Movie Trailers Redux

I’ve spoken about movie trailers a lot lately. I wanted to take a minute and share some I really enjoyed with you.

First, one of my favorite movies when I was a kid:

Here’s another version:

Next, something I thought had a LOT of potential!

Can’t WAIT for that one!

Oh, and this one’s exciting. LOML adored the first; I’m sure this one will be something she’ll enjoy.


Hm. Let’s see. Anything else?

Oh, how ‘bout this one? I haven’t seen ads on TV for this, but then, I dn’t watch as much TV as I used to, so that’s probably me. But it looks pretty interesting.

Anyone remember that movie called Open Water? About the two American divers left behind by an Australian diving boat crew? It was a true story. So, like with most other movies, why not recycle the plot and have it take place in another environment?

You know, like so:

Well, I guess that’s it. If you know about any good movies coming out and have trailers for them, gimme a shout. Love to see ‘em.


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16 thoughts on “Movie Trailers Redux

  1. Find and fulfill your destiny.

    Let the lovefest for Clash of the Titans begin!

    It was a fun movie, for sure.

    CofT was the very first movie I saw on videotape as a child. My family just got our first VCR and that was the first movie we rented. It was my brother’s birthday and for his party, my bro wanted to see Clash of the Titans. More than 25 years later, me and my brother still love that movie.

    I love how the gods are all vain and frankly, bitchy little troublemakers for people who are just trying to live their lives. Okay, the Queen of Japa was an arrogant bitch too, but the gods don’t take it out on her, they take it out on her daughter. That’s just mean.

    Clash of the Titans features Ray Harryhausen’s finest monsters (with the exception of the Sinbad/Jason skeleton). I’m pretty sure it was Ray’s last movie. Boy did he go out with a bang. There was awesome things in that movie that were only there briefly. The scorpions, the giant vulture, the giant two-headed dog. Everyone remembers the Kraken and Medusa, but the whole movie was great visually. And probably, of all of the Ray Harryhausen movies, special effects aside, Clash was the best pure film.

    Calibus is still my favourite movie villian. He’s got the whip in one hand and that trident to replace his severed hand. Remember that part where he overpowers that soldier guy and guts him with the trident? That was awesome.

    I understand that the movie varies greatly at times from the original Greek myth, but it still made for one exciting movie.

    Oh man, now I want to sneak over to my brother’s place and watch the DVD. (Yes, I’m such an amazing brother, I let him keep the DVD at his house.)

    Last time I talked to my brother, he had just seen the commercial for the new Clash of the Titans. We both knew Clash was being remade. I had already decided to avoid it at all costs. But my brother convinced me to go see this movie with him when it comes out. We probably won’t last for the duration of the movie as we will probably be kicked out of the theatre for throwing crap at the screen and generally just booing loudly. You know this new movie is going to be all CGI. That’s just not entertaining to me.

    Okay, here you and I part company on opinions. I think the time for movies like CotT is right; CGI is the ONLY way to get those monsters perfect. While the stop-motion monsters of the original were incredible, and fantastically executed for the technology, the technology has changed. I think Harryhausen would USE the CGI technology and LOVE IT. He’d have so many possibilities with design, movement, and the realism would just make him giddy. Just MHO.

    You know, with that new crappy version coming out, I wonder if any of the local indie theatres will show the old good version again… That would be really cool to see. Clash on the big screen.

    Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

    • I hate CGI in films of this nation. Remember that first Spider-Man movie. Half of that film was a computer cartoon of Spider-Man. In my honest opinion, that looks more fake than anything else. I’d rather have seen a Spider-Man toy swinging on a string over a miniature city than that disgusting mess of CGI that was the movie. And I’m very afraid that is what I’m going to get from this movie. Computer Medusa, computer Kraken, computer Boobo, computer blood. The CGI makes everything too easy and I don’t like it. That special touch that only a human hand can do provides the reality to the special effects. No computer can duplicate that. It is against the true nature of a computer to provide that sort of reality. Remember, computers cannot produce random numbers, so how can they replicate natural movement. Natural movement isn’t perfect, it’s uniquely flawed. That unique flaw is what makes nature natural.

