Randomocity – Quick Hits

Yeah, I don’t have anything to really blog about today, so I’m going to just give you a quick round-up of what’s going on here. Like you care. (If you don’t, seriously – click away now.)


I watched a whooooooole lotta football over the holidays. College football and pro, when I could get it. In almost every game I watched, the team I rooted for lost. Do you have any idea how annoying that gets over the course of a few days? Very doggone annoying.

But I also can appreciate (most times) a really well-played and hard-fought game. I found a few of those, and enjoyed them immensely. I’m not a sports fan – football’s my only game, and I don’t even like all of that most years – but this year I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m reading web sites, I’m checking out blogs, I’m watching shows on TV … anywhere and anytime I can get football, I’m chasing the stuff down. It’s like a fat guy running after donuts.

I don’t know why though. Maybe it’s because this year I’ve been a little more detached than usual. Maybe it’s because I’ve got time on my hands, can stay up late and don’t have to get up and go to work the following day. Maybe it’s just because I love football. I don’t really know, but I can’t feed the addiction enough this year. Weird stuff. But I’m looking forward to the BCS Championship game tonight. Woo!


My daughter reminded my wife it was time to take the Christmas tree down the other day. She carefully explained, in her four year-old way, how it wasn’t Christmas anymore and we were in January now, so it’s time for the tree to come down. The kids did most of it, and did it with a glee I found almost ghoulish. What kid wants to see the end of the Christmas season, the tree taken down, the lights put away, the festivities over?  Sheesh!


I read about the 2009 Darwin Award winners. Two guys blew up an entire building  trying to rob an ATM because they over-estimated the amount of dynamite required. I don’t even know where to get dynamite. That’s not something you can pick up at a sporting goods store, Wal-Mart or Target, or Home Depot. Where do you go to buy dynamite? Not that I need any, but seriously, if you were resourceful enough to get your hands on dynamite, couldn’t you manage some understanding of what it is and how it works?

On the other hand, the runner up was some guy stopped in traffic who got out of his car to take a leak. He hops over a concrete wall for privacy … and falls 65 feet to his death. Because he was on a bridge at the time. The caption on that was “Look Before You Leak.”


Okay, enough rambling. Have a good Thursday, y’all. I’ll try and have something better for you tomorrow.

Don’t hold your breath though.


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16 thoughts on “Randomocity – Quick Hits

  1. It always makes me sad to take the decorations down but happy to have the space again. Were there any Darwin Awards having to do with Christmas decorations? Seems like a possibility. I know, gruesome…sorry.

    I didn’t actually go to their site; this was something else I read that cited the Darwins. I haven’t been there in many years, now that I think about it. 🙂

  2. Football: Last year it seemed like every time I rooted for a team, they lost. If I was doing laundry or something while the game was on, they’d be okay, and as soon as I’d go check on them they’d fumble or the other team would run back a KO for a touchdown…Yeah, it’s frustrating. Luckily for the Dallas Cowboys, that phase has passed and I can root for them again. And we’ll be watching the Championship tonight, too.

    Should be awesome! 🙂 And yeah — wtf with every team I root for doing great UNTIL I START WATCHING?! LOL!

    Christmas tree: My kids also did most of the dismantling of the tree. I think they enjoyed it so much because they finally got to touch all the ornaments I’d been telling them for a month to leave alone.

    I know how that goes. I think that’s a big part of it for our kids too. 🙂

    The Darwin Awards: I’m pretty sure I’ll get one of these. Will you accept it for me? Seeing as how I’ll be dead?

    Sure. Unless I get one first. Remember it has to be beneficial to the gene pool. Our having kids already probably means we don’t qualify. 😉

    • Oh, shoot! Well maybe if it’s a stupid enough death, it can overcome any good you’ve done in your life. I shall formulate a plan immediately!

      I smell a Pulitzer … 😉

  3. Watch any episode of Cops, Caught on Tape, etc. and you will be amazed at the stupidity of some people and some of the things they do that make you go, “WTF?!?!?!”

    Amen to that!

    Good thing about not putting a tree up was not having to take one down. 🙂

    Ha! True enough. But I do love them so!

    I still have my little twinkle lights up inside and out because they make me smitle when it is gloomy – which it has been around my neck of the woods for last week or so – and they are a mood lifter for me so they will probably stay up until winter is mostly done and gone.

    I’m always afraid I’d be one of those “leave ’em up all year” people due to cold and laziness. 🙂

  4. Explosive technicians know where to get dynamite. Also, I’m sure there’s a black market for that sort of thing.

    It didn’t say these guys were explosives techs. And how does one find a “black market” anyway?

    And there’s probably a website that shows how to make explosives.

    Hm. I guess you’re right … there probably is.

    • Get out a bit, experience the world around you. Meet some low-lifes. Dude, for a couple of bucks, anything is attainable.

      Pff. Who’s got a couple of bucks?

  5. The Darwin awards are hilarious. But I haz a question: how did they know that guy was getting out of his car to pee? Could he not have been a bona fide suicide?

    Great question. You’d have to ask them I guess. But he’s not talkin’ at this point. 😉

  6. I love Darwin awards. It makes me appreciate my own limited intelligence. I can always look one or two steps ahead and think, “Hmmm…that might hurt.”

    It’s all about perspective. 😉

  7. “Not that I need any, but seriously, if you were resourceful enough to get your hands on dynamite, couldn’t you manage some understanding of what it is and how it works?”

    Being resourceful doesn’t mean one is smart. If these guys were truly smart, they would not have become robbers in the first place.

    EXCELLENT point, Leafless. And happy holidays! Good to see you again!

  8. Thought I’d stop by and say hello. Hadn’t been doing too much today. Had to take Sandy to the vet yesterday, as he had an ear infection. The little guy is doing okay now.
    Hmmm … bummer about the “leaping leaker”; I took my ornament down from the fireplace. Yeah, “ornament” as in singular, one, uno … I hang a nice ornament on the mantle every year to kind of cheer up the house.
    Have a great weekend!

    One’s better ‘n’ none, Steve. 😉 Glad Sandy’s okay. Nice to see you again. 🙂

  9. Even your random thoughts connect! Our tree is still up sans ornaments. We kept everything up during our son’s visit and are beginning the dismantling. Soon . . . .

    Well, thanks, Berna! Hope you and your family had a wonderful and blessed holiday season!

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