Weekend Recap (ala WIGSF)

nfl-logo Okay, I didn’t do anything to recap, so all I’m going to talk about is football. The only other thing I did all weekend was work on the SSRLP. A LOT.

Wow. What a weekend of football! I don’t know if I’ve seen a playoff series so uncompetitive. Maybe I have, but I don’t remember. What I do remember is a lot of high-stress games which came down to the wire. Not this weekend, though. Three of the four games were over by half-time, and the other wasn’t really as close as the score indicated.

Terrific jobs done by all the winning teams. The championship round will consist of the top two seeds in the NFC, and the numbers one and six seed in the AFC. The number two seed in the AFC was dismissed by the last place seed.

All the defeated teams were soundly beaten. Pummeled. It’s not been a pretty post-season for losing teams this year.

Congratulations to all the winning clubs and their coaching staffs. They did great jobs. The match-ups next week look exciting and seem to be made of the best teams, truly. So, we should have good games. Though I said that this weekend too.

Progress on the SSRLP is … meh. I’m way behind the eight-ball on it. I had a bad feeling I would be. If you’re the praying kind, pray for me. I’m really at wit’s end on it.

What did you all do this weekend?


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10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap (ala WIGSF)

  1. Yeah, those football games, I didn’t see much of them because well, I don’t give a damn about them, but if they were fun to watch, I’d have watched more than the little I did.

    Yeah, they got a little boring. But being a football fan, I watched ’em all. After all, MY team’s already been bounced out on their ears/asses. What do I care?

    Let’s see, the Vikings got accused of running up the score; the Cardinals only highlight was when their quarterback got hit and it looked like he got killed on the field; the Chargers missed two make-able field goals and lost by 3 points; and the other game was so unmemorable I’d have to think hard to remember who even played in the game. Colts and Ravens! What was the only memorable thing from that game? The time when Ed Reed intercepted a pass meant for Pierre Garcon, then Garcon running him down and forcing a fumble. He didn’t go for the tackle, he just poked at the ball hoping a teammate would recover it as it fell.

    Great heads-up play. The other big plays being called back on suspicious penalties sort of leaves me going “hm” though. Funny, all the breaks seem to go to the Colts in big games. Can’t figure it. Just coincidence that Bill Polian’s on the competition committee, I guess. 🙄

    Basically, you take the four games from this weekend, assemble the highlights and you’ve got one watchable game.

    Ha! Not bad. Some teams didn’t have a highlight though.

    But did you see that highlight from some winter league baseball in Central America. Jose Offerman (played a long major league career) now coaching in winter league threw a really bad looking punch at an ump. This is only a few years after he hit another player with a bat during a game in some independent league. Anger management has not helped this guy one bit.

    Nope, don’t really follow other sports. Sounds hysterical though.

  2. Those games were stinkier than some of the stuff in Mallory’s diaper. I almost lost heart and gave up on the Chargers / Jets game, but it was the only one I really wanted to watch all weekend. Nate Kaeding… he just needs to change his name to “Choke.” I think he should get some personal security if he’s going to be hanging out in the metro San Diego area.

    I think it’s unfair to hang it on Kaeding alone. I think if LaDanian “Electric Glide” (which I still say sounds like an intimate lubricant product) Tomlinson had more than a handful of yards, they’d done better. How about converting a couple of third downs? SD had a better chance of scoring. How ’bout throwing a ball to the guys wearing the same color shirt as you, Rivers? I couldn’t even tell who the intended receiver was on that play, and neither could the announcers. WAY over Gates’ head, WAY under Jackson’s route, so …? WTF? Yeah, convert ONE of the misses to 3 points and the game’s in overtime, but that “high-powered” offense could’ve tried scoring too. Just sayin’. 😉

    Did some grocery shopping, visited Ben’s mom (who is doing surprisingly well), and had a lot of Squish time. I’ll have to send you guys video of her when she growls – she continuously cracks me up.

    They always crack us parents up. Later she’ll ask, “What? What’s funny?”

    Can’t wait til next weekend’s division playoff games. Hopefully, they’re better than this week’s.

    Uh — these were the ONLY divisional round playoffs, K. Next week are the championship games.

    • Playoffs… Championship game… it’s all the same when your team’s not in it *sigh*. I’m just glad the Cardinals got knocked out of it.

      Spoken like a true fan. 🙂

      And yes, Keith Brooking is a super mega la douche.

      Cry-baby is more like it. Sore loser. I thought playing competitive sports taught you how to lose graciously? 🙄

  3. I went to my bonus daughter’s baby shower; got within waving distance of the end of my wip; watched the Cowboys get outplayed (I don’t think it was the cause of my migraine, but the migraine didn’t help my mood after the game); realized you were right this whole time about Favre being a DB. 😀

    Been sayin’ it for years. Favre’s an asshat, has always BEEN an asshat, and he showed it. By the same token, shall we discuss Keith Brooking?

    And I’m sorry about the migraine. UGH. HATE.THOSE.DAMNED.THINGS.

    I’m glad you got a lot done on your SSRLP, but I’ve missed seeing you online.

    I know, I miss BEING online. It’s tough, but I gotta finish. Tick-tock, tick-tock!

  4. Afraid there was no football for me. My cousin and her husband flew in for the weekend and another cousin and her husband drove over from the western slope. Sounds like a good reason for an impromtu family gathering! There were over 30 of us and it was Mexican food theme again, yum! Sunday morning we had 17 of us at our house for breakfast – return trip to the airport – saw the house my sister and her husband just put under contract (7 minutes away) – and then off to the Dinner Theater to see Singing in the Rain (our boys gave us tickets for Christmas). It was a fun weekend.

    Sounds like a fun one! Good for you!

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