      If you say so. I still say Harryhausen would have loved it.

      • I didn’t say Ray wouldn’t like it, I’m saying I won’t.

        HA! Okay, well — all I can do is encourage you to keep an open mind, and look at it the same way you would a tribute band, or a cover of a favorite song. 🙂

  2. We are all looking forward to Iron Man 2 around this household since we are all Robert Downey Jr. fans and always have been. I really want to see the Sherlock Holmes movie and have heard great reviews on it. Chaplin was one of his greatest movies ever and I love it.

    My wife’s a big RDJ fan too, and I don’t mind him most times. Couldn’t have FOUND a better Tony Stark. Even if there was a REAL Tony Stark, RDJ would’ve been better in the role. Sherlock Holmes? Not so much. But hey, it still looks like a fun movie! Can’t wait for it to come to OnDemand.

    Daybreakers and Legion both look like they have some potential but I will probably wait for them on DVD.

    Daybreakers looks … meh. To me, I mean. Weak. And Legion doesn’t strike me as my kind of movie either. Sort of a Terminator-meets-Dust ’til Dawn thing.

  3. Ben is dragging me to go see Book of Eli next weekend (yes, our first date night since the baby arrived) and he also wants to take me to go see Legion and Daybreakers. Big surprise, eh? There hasn’t been anything I’ve really wanted to see lately, not even the Sherlock Holmes movie. Let me know when they make “Deadliest Catch: The Movie.” I’m *there.*

    Heh. Deadliest Catch: The Movie, eh? Sounds interesting.

  4. The only anticipated movie on my horizon is ‘Alice in Wonderland’. I will make a trip to a theatre to see that one.

    Because Johnny Depp hasn’t done enough effeminate characters in his career to date. 😉

    • HAHA! You’re right. I never thought about how many effeminate characters played by Johnny Depp I like. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve liked any of his movies where he wasn’t effeminate. Hmmm…

      What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Astronaut’s Wife, & Chocolat are the only ones I can think of that I liked where he wasn’t girlie.

      Well, I liked him in The Nick of Time, which was an interesting movie. He wasn’t bad in one of the adaptations of Stephen King’s The Dark Half, but I don’t remember what that was called. And Gilbert Grape was awesome.

      • I will definitely have to check out movie trailers because I don’t lean much towards action packed adventure movies if it’s too . . . brutal! I went Waking Ned Devine because of the trailer, for heaven’s sake. Am I the last living person on earth to like Sherlock Holmes??? And, just because Johnny Depp wore eyeliner and mascara in Pirates of the Caribbean, he is not effiminate . . . kinda :). Movie trailers, here i come!

        Oh, it wasn’t just the Egyptian princess make up; it was the limp wrist and sissy walk too. 😉

      • Secret Window was the Stephen King one based on the short story Secret Window, Secret Garden. Yeah, that one wasn’t bad and he wasn’t wearing make-up.

        Hm … no, it was the one where he (Depp) was a writer accused of plagiarizing someone’s work, and the accuser goes around killing people to torment the writer. And it’s the writer all the while, with MDS, or something. The one you mention though seems really cool.

  5. LOVED Clash of the Titans! I thought it was so realistic when I was young. Now it looks like poor claymation–but I still love it!

    Is that Leonardo? Never saw the movie but yes, I do like it. 🙂

    Yes, that is in fact Leonardo DiCrapio. 🙂 Which one did you like? Inception?

  6. I wonder if the new CLASH OF THE TITANS movie will have the same gratuitous nudity the original had. It made my young mind go into meltdown mode.

    I hope so. 🙂

    Also FROZEN looks like just the kind of movie that would creep me out because it could happen.


  7. That “Inception” trailer is the second version. The first one was so bad the audience I was sitting in laughed inappropriately.

    Wow, no kidding?! AWESOME!

    Now THAT trailer hooked my interest. I love a good mind-eff movie.

    Hehehe. Me too. Well … IF done well.

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