Another Rough Weekend

I had another round of rough critiques on my last #fridayflash piece this weekend. I don’t really mind, and I did set this one up as an exercise and asked for input, but sometimes people are just rude in their criticisms. I guess that’s fine, but I still find it unwarranted and distasteful. I certainly wouldn’t be so rude to anyone else. Then again, I guess I’m not a critic and I wonder how many people would disagree with how I’ve handled my input and feedback. Meh.

Still, most of the feedback I got was helpful and constructive, so as much as a blow to the ol’ ego as it is, I have to say I’m learning stuff. Last weekend it was cut adjectives; more of that this weekend but now I can add in sentence length. I think that’s what most critics meant – too many sentences of similar rhythm and pattern and length. Ah well. Live and learn, right?

I also found Saturday night on the Internet very quiet. I shouldn’t be surprised I suppose, but it seemed a lot of people didn’t hang out despite the huge snow storm in the northeast and being so close to Christmas. (Actually, maybe that latter bit is the reason after all.)

GREAT football game on Saturday night. I know my buds Sherri and Courtney Vail are happy campers today. My son is too; he couldn’t have been happier his new man-crush Tony Romo and the Cowboys upset the Saints. The game came down to the last six seconds and it was a thrill-ride. Great stuff if you’re into that sort of thing – and I am. Heh. And the Titans and Dolphins played a nail-biter that went into overtime. And how about the Steelers, coming back in the final seconds to win with NO TIME on the clock? Wow! Awesome. Quite a few games came down to the closing seconds before being decided as teams are battling for playoff spots. In fact, a whopping 24 teams were still in contention as of this weekend, so some excitement and desperation mixed for great games.

Nothing much else happening here. It was a quiet weekend, which I like, and so I’ve nothing to offer today. Not really. With Christmas so close at hand, I’m sure things will slow down here in the coming days. My posting will be day-to-day; I have stuff going on and I’m not sure how to organize it all yet. Stay tuned if you’re a mind to.

Hm. Let’s see … nope, I guess that covers it.

How was your weekend?


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11 thoughts on “Another Rough Weekend

  1. Wow, first comment.

    Someone has to do it. Might as well be you. 😉

    Criticism is good, being constructive is good… but it’s no excuse for being rude. I think some people have a hard time drawing a line between being constructive, and just being rude about it. However, if you can find the good in it, and learn something, it’s all good in the end!

    Well, I won’t say it’s ALL good, but most of what I take away is good. I try to learn from what folks say, but sometimes it’s just … asinine.

    Quiet weekends are nice. Quiet days in general are nice.

    Yes. Yes they are. 🙂

    We got hit with some pretty crazy snow here last night, closed the store 3 hours early, which I’m thankful for… the drive home at 5:30 was awful enough, by 8 I think I may have camped until the roads were well plowed. It wasn’t busy at work, but still amazed at the number of people who still thought it would be wise to venture out into the storm like it was sunny in July.

    Oh, we had a nor’easter here over the weekend too. Delayed a football game, if you can imagine. Gotta be pretty bad for that to happen. 😉

    Sounds like the football season is pretty exciting… I only watch a little here and there. I enjoy Super Bowl weekend, but stick to watching hockey (football games end up being the flip channel lol)

    It’s been an interesting year to be sure. Some pretty big surprises (Bengals and Vikings, anyone? Saints anyone?). Fun stuff down to the wire here.

    Are you all ready for Christmas? I bet the kids are getting excited 🙂 It’s our nephews first Christmas, so I’m extra stoked.

    Hope all is well!

    We’re doing our best. Our financial situation doesn’t allow for Christmas as in gifts and decorations and lavish feasts, but we’ll do what we can to celebrate and be happy. 🙂 Glad you’re looking forward to it and have a good time, sweetie. Thank you for coming by today.

  2. It truly was an awesome football weekend. The Cowboys beating the Saints would have been enough, but I couldn’t believe the craziness of that Packers/Steelers ending. Wowzers. I don’t really like the Steelers but I was glad they came out on top, since it helped my team. Plus I know Kristy likes ’em.

    Not a Steelers fan either, but I AM a fan of Big Ben’s and he played AWESOME. Thrilling game — winning with NO TIME on the clock on the P.A.T.? Wowzers indeed.

    We’ve already talked at length about your #FF concerns, so all I’ll say is I’m glad you’re processing the info instead of shutting down. You’ll get past this.

    Oh, I think I’ve already seen a couple things. For one, I noticed a change in the heavy-handiness of my writing from the “popular” pieces I wrote to these latest ones. Every time I try to write “literary” fiction with changes internal to the character, this happens. I’ll get it eventually. Thank you for taking the time to give me that feedback, too. Really appreciate it from you sweetie. 🙂

  3. I agree, this weekend has been pretty quiet.. on Facebook that is, haha. So I figured they’re probably out with their families and friends.

    I can only stand ONE quiet day. Two days, tolerable and three days, just ridiculous. I guess I prefer to go somewhere else with people and noise! I just prefer the city with adventures just lurking around the corner, waiting for me to try.

