spam I don’t know how it happened, or even IF it happened, but apparently someone got into my Hotmail account today or yesterday and sent out some spammy, poorly written and grammatically unsound emails touting some sort of phishing site.

If you received an email from my Hotmail account, please delete it without opening it. First of all, I do not use that account for anything except registration at Microsoft websites. Secondly, I haven’t actively sent an email out from that account since … oh, say about 2004. Maybe before. And finally, I would never say “electronical”, even if you paid me. (Well … okay, if you paid me enough, but it would hurt.)

I’d like to extend my thanks for Bryce and my buddy Raga sounding off and letting me know what was up. And please, except my apologies for the inconvenience and potential computer danger of the spam. spam-readerI don’t, at this point, know whether or not the email contained a virus or malware, or whether it is produced as a result of one. I’m running AVG antivirus software, and it finds nothing it hasn’t found many times before on my computer. (There’s a program or two I have which trip it off, but those programs have been on my drive for months and months and don’t actually contain a virus or malware.) So at this point, all I can do is change the password on my Hotmail account (which I have), and hope nothing more comes of it.

What concerns me is not knowing where this comes from, where it originated. My PC? Did someone get hold of my account somehow? Did a spam bot crack the account somehow? This isn’t the first time this ever happened, but it’s been about 10 years since the last time.

spam Anyway, those of you who have had emails from me in the past may want to keep your eyes peeled from something coming from darkknyt (at) hotmail (d0t) com. Delete anything from that address even though the name associated with the account is mine. I guarantee it’s not from me.

Thanks for your patience.



12 thoughts on “Hacked

  1. Sorry you got hacked – that sucks royally.

    If I did get hacked, yes, it sucks royally, because it will mean having to change ALL my passwords EVERYWHERE. Hopefully, that’s not what happened. *fingerscrossed*

  2. My bad. Thought I was hacking your wife’s email account. Musta got them mixed up.

    Nothing worse than an incompetent hacker. Pff.

  3. Argh. I hate spam! I recently had to up the security on my blog, because I started getting spam comments with links to porn sites… and the stupidest part is that the spam wasn’t even in English! Grrr. Don’t their porn sites get enough hits from search engines? They really had to promote themselves on one of my posts about singing in the church choir?!

    I love the connections they make, don’t you? HA! Church choir singing … porn … yeah, I see the relationship there. 🙄 But I’m hoping this ends it. At least for now.

  4. Ugh. Having your email hacked is like being felt up by some big redneck. It just makes you feel dirty. Ick. Ew. My sympathies…

    Being a big redneck, I can only hope my wife sympathizes with your analogy. 😉 Thanks!

  5. Waitaminute!

    You mean you aren’t a Nigerian prince in need of cash???6

    Uh … YES, why YES I AM, Al! Please forward all of YOURS then we can split the 25 million I have here from that secret wealthy guy who died with no relatives and no records. Right away, send it.

  6. Spam sucks! How many minutes out of each day are we forced to deal with it? Spam creators are the telemarketers of cyberspace! Wait . . . I think there’s a story there . . .

    I’m sure there is, Louise! And more than telemarketers, really, because we can’t hang up on them. 🙂

  7. Looking at the picture I am not convinced that you could ever add enough condiments to spam to make it palatable. Nope, spam is just not welcome.

    Oh, Spam the food product is delicious fried. (Never had it any other way.) Makes a wonderful hot sandwich. But it’s not for everyone, I suppose. 🙂

  8. Aw man, you got spam! You’re relevant! You’ve made it! They don’t just spam any ol’ body y’know!

    Wow, I’m — I’m SOMEONE! I’m SOMEONE!! Next thing ya know I’ll be in the PHONE BOOK! Or maybe even on the INTERNET!! WOO! 😉

  9. What a pain – internet, can’t live with it, can’t live without it! Hope this doesn’t happen to you again……Happy New Year!

    Thanks, Susan. No kidding about living with it or without it! I hope it doesn’t happen again either, and all the best for you and your family in 2010!

  10. ahhh Raga, she really does save the day from time to time 😉 I changed her ringtone on my phone to the crazy, wonky robot voice….now I laugh hysterically every time she calls. Is that weird? or is it weird that I am talking about it here? well…in my defense, it’s 1:23 in the AM and I am not sleeping. so there. bwah bwah babat tang badabah (that’s my version of the ringtone) au revoir!

    Not weird at all. We have a special ringtone for Rags, too. 😉

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