make me a whore or a slut?? 🙂

    Oh, I’m not sure you qualify as either. I like “enthusiast” to describe you. 😉

  7. HAHAHA!

    Re: Sherri- I once saw an ad that read, “For Sale: 1995 Ford Bronco. Wench included.” Now I don’t know if he meant his soon to be ex or the mechanical thing on the front of vehicles used for pulling, which is spelled winch. According to people on Jerry Springer, whore is spelled ‘H-O-R-E’ so I can see how someone could confuse it with ‘H-O-R-S-E’.

    I think I could be a hobbiest whore, but I think I agree with WIGSF, if I’m not getting paid, I’m a slut.

    Reminds me of a story from my little town. One Labour Day a man went into the Elkhorn Bar looking for his wife. The town prostitute told him, “Your wife is behind the bar getting it on with ??? in his car.”

    The man said, “I didn’t ask you, you slut.”

    The woman told him, “No, I am a prostitute; I get paid for it. Your wife is a slut; she gives it away.”


    Yikes. That’s quite a story. Very interesting people you have in town, Yellowcat! I’ve lived near San Francisco and don’t have as many stories as you! 🙂

    • Oh boy, do I have some stories about this little town. I’d write it, but I’d probably get sued. Can you get sued for telling the truth?

      Yep. Happens to a lot of writers doing things to “get even” but I bet it doesn’t require that to happen. Change location name, people names, and watch out. 😉

  8. I guess I should start looking at the search stuff. Looks like some entertainment to be found. 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    It can be fun, Jaymie. You have a good one too! 🙂

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