    Much Love,

    Well go find something exciting to do and be careful. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m glad to see you around again. 🙂

  4. Keep at it, buddy.

    God gave you a middle finger for a reason. Know when to use it.

    Flash fiction is the hardest.

    Thanks, Shawn. That means a lot coming from a writer of such high caliber. When talented folks offer encouragement I always feel I did something right. Thanks for chiming in. And I’ll keep that middle finger limber, I promise. You do the same, bud. 🙂 God bless and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  5. We are here, we are here, we are here – but things are at a crazy pace on this dust speck. 😉

    No need to yop, Jaymie, THIS Horton doesn’t need to convince anyone you’re there. I know how busy dust specks can get. Have a happy, blessed Christmas and New Year! 🙂

  6. Steve & Sandy relaxed … Sandy ate alot; Steve drank alot.

    Well, it sounds like a match to me. 😉

    Starting 9 days of vacation … just gotta figure out what to do with all the time off. 😉

    Oh, you’ll think of something I bet. 🙂 God bless and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Steve. Thank you for coming by today.

  7. Hey there,

    Keep your head up. You have a gift. Don’t let the naysayers get you down. Remember, opinions are like…well, you know…everybody has one.


    Yes, I do know what those are, V. Thank you for the “buck-up” and chin-shuck. 🙂 I really appreciate it, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  8. You are certainly courageous, and an inspiration to me to get off my backside and post my writing. I hope to learn from the comments of others, and not get too bent out of shape if it’s tough stuff. So consider the source. There is critique and criticism. I like the French better because they make things sound genteel. Tu es un grande auteur!

    Well, thank you Berna. Honestly, though, I’m not so much courageous as arrogant I think. Putting my work out there comes with the expectation — not the hope — that some (many, most, nearly all) will like what I’ve written. Being that cocky carries perils. Pride cometh before a fall, no? 😉 Thank you so much for such kind words and God bless you this Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • I am the quintessential meglomaniac, though hopefully in recovery. Arrogance is a minor symptom. Blessings of creativity, inspiration and peace that surpasses all understanding to you and Vanessa this Christmas and in 2010.

      And the same to you sweet Berna. All of Christ’s rich blessings to you and yours. 🙂

  9. There seems to be a whole lot of that negative stuff flowing on the blogosphere lately. One of the blogs I read every day and some real @ss leave her a rather lengthy and harsh, nasty comment and called her a racist because she wrote a post about the change in the hosts on Good Morning America. Geesh! Get a grip people, it’s Christmas so let’s show some brotherly love.

    Well, while I certainly agree with you, the idea of “Christmas” is associated with CHRIST, and that’s CHRISTIAN, so it’s NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT! Therefore, the reasoning, goes, they can CRAM their brotherly love where the sun don’t shine and I’ll be an a$$hole no matter WHAT time of year it is! … *sigh*

    I try and follow the old “do unto others” rule and not write something that would upset me if it were left as a comment on my blog. I just walk, or click, away and call it good though it can be difficult when someone posts a particularly nasty rant about something I don’t agree with. That is what free speech is all about. They have the right to be an @ss and I have the right to think they are more like an @asshole. They can stay off my blog and I’ll stay off theirs. 🙂

    Again, a sound philosophy. One I myself adhere to. However — “do unto others” comes from the Bible, and isn’t POLITICALLY CORRECT, so … eh. See rant above for more. Actually, the anonymity of the Internet lets people be bigger @ssholes than ever before and get away with it because, they think, no one can do anything about it. *Sigh again*

    I like your stuff so I guess you are stuck with me…heehee…

    And I thank the Lord in Heaven for that. 🙂 I like you too. 😀

  10. I missed the piece so can’t say much about that. Being rude though is unnecessary. Some people just confuse criticism with rudeness. Putting yourself out there deserves kudos regardless. And dealing with what people say–double kudos.

    Well, thank you. 🙂 I figure it this way — a lot of people think being rude IS being critical or offering critique. There’s no sense of obligation to behave like a person in a society; after all, they’re doing a FAVOR to the person they’re being rude to. Or something.

    I was skimming the comments and thought that maybe the terms “popular” and “literary” ought to just be pushed aside. Write what you want to write because if you’re a popular writer and you think you’re trying to write literary (whatever that means), it is probably going to sound forced. But if you’re a literary writer and think you should write popular (again whatever that means), you’re going to sound condescending or, you know, forced. There are many wonderful books written by both kinds of writers anyway. Not sure if I’m making sense. I just have trouble with the labels, because while I think of myself as a literary writer, I don’t like the snobbery baggage that comes with it. It’s like when I was a kid and my step-mother accused me of thinking I was better than her because I liked to read. But I’m starting to ramble and will stop now.

    Keep writing.

    I don’t know; I think a writer writes what they like. I’ve heard some snooty sounding commercial writers, and some pretty hackneyed literary writers, too. If we’ve bothered to label ourselves, I guess we deserve whatever we get. I tried to stretch and work on something new. It didn’t go so well. More the reason for me to keep stretching, I suppose. But I’ll make you a deal — I promise to keep writing if you do. 🙂